Racecourse High School - Ignite -Patrick and Joseph


This area ( Eldoret region) is the hotbed of Kenya's politics. In 2007/8, there was massacre where some churches were burnt. People from outside the region were considered not supportive to the local leadership during the general elections were displaced and their houses burnt. All this was as a result of political elections. These boys and girls in high school now were very young, barely three years, when they witnessed the chaos that disrupted their lives in a manner that it can never be erased in their minds.

Their memories and views of a leader is someone who has power to kill, displace and manipulate people because of the political powers.

The purpose of  Ignite in this school and others in the vicinity is to change their views of a leader and leadership. We want to show the superior leadership style that is only found in Jesus Christ. When these kind of people are in power people rejoice but not flee. Students should appreciate this and desire that when they get in to a position of leadership they can LEAD LIKE JESUS.