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Inspire and equip others to lead like Jesus by applying the Biblical DISC® Assessment to your coaching, consulting or training efforts. As a certified practitioner of the Biblical DISC® Assessment, you will lead others to discover their unique behavioral style and to learn about men and women in the Bible who displayed similar behavioral characteristics.

Now, Combine DISC with Scripture

The Biblical DISC® Assessment combines the power of the most widely used behavioral assessment tool – the DISC model of human behavior – with solid Biblical truths. 

Why Use DISC?

The DISC language has been in use for almost 90 years, and has helped millions of people throughout the world to:

  • Gain a greater self-understanding
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Discover how to adapt behavior and meet the needs of others
  • Build more effective teams
  • Develop more successful relationships – both personally and professionally
  • Build an organizational culture of trust and respect

As a certified practitioner of the Biblical DISC® Assessment, you will lead others to discover their unique behavioral style and to learn about men and women in the Bible who displayed similar behavioral characteristics. By integrating the behavioral styles of Biblical Characters to the 4 DISC dimensions of behavior – Dominance, Influencing, Steadiness and Conscientious – participants will learn how God transformed the lives of ordinary men and women to become mature followers of Him.

During Certification, Discover How To:

  •  Administer and apply the Biblical DISC® Assessment to your coaching, consulting or training efforts
  • Use a variety of interactive exercises to enhance the DISC learning experience
  • Correlate DISC behaviors to Biblical characters, and discover how God can use your unique behavioral gifts to advance His kingdom and fulfill your unique life purpose
  • Understand Jesus’ perfect leadership model and how He adapted His behavior to meet the needs of each person with whom He interacted
  • Develop a personal next step and long-range plan to integrate the DISC BBA and other Lead Like Jesus principles into all elements of your leadership activity
  • Adapt and modify your own behavior to become a mature follower of Jesus

Who Should Attend?

  • Business Leaders
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Managers
  • Pastors and Ministry Leaders
  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Team Leaders
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • ANYONE who wants to help inspire and equip others to lead like Jesus by applying the Biblical DISC®  Behavioral Assessment to their coaching, consulting or training efforts. 

What’s Included?

Your Certification and Training fee will include everything you need to utilize the DISC Biblical DISC® Assessment.

  • Your personalized 40-page Biblical DISC® Assessment assessment report
  • A DISC Practitioner Resource Manualincluding PowerPoint, videos and exercises to incorporate into your training, coaching, and counseling
  • A copy of the book: Discovering the Leadership Styles of Jesus
  • Your own customized assessment online portal, called OASIS (Online Assessment System & Information Site), where you will administer and manage all of your assessments

Training Format

The Biblical DISC® Assessment Certification process includes pre-session assignments and two full days of in-person training.

Pre-Session Assignments

  • Complete the online Biblical DISC Assessment
  • View a 20 minute video on the D-I-S-C Behavioral Styles
  • Reading Assignments on the Biblical approach to the DISC Model of Human Behavior

Classroom Training            

Day 1:  Experience the “Building Effective Teams with Biblical DISC” seminar.  Become aware of your own style strengths and limitations, and discover your own Biblical character match.  Recognize the pride and fear triggers of each style, and how to be most effective when surrendering those to the Lord.  Recognize how to adapt your style to meet the needs of others, and how Jesus perfectly modeled adapting and meeting needs.

Day 2:  Practice facilitating parts of the teambuilding seminar in a small group setting.  Utilize the “Biblical DISC Debrief Guide” and practice a coaching conversation.  Explore how to utilize both the Biblical DISC and Classic DISC (secular version) in counseling, coaching and training applications.  Review all supplemental reports and learn how to use your personal Online Assessment System & Information Site (OASIS) to administer your own DISC assessments.

Click here for a detailed look at the two-day Biblical DISC® Certification Agenda.

Training and Certification Fees

Two-Day Biblical DISC® Assessment Certification Training- $899

Includes all training materials, lunch, and morning and afternoon snacks on both days.

Application Process

In addition to registering for this event, you must submit an application for becoming a certified DISC practitioner for the Biblical DISC® Assessment.

To access the online application, Click here.

Additional Information

To Learn More about the Biblical DISC® AssessmentClick here.


For registration questions, call Meg Hancock at Lead Like Jesus, 800-383-6890.

For certification/content/process questions, call Rich or Barbara Meiss at 952-446-1586


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