Events - International

Lead Like Jesus Ministry in South Africa

Be in prayer today as Delegates from Manor Community Church attend the Lead Like Jesus training. 


Lead Like Jesus Student Ministry in Indonesia

Here is a quote from one of our Lead Like Jesus National Represantive Ratna. She says, "We have a great opportunity to equip Christian leaders for the next generation through implementing the key prinicpals we have learned through the Ignite student training." Please pray for the youth that will attend the training and for the message and ministry of Lead Like Jesus to spread throughout the country of Indonesia.  


Lead Like Jesus Ministry in India

Please be in prayer for our team in India as the prepare to take a group of Corporate & IT Professionals through the Lead Like Jesus training.  This workshop will be effective in reaching out to their families, marketplaces and their respective churches

Lead Like Jesus Ministry in Egypt

We are so exciting to be launching Lead Like Jesus in Egypt. Our hope is to see the beginnings of a national movement and team established in country.  This will also be the launching of the very first Arabic translation equipping pastors, ministry & marketplace leaders, and individuals throughout Egypt and the Middle East to lead like Jesus.  Please pray for God to lead us and direct us in this wonderful opportunity to equip believers.

Lead Like Jesus Ministry in Kenya

Being in Nyanza region just like other reported, retrogressive politics affects the notion of the youth as to what is real leadership. They see misuse of power by politicians and yet that is the only model they have.Godly leadership training like our Lead Like Jesus student course will change this worldview and serve as alternative leadership model

Lead Like Jesus Ministry in South Africa

Please be in prayer today for our Lead Like Jesus team in South Africa as they share the message of Jesus to a new church plant at Center Stage Christian Church. They hope and pray the outcome of this training will spur them on to add two more trainings each year which will give Lead Like Jesus an opportunity to reach more people in South Africa. Helping fulfill Lead Like Jesus' mission to glorify God by inspiring and equipping people worldwide to Lead Like Jesus! 

Lead Like Jesus Student Ministry in the Philippines

We are excited to take a group of young adults throuhg a transformational journey by God. Thorugh this experience we pray that they will become the leaders they need to be and teach others. 


Lead Like Jesus and Girls Brigade of Singapore

Lead Like Jesus Singapore will host training for the Girls Brigade of Singapore. Girls Brigade's mission is to develop each girl to their fullest potentail by equiping, empowering and enabling. They are using Lead Like Jesus as their model for this training. Pray for these young girls as the listen to what Jesus has to say to them. 

Lead Like Jesus Ministry in India

Please be in prayer for our National Represenative Mohan as he shares the message of Leading like Jesus to this group at Capstone Church in Hyderbad. 



Lead Like Jesus Ministry in South Africa

Our goal is to transform families in Midrand and the surrounding areas to lead and live like Jesus. A number of Encounter trainings have been held in Midrand and the community remains hungry for more.

Lead Like Jesus Ministry in Philippines

Located at the University belt of Manila, a commercialized area, a very historical place of the city, and a few steps away from the City Hall and the largest chain of malls in the country. We have made it our mission to reach out to the University students and young professionals, churches and companies in that area. This Lead Like Jesus workshop will help us reach more schools and companies by giving them the tools they need to be equipped in leading as Jesus led. 


Lead Like Jesus Ministry in South Africa

This is the first Lead Like Jesus Encounter at this church and we are excited to be partnering with Pastor Sifiso and his church. 

Lead Like Jesus Ministry in South Africa

This Encounter will be held in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. The city is an impoverished area with high unemployment and crime. We are expecting three different churches and church leaders coming together for this Encounter training. Please pray for God's work to be done!

Lead Like Jesus Ministry in South Africa

In Oct 2013, South Africa’s Facilitators Jeff,  Lynnette, Jayson and Trevonica did their very first Encounter at this church. And going back to Faith Centre bears testament of how far LLJ SA have come. We are looking forward to seeing some who have attended the Encounter in 2013 and to hear what God has done. 

Lead Like Jesus Ministry in South Africa

Harare is the largest and capital city of Zimbabwe, a Southern African country to the north of the South African border. Over the past two decades, Zimbabwe has faced economic and political challenges that have seen some of the worst unemployment rates in the world and an estimated quarter of it's population migrating to other countries. As a result, there has been a breakdown in some family structures and relationships and an increase in corruption. Leading like Jesus will transform lives for people to live selflessly, ethically, excel in their work, ministries and businesses, and help rebuild the nation. Please lift up the Lead Like Jesus facilitators Moses Duma, Paul Fosse and Lucky Maurukira and they share the Lead Like Jesus message to this group.