Lead Like Jesus Office - Encounter - Bible League Int'l - Mrs Christiana S.K. Osifodoe


Encounter is organized purposefully for the staff of Bible League International, Ghana. In 1936, William Chapman fell ill, and was admitted in a hospital in Chicago. An elder of his church visited him and prayed that God should restore his health to do His service. God healed William and he had to fulfill his part of serving the Lord. In the year 1938, William and his wife Betty Chapman, purchased 1000 Bibles and went door-to-door in Walkerton, Indiana. This is how Bible League International came about. Bible League International offers the hope of God's word sharing Bibles and Bible-based study and training tools, with those in need of salvation. The effectiveness of this ministry is in equipping under-resourced local churches through training in evangelism, discipleship, and church planter training. This ministry is operational in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. We believe that Lead Like Jesus Encounter is not for a selected few. Everyone is our target to be reached out to lead like Jesus. We hope that this training will transform the hearts of the participants as they carry out their work championing the gospel.