• Grounded

    Devotionals | April 06, 2020

    As we continue in these challenging days, please enjoy the devotional message from our President/CEO, Phyllis Hendry Halverson.

  • Called Out

    Devotionals | April 06, 2020

    During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, we want to embrace social connection. We pray you’ll be encouraged by hearing the devotional message from our President/CEO, Phyllis Hendry Halverson.

  • Aware

    Devotionals | April 01, 2020

    When we focus on pleasing ourselves or living up to other people’s expectations, we feel unstable and oddly unsatisfied. When we focus on accepting, abiding in, and responding to God’s love, we find our true identity and live in confidence in our relationship with the God who loves us unconditionally. God’s love changes us. It meets our deepest needs and heals our souls. Confidence in the love of God gives birth to hope, joy, and peace, regardless of our circumstances. Entrust yourself to the God of hope as you go about your day.

  • Contagious

    Devotionals | March 30, 2020

    Basic needs for every person include hope, companionship, and perseverance, especially in challenging times. God designed us so that one person’s faith strengthens another. The writer of Hebrews exhorted wavering Jewish Christian believers to hold onto Jesus as their hope and to encourage, love, and serve others. How can you spur others on to do the same?

  • Meeting Needs

    Devotionals | March 27, 2020

    James, Jesus’ half-brother and the leader of the church in Jerusalem, challenged believers to act in accordance with their faith. He especially exhorted them to serve fellow believers who were suffering as a result of the famine in Jerusalem. For James, as for John, Paul, and others, the early church’s witness included meeting the physical—as well as the spiritual—needs of people. In this, they followed the example and command of Jesus. Opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus surround us. What can you do to meet the needs of others today?

  • Transformed by Suffering

    Devotionals | March 25, 2020

    Joseph’s dreams of exaltation and prominence alienated his brothers. Little did he know that the fulfillment of his dreams included personal suffering. God would use Joseph’s experiences —being cast aside by his brothers, sold into slavery, and falsely imprisoned in a foreign land—to transform Joseph’s heart and leadership perspective. As a result, Joseph’s humble, God-confident service brought blessing to Potiphar, Pharaoh, the people of Egypt, and his own family. How are you using your leadership role to bless others?

  • Grounded

    Devotionals | March 23, 2020

    One of the most challenging parts of any crisis is the sense of being out of control. If we are honest, we know that there is little we can control in life—our health, the responses of others, the decisions of those in authority over us, even the unfolding circumstances of daily life. Scripture speaks of One who is in control and to whom we belong. The Bible reminds us that God knows our names and pursues us in love. What scriptural truths help you when life seems out of control?

  • Leading during Crisis

    Devotionals | March 20, 2020

    Times of crisis are challenging to navigate, even for the most experienced leaders. When you talk with people in your spheres of influence—family and friends, co-workers, bosses, employees, your church family, and people in the community—pray for God to guide you. Ask Him for the grace to meet people where they are, listen to their hearts, and respond with Jesus-like words and actions.

  • Call Out

    Devotionals | March 18, 2020

    The people of the Bible knew the same struggles that we know today. In their times of trouble and uncertainty, they repeatedly called out to the Lord. God doesn’t respond to their fear—or ours—with judgment, scorn, or shame. As we spend time in His presence, He offers to transform our fear into faith and our despair into hope.

  • Eyes Wide Open

    Devotionals | March 16, 2020

    Do you ever wonder why the people around Jesus didn’t recognize Him as Messiah? Could it be that their presuppositions blinded them to His true identity? Perhaps He didn’t live up to their expectations. It’s always easier to criticize someone else’s blindness than to examine our own presuppositions. Before judging Jesus’ contemporaries, take a moment to consider how your expectations and presuppositions might be blinding you to what God is doing (and wants you to do) in your present circumstances.