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Attend the DISCover the Leader God Created You to Be workshop and learn how God used Biblical characters who share your behavioral style to accomplish His purposes, and how He can use you too to fulfill your life’s purpose.

What Can You Expect?

  • Become more effective in your ability to inspire, coach, and appreciate others based on their individual behavioral styles.
  • Learn to adapt your style of leading to bring out the best in others.
  • Learn to lead and perform in today’s team-oriented, diverse and information-driven workplace.
  • Discover and capitalize on your strengths, learn to value differences and develop positive communication skills.
  • Build greater self-awareness and self confidence as a leader.

No matter who you are or where you are starting from, we are all called to grow close to Jesus and to deepen our relationships with one another. Biblical DISC® gives us a language that establishes a foundation for building the loving relationships that Jesus envisioned.

An Interactive & Collaborative Experience

The DISCover the Leader God Created You to Be workshop is designed to help you become a Jesus-like leader by discovering your unique behavioral style and adapting that style to meet the needs of others.

DISCover the Leader God Created You to Be incorporates the highly acclaimed DISC model of human behavior through the use of the Biblical DISC® Assessment where people understand their behavioral style, develop the ability to read other people’s styles, and learn how to relate to people more effectively.

This is not a “sit-and-get” workshop. Participants roll up their sleeves and dig into the scriptures to learn the practical approaches that Jesus used to lead His disciples and explore critical behaviors needed to lead a highly diverse workforce with multiple behavioral styles.  

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Single Ticket

Single Ticket for LLJ Certified Practitioner or Faciltiator