• Close Companions

    Devotionals | August 10, 2018

    Jesus traveled through life with close friends, the Twelve plus the women who supported His ministry. This small group of people traveled with Him, sharing their lives and resources along the way. We, too, need close companions who will travel with us through life—people that know us, people we trust. Leading like Jesus means that we intentionally cultivate close relationships with supportive people. Who do you share life with?

  • A New Task

    Devotionals | August 08, 2018

    Peter had never preached a sermon before Pentecost. He had listened to rabbis in the synagogue. He had heard Jesus preach to crowds and sat at Jesus’ feet as part of the Twelve, listening to His instructions. Now it was His turn. The Spirit’s anointing empowered him as he stood to give an answer to the questioning crowds. Peter may have been a novice, but his willingness to step out in the power of the Spirit brought many to faith. What new task has God placed before you? Will you, like Peter, step out with humility and God-confidence and let God use you?

  • Words Matter

    Devotionals | August 06, 2018

    Words matter. They live on long after they are spoken, lodging themselves in hearts and minds. They shape how we perceive ourselves, others, and the world. Stop and consider the impact your words have in people’s lives. Do you speak life to those around you? What words do you use to correct and redirect? Do your words spring from humility or pride? Do they offer truth, forgiveness, and hope? Do they encourage others? Do they inspire confidence that people can change and find a way forward? Choose to speak like Jesus, for the benefit of those who hear.

  • If You Care

    Devotionals | August 03, 2018

    Paul’s letters to Timothy were filled with exhortation, guidance, and encouragement. His words were uniquely suited to Timothy’s situation. Paul had invested in Timothy, spent time with him, and knew his personality and his challenges. Leading like Jesus means that we don’t just care about the job that needs done, but we care about the people who are doing it. We get to know who they are. We discern their ability to do the task in front of them. And we adjust our leadership to help them succeed. Our treatment of others reflects our heart toward them. Do you care about those you lead?

  • Draw Near

    Devotionals | August 01, 2018

    Some people more naturally think highly of themselves, while others struggle to appreciate who God made them to be. It is true that we are not yet all that God created us to be in Christ Jesus. It is equally true that God values us and loves us. He draws near to you just as you are, inviting you to draw near to Him. Look to the One who loves you. Receive His love. Let it wash over you. Rest in it. Let Him transform your perspective of who you are. Do you value who God created you to be?

  • So Much More

    Devotionals | July 30, 2018

    Jesus wants to enlarge our vision for life and leadership. He told His disciples that God wanted to use them in ways they could not yet imagine. God wanted them to witness to Jesus in the face of opposition. He wanted them to guide and care for those who would come to believe in Jesus. He pictured their ability to bear fruit in terms of a branch that draws nourishment and life from a vine. He urges us to learn to live in intimate relationship with Him so that He can bear fruit through us. What does God want to do through you?

  • Free to Ask

    Devotionals | July 27, 2018

    We often find the disciples asking Jesus questions, even as they neared the end of their time with Him. They had learned a lot about who He was as they followed Him, but there was still much that they didn’t yet understand. The same is true for us. Regardless of where we are in learning to follow Jesus and lead like Him, we need to follow their example. He is always available to talk with us. What new or challenging circumstances are you facing in your family, church, or workplace? What questions do you want to ask Jesus?

  • Live Beyond

    Devotionals | July 25, 2018

    Paul’s life testifies to the difference faith in God makes in difficult times. During his imprisonment, Paul considered how he could still fulfill his God-given call. The letters he wrote during that time ultimately became part of the New Testament we read today. God wasn’t limited by Paul’s circumstances. He isn’t limited by ours. Where do you need to look to the Lord for direction and strength in the midst of pressure?

  • Life-Changing

    Devotionals | July 23, 2018

    Peter was confused when Jesus knelt to wash his feet. Jesus’ actions were just as countercultural then as they are today. As He knelt at their feet and went to the cross, Jesus' disciples experienced the selfless, self-giving, life-changing nature of God’s love. After His resurrection, they rose to follow His example. What about you?

  • Gratitude

    Devotionals | July 20, 2018

    Take a moment to reflect on what Jesus has done for you. Let gratitude wash over your heart and mind as you consider His sacrificial love and life. Consider the most recent challenge He has brought you through. Reflect on His faithfulness during your current challenges. Thank Him for inviting you to rely upon Him and for the assurance that He hears and answers prayer. Let gratitude transform your attitude and guard your heart and mind as you begin this day.