The Heart of a Leader 6-hour Workshop is designed to help organizations by teaching the employees, leaders and teams within them to understand the value of building a culture that’s based on trust, infused with a purpose larger than the bottom line.

The workshop not only focuses on the WHY of building such a culture, but it is filled with practical steps on WHAT needs to be done and HOW to implement lasting change.

Why Heart Matters

Some might mistake focusing on the heart as “soft” or impractical, when compared to skills and tactics. However, the results are clear: when organizations ignore “heart” as a focus, they continue to struggle with dissatisfied employees, frustrated leaders, chaotic working environments and under-performing teams.

Nearly every tactical problem can ultimately be traced back to weak character. Teams fail when they are led by people driven by fear, pride, moral bankruptcy, or misplaced business or life priorities.

The heart of a leader must be transformed before any other lasting personal and organizational change can take place.

Who should attend The Heart of the Leader Workshop?

This practical and impactful workshop will benefit leaders of all levels, including:

  • Business Leaders
  • Managers 

  • Pastors 

  • Coaches 

  • Team Leaders 

  • Human Resource Professionals 

  • Board Members 

  • Teachers 

  • Parents 

  • ANYONE who desires greater personal and professional impact! 

The Heart of a Leader Workshop will help you:

  • Define a healthy heart for individual, one-on-one, team and organizational leadership.
  • Identify and list changes to make your heart healthier. 

  • Discover a process for building trust when dealing with others one-on-one. 

  • List methods to build community and empower teams. 

  • Identify next steps for you personally and organizationally to continue leading from a heart like Jesus. 

Workshop Structure

The Heart of a Leader Workshop has four sections:

  1. Personal Leadership: Transformation 

  2. One-on-One Leadership: Trust 

  3. Team Leadership: Community 

  4. Organizational Leadership: Culture 

The workshop is facilitated in a way to maximize group discovery and peer-to-peer learning. it taps into real-life case studies and is based on the leadership style that Jesus modeled while growing, developing, empowering and releasing the disciples to carry on His Father’s mission. 

A Workshop Near You

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