Against All Odds: India-Nepal Collaboration Results in Transformation

Governmental red tape. Power outages. Food poisoning. International Lead Like Jesus partners faced one challenge after another as they shared the life transforming leadership of Jesus with their neighbors during a February Encounter in Nepal.

Considering all that transpired in the hearts and lives of those who attended, it’s no wonder the enemy would work so hard to stand against it.

“We give thanks to God as we lay new ground,” said John Lall (New Delhi, India) who co-facilitated the event along with Jaya Abraham (Mumbai, India). “We are seeing the seed beginning to break through, with several participants touched personally and testifying to personal transformation.”

Collaboration Across Borders

The two-day Encounter, held February 12-13 at the Kathmandu International Fellowship in Thamel, was a collaborative outreach between Lead Like Jesus’ Team India and their professional and personal contacts in Nepal. In preparation for the event, Team India stayed in close contact through online applications and by phone with Pastor Gyan Lama, who coordinated logistics on site.

According to Jim Montgomery, chief international officer for Lead Like Jesus, this multi-country collaboration is the latest example in a trend he’s seeing worldwide.

“The reach of our ministry goes well beyond the borders of the countries where we have official representation,” says Montgomery. “Many of our international facilitators are passionate about sharing the transformation they’ve experienced throughout their networks, including in neighboring countries. Team India has been particularly active in this regard.”

Miracles from God

Lall reports that the February Encounter was particularly challenging to pull off for numerous reasons. For starters, the Encounter participant workbooks, leader guides and other materials were confiscated and held up by customs for several days, released only shortly before the event in what Lall calls a “miracle” from God.

The team also experienced significant electrical issues throughout the two days, but managed to move forward through the help of generators.

Probably the biggest set-back for the team, however, was when facilitator Jaya contracted food poisoning after lunch on the first day. Lall reports, “People across the globe were praying for her, and she was able to facilitate the next day.”

United Believers

All in all, both Team India and leaders in Nepal consider the event to have been a tremendous success.

“A total of 31 delegates attended Encounter,” says Lall. “The group was made up of church leaders, international NGO staff, refugees of two nations, businessmen, a student leader, evangelists and a nurse. We had two participants travel at least for 18 hours to come and participate in the Encounter. It is with great delight we report that we had representatives of about 10 Church denominations in the Encounter, and those present expressed value of coming together.”

Pastor Lama adds, “This was one of my dreams to unite the believers to train and send them. People have given wonderful feedback. One of the oldest and largest churches in Nepal would now like to use the LLJ resources in their English service so have inquired about it. We will reap what we have sown here. Amen! Thank you so much for your obedience to sow.”

According to Lall, several things have been and will continue to be done to provide follow-up and support to those who participated in the event. Team India will continue to stay connected and provide resources as they are able. They also hope to help identify and train new facilitators in Nepal.

He shares, “This has also laid the foundation for initiating a movement for the city of Kathmandu. We praise God for allowing us to be part of this initiative.”