Rhema teenagers,Romikaduna - Ignite - Terry Talk/Emmanuel


Romi is part of the southern Kaduna state and has a traditional leader known as Sir Gbagyi. This is a Christian dominated area but the young people are used to reckless living. They engage in alcoholism and smoking of hemp. Few of them go to church and even then the word of our Lord, Jesus, has not really penetrated their heart so we are reaching out to them with the Lead Like Jesus Ignite training which we believe can transform the orientation they have about life. Many of them don’t see themselves as leaders so we hope to ignite the leader in them and open their mind to the realization of the fact that they have been called and that call is to serve with all the grace they have received. We believe that by the end of the meeting we will have young people transformed and ready to take on the world to transform it for Jesus and also go ahead to transform their own immediate family and also the extended family. We hope that some of these people will grow up to take political positions in their communities and bring about Godly laws and acts that glorify God almighty.