• Sneering at Jesus

    Devotionals | November 16, 2018

    The Pharisees worked hard to undermine Jesus, constantly testing Him in an effort to trip Him up and squelch His influence. Luke 16:14 says they actually sneered at Him! Their disdain revealed their true values and priorities and showed their love of the world instead of God. While it is easy for us to criticize them, we might want to search our own hearts. Where do you think you know better than Jesus? What do your reactions reveal about your values and priorities?

  • Public and Private

    Devotionals | November 14, 2018

    On his journey to Jerusalem, Paul reflected on his ministry among the Ephesians. In every setting, public and private, his motivation had been to fulfill God’s calling and serve people at their point of need. His message and motivation were consistent in both public and private settings. Can the same be said of you?

    You know that I have not hesitated to preach anything that would be helpful to you but have taught you publicly and from house to house. —Acts 20:20

  • Hidden Servants

    Devotionals | November 12, 2018

    Many who serve are hidden from sight. They serve behind the scenes or in settings far removed from our daily life. We may never know the sacrifice they make or realize the blessings we have as a result of their faithful service. Jesus had many unnamed disciples who followed Him while He was here on earth. We know the names of eleven faithful disciples, but there were 120 who gathered in the Upper Room and were part of the early church. Look for the hidden servants. Pray for them to serve in Jesus’ name. Thank them.

  • Undercover Disciples

    Devotionals | November 09, 2018

    Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus step forward as disciples only after Jesus’ death. Unlike Nicodemus’ night-time talk with Jesus, we don’t know that Joseph ever met Jesus face-to-face. As a member of the Jewish council, he had undoubtedly heard Jesus’ teaching and participated in discussions about Jesus. What we do know is that when the time came and casting aside all thoughts of human praise or dishonor, Nicodemus and Joseph publicly stepped forward to provide a kingly burial for Jesus’ body.

  • Ask God

    Devotionals | November 07, 2018

    Scripture calls us to pray for those in leadership. In the midst of a hostile political climate, Paul urged believers to pray for all people—including governmental authorities—to “ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them” (1 Timothy 2:1-2 NLT). Who are you praying for today?

  • A Quiet Place

    Devotionals | November 05, 2018

    The sounds of life fill our days with noise. Even our minds can be noisy places. Jesus calls us to step into the inner world, deep within where Father, Son, and Spirit make their home in us. Here, in your heart, He calls you to listen to one voice only: His. He asks you to lay down all your worries and cares, plans and designs, and thoughts that clamor for attention. Simply give them into His care. Now, in this quiet place, turn your attention to the One who formed you. Let His voice be the only one you hear.

  • Fair-weather Disciples

    Devotionals | November 02, 2018

    Jesus’ teaching so challenged the hearts and minds of His disciples that some of them turned back. Have you ever been tempted to do this? Have there been times when you wonder whether Jesus really knows the way forward? Maybe you question whether Jesus understands what it is like to lead from a perspective of exalting God only and serving selflessly. Jesus knows the cost. He knows the way. He calls you to follow. Will you?

  • Light in the Darkness

    Devotionals | October 31, 2018

    Today is a new day to spread the presence and message of Jesus. This is our calling: to shine Jesus’ light into a world that needs to taste and see that God is good. Wherever you go today, you will find people for whom Jesus came, people that Jesus loves. He calls you to reflect His love and truth to them, to let the light of Jesus shine through you. What does this look like? Treat others with respect, meet them at their point of need, embrace the hurting, seek the lost, speak words that draw others to His love, light, and truth, lead like Jesus.

  • Trust Jesus

    Devotionals | October 29, 2018

    Jesus lived His life on earth in complete dependence on the Father. He calls you to follow in His footsteps and to trust in Him with every aspect of your life. What does that look like for you today? Are there situations that cause you to waver in unbelief? Family or professional challenges that stare you in the face? Jesus knows your struggles. He, too, faced personal attacks, hostile opponents, spiritual battles, overwhelming pressures, and confused followers during His days on earth. You can depend on Him to lead you in all circumstances. Do you believe this?

  • The Heart of the Question

    Devotionals | October 26, 2018

    We’re familiar with the ongoing attempts of the religious leaders to discredit Jesus. Jesus’ responses revealed God’s heart and truth despite their prideful questions. His answers revealed their hearts even as they revealed truth by which the hearers could be saved. What do your questions reveal about your heart?