Federal Government College Jos- Ignite - Elisha Dabol


Federal Government College (FGC) Jos, also known as Unity School Jos, is located in the north axis of the city of Jos, Plateau State. It is visible on the road leading to Zaria-Kano. It is a mixed (boys & girls) conventional secondary school owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The institution was established in the 70s by the then Head of States, General Yakubu Gowon. The main aim was to bring together young people across different ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds in order to promote unity in diversity in the nation. The students are usually drawn from all the 36 States plus Federal Capital Territory to come and live and learn under one umbrella in order to promote unity. FGC Jos is a unique public secondary with quality standard of education compared to other secondary within the State, and the entire country although it has equals. Moreover, it is affordable for the average income earners and it has good structures in terms of physical, academic content, sports facilities, and accommodation etc. for all its students. The school is mixed (both boys and girls) and has a population of about 2000 students. All the unity schools were established by Federal Government. The first set were in the 60s which was majorly in Lagos in particular. In the 70s Gen. Gowon saw the need to promote more unity in Nigeria, he decided to strengthen the unity schools by increasing the number and spreading it across all the then 12 States with at least 4 in each State, some were mixed (boys and girls), some boys only, some girls only. More were later added in the 80s, 90s and 2000s respectively by various Presidents.Today, there are over 80 Federal Unity Schools across the federation in Nigeria. The schools are well structured and designated; some are for boys and some for girls, some are for Technical training and some for Science all spread across the country.