• He is Near

    Devotionals | September 14, 2018

    What challenges are you facing today? What circumstances cause you to question God’s goodness, power, and presence? Take time to bring these to Him. Lay them at His feet. Become aware of His presence. Let Him minister to you. Let His nearness encourage your heart. Allow His Spirit and Word to speak to your need. Receive His correction and guidance. Commit yourself to His care as you rise to begin this day. Return to Him as often as needed to be refreshed and renewed throughout the day.

  • It’s Your Choice

    Devotionals | September 12, 2018

    It’s your choice. You choose who it is that gets to decide who you are, who gets to decide your value and worth, and who shapes your view of the future. Make no mistake about it; the world is actively trying to tell you who you are. The world is bombarding you with its agenda and promoting its values. But Jesus said His followers are no longer part of the world. Choose to follow Him. Choose to live and lead in light of who He says you are.

  • Leading in the Ordinary

    Devotionals | September 10, 2018

    Some parts of life are filled with routine: chores, personal care, cooking, caring for family members, driving to work, setting up for ministry events, handling administrative details. We find ourselves doing things out of rote, allowing muscle memory to do the work while our minds wander. Jesus’ incarnation brings the presence and power of God into the everyday routines of life and makes the ordinary sacred. What is your ordinary daily routine? What would it look like to invite God into the ordinary rhythms of your life and leadership?

  • Dare to Be Different

    Devotionals | September 07, 2018

    Jesus demonstrated such a revolutionary way to lead that the ruling authorities at the time didn’t know what to do with Him. His picture of the future didn’t align with theirs. His ways and teaching ran counter to their objectives, strategies, and goals. Despite the prevailing cultural climate, Jesus continued to pursue God’s call. His life reflected God’s love and will in spite of opposition. Where do you experience pressure to follow the latest cultural, ministry, or business leadership trends instead of following Jesus?

  • God-Thoughts

    Devotionals | September 05, 2018

    When Jesus walked the earth, people thought they knew better than He did. When His words and claims offended them, they ignored what He said. They added to Scripture and explained away the parts that inconvenienced them. What does your response to God’s Word say about the condition of your heart? Do you impose your own preferences on Scripture or do you allow Scripture to reorient you to God’s perspective?

  • A Job Well Done

    Devotionals | September 03, 2018

    Genesis 1 tells of God’s pleasure in completing each stage of the work of creation. Light, land, sun, moon, stars, plants, creatures of the sea, animals, humankind—He took time to appreciate His progress each step of the way. What large project are you involved in? What stage are you in: envisioning, planning, or implementing? Let God’s faithfulness shape your perspective. Praise Him for what He has done. Place the past, present, and future in His hand. Be encouraged.

  • Together

    Devotionals | August 31, 2018

    Jesus doesn’t call people to accomplish God’s purposes in their own strength. Human strength is a poor substitute for God’s and it often misses the mark. Instead, Jesus modeled a life of wholehearted dependence on the Father. He simply let the life of the Father flow through Him; His relationship with the Father was the heartbeat of His life. Where is God calling you to give up leading in your own strength so that He can lead through you?

  • Always the Right Time

    Devotionals | August 29, 2018

    Jesus didn’t love people because they were lovable. He didn’t lead with humility and God-confidence because everything was going His way. Jesus loved, lived, and led based on whose He was and who He was. Steeped in the Father’s love and certain of His identity as beloved Son and Servant of the LORD, Jesus lived in tune with the Father’s heart. He reflected the Father wherever He went, and He calls us to do the same. It’s always the right time to love, live, and lead like Jesus. What are you waiting for?

  • It’s a Date

    Devotionals | August 27, 2018

    Where do you meet with God? When do you open your heart to Him and pour out your thoughts, concerns, hopes, and dreams? How often do you ask Him to search your heart to reveal any areas where you may be harboring unforgiveness? How frequently do you open God’s Word and meditate on it? When was the last time you asked Him for specific direction and waited to hear His response? Following Jesus daily is only possible if you make it a priority to maintain honest and open communication with Him. Do you schedule time with Him into each day? When, where, and how will you meet with Him today?

  • This Day

    Devotionals | August 24, 2018

    Scripture repeatedly emphasizes the importance of living each day in light of God’s character and call. Joshua called the Israelites to choose “this day” whom they would serve (Joshua 24:15). Jesus called people to focus on seeking God’s kingdom and righteousness today and to leave tomorrow in God’s hands (Matt. 6:33-34). The Psalmist calls Israel to hear the Lord’s voice today (Ps. 95:6-7), while the writer of Hebrews urges Jesus’ disciples to encourage one another to trust God today (Heb. 3:13). Where do you need to intentionally choose to live this day in light of who God is?