The Power of DISC + Solid Biblical Principles

The DISC Biblical Behavioral Assessment (BBA) combines the power of the most widely used behavioral assessment tool – the DISC model of human behavior – with solid Biblical truths. 

As a certified practitioner of the DISC BBA, you will lead others to discover their unique behavioral style and to learn about men and women in the Bible who displayed similar behavioral characteristics. By integrating the behavioral styles of Biblical Characters to the 4 DISC dimensions of behavior – Dominance, Influencing, Steadiness and Conscientious – participants will learn how God transformed the lives of ordinary men and women to become mature followers of Him.

Discover How To:

  • Administer and apply the DISC BBA to your coaching, consulting or training efforts
  • Use a variety of interactive exercises to enhance the DISC learning experience
  • Correlate DISC behaviors to Biblical characters, and discover how God can use your unique

    behavioral gifts to advance His kingdom and fulfill your unique life’s purpose
  • Understand Jesus’ perfect leadership role model and how He adapted His behavior to

    meet the needs of each D-I-S-C person with whom He interacted
  • Develop a personal next step and long-range plan to integrate the DISC BBA and other Lead Like Jesus principles into all elements of your leadership activity

What’s Included in Certification?

Your Certification and Training fee will include everything you need to utilize the DISC BBA.

  • Your personalized 40-page DISC BBA assessment report
  • A DISC Practitioner’s Resources Manual, including PowerPoints, videos and exercises to incorporate into your training/coaching
  • A copy of the book: Discovering the Leadership Styles of Jesus
  • Your own customized assessment online portal, called OASIS (Online Assessment System & Information Site)

Training Format

The DISC BBA Certification process includes one pre-session webinar and two full days of in-person training.

Pre-Session Webinar

This pre-session webinar will provide you with an overview of DISC and must be completed prior to your in-person training session. You will receive a link prior to certification to experience the webinar. 

Classroom Training     

Day 1: Experience a basic three-hour DISC workshop, just as you might facilitate it. Then, discover activities and exercises you can use to lead participants through the BBA, and learn how to use the OASIS system to administer your own BBA Assessments

Day 2: Experience the “Love Like Jesus” seminar from Biblical and Behavioral Expert Ken Voges. Continue to discover how to lead others through the Biblical Behavioral Assessment, and which DISC tools you might use for coaching, consulting, counseling or training purposes.

BBA DISC Certification Agenda

Training and Certification Fees

Two-Day DISC Biblical Behavioral Assessment Certification Training = $899

Includes all training materials, lunch, morning and afternoon snacks on both days.


To begin the process of becoming a certified facilitator for the BBA DISC, complete these two steps.

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Step 2: Register for an upcoming BBA DISC Certification Event

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Additional Information

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For certification/content/process questions, call Rich or Barbara Meiss at 952-446-1586