Community Grammar School - Ignite - Neye Anthony and Samuel Ayoola


This is a town settlement in one of the most populous states in Nigeria. This is a very crowded community of different groups of people; the elites, the indigenes and socialites, the old and illiterates then the youth and students. They are of various religious factions-traditionalists, spiritualists (diabolic), Muslims, evangelicals, Pentecostals and the likes. They are very enterprising - majorly motorcycle and car drivers, traders and agents (contractors/middle-men), then the office/government workers etc. Some are educated (mostly young elites) and many are illiterates. They are sociable, care-free, many are rascals and very diabolical. Those who are Christians are either Orthodox or Pentecostal who are already invading the land with the gospel but there is still need for spiritual enlightening and awakening. There is need for more teachings that will expose and expound them to the knowledge of the Gospel of Christ. Holding the Ignite Workshop will enlighten and educate the students, which will open their eyes to know the truth and they will be illuminated and transformed thereby causing transformation to the society.

 We desire the salvation of souls and deliverance from mediocrity and the use of diabolic vices and charms.