Federal Government Boys College Abuja - Ignite - Elisha Dabol


Federal Government Boys College (FGBC) Abuja is one of the unity schools established by the Federal Government of Nigeria. It is a public school which is located at Apo in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory. It is a boys’ conventional secondary school with population of about 2500 students. The school is a unique public secondary school, well structured, with a high standard quality education compared to other public schools in the FCT, it has good structures in terms of physical and academic content. It also has sports and other recreational facilities and social activities to spur the student’s’ holistic development.

Come October 11th, 2019, we are taking Ignite workshop to FGBC Abuja. Being a public school where we have all the national representation, we want to reach out Jesus to these youth through the Ignite program. We believe if we are able to reach out to them, then they, in-turn, would be well equipped to correct the corruption and other leadership ills in Nigeria and beyond. We want to correct the wrong perception people have about leadership in Nigeria, so that they can get it right. With Jesus they would be able to make godly intentional decisions in the right direction. As leaders in the making they would bring positive change to the church, community, society and the world at large. We believe God will bring it to pass.