• Confident in God

    Devotionals | March 21, 2018

    God’s character and greatness are the bedrock upon which leaders can face uncertainty and change. No matter what circumstances look like, because of who He is we can humbly seek His guidance and confidently face the future. Jesus’ life reflected unshakable confidence that was working out His purposes in, through, and around Him. How will your leadership reflect that same confidence in God’s character and greatness today?

  • Breath of Life

    Devotionals | March 19, 2018

    Scripture speaks of the breath of God as a living, active, creative force that brings life. Paul spoke of God as the One who gives life and breath to everyone (Acts 17:25). It was Paul again who spoke of Scripture as being God-breathed (2 Tim. 3:16), equipping and sustaining us as His servants. With every breath that you take, breathe in God’s breath of life. Let His Spirit and His Word fill you with hope and courage and all you need to live this day as His servant.

  • Your Kingdom Come

    Devotionals | March 16, 2018

    The stresses of life and leadership frequently come at us from all directions. Even for those who enjoy rising up to meet challenges, sometimes we can be overwhelmed as we feel pulled to juggle a myriad of responsibilities. Jesus certainly experienced this. Preaching, teaching, healing, aware of growing opposition, frequently misunderstood by family and disciples, with the cross looming ever larger before Him, He narrowed His focus to pleasing just one person, His Father. What difference will it make in your day for you to do the same?

  • Gathering Strength

    Devotionals | March 14, 2018

    Jesus’ life shows us the importance of renewing our hearts and minds to strengthen ourselves to lead like He did. His lifestyle included a prayer life that caused His disciples to ask Him to teach them how to pray, amazing people with His deep understanding of Scripture and applying its wisdom to life and withdrawing to spend time with the Father or with His disciples. These habits strengthened Him as a leader. What habits strengthen you to lead like Jesus?

  • A Leader's Trust

    Devotionals | March 12, 2018

    The nature of living in a fallen world means that we will frequently be tempted to lead out of pride and fear. Whatever the source of our temptation—personal struggles, challenges involving other people, or changing circumstances and opposition—we always have the choice to once again renew our trust in God and ask Him to transform our leadership. Jesus urges us to trust ourselves to the Father’s care, to live one day at a time with a focus on kingdom priorities, just as He did. As we do, our words and actions will increasingly reflect humility and God-confidence.

  • What God's Word Says

    Devotionals | March 09, 2018

    Much can be said about the Bible, but perhaps the most significant thing is that it is God’s Word. In it we glimpse the very mind of God, and it leads those of us who meditate on it to Jesus. More than that, it equips us as servants of the living God. Look to the words and wisdom of Scripture as you lead today.

  • Choose God

    Devotionals | March 07, 2018

    Many choices lay before you today. Some are big, some small. Some will require little to no thought, while others will require conscious deliberation. One overarching decision will impact all the others. Make the choice now to choose God. Set your heart on seeking His perspective and leading. Ask Him to be foremost in your heart and mind throughout the day. Make it your intention to follow His leading with every person and situation you encounter.

  • I, Me, and Mine

    Devotionals | March 05, 2018

    How often do you find yourself using the words I, me, and mine during the day? When these words dominate our thinking and conversation, it can be a warning sign that we are being driven by self-centered pride and fear. On the other hand, have you noticed that each step of Lead Like Jesus EGO’s Anonymous 12-Step Process begins with I? Listen for how you use the words I, me, and mine. Do you use them to claim privilege or to humbly, God-confidently accept responsibility and choose to lead like Jesus?

  • Starting Point

    Devotionals | March 02, 2018

    Leading others begins with rightly leading ourselves. How could it be any other way? Hence the importance of spending time alone with Jesus to prepare ourselves to lead. As we bring ourselves to the Lord, He reshapes our motivations and perspective on life; our words and actions and habits begin to reflect His values and priorities. This is the starting point for any and all influence we have with others. If you desire to be influential in the lives of others, start by investing in your relationship with God. Allow Him to shape you into a leader who leads others well.

  • Tempted to Compare

    Devotionals | February 28, 2018

    None of us are immune to the temptations of pride and fear. As Peter walked with Jesus after being freshly commissioned by Him—with Jesus’ words “Follow me!” still ringing in his ears—Peter turned to compare himself with another disciple. Was Peter’s question prompted by fear in light of Jesus’ warning about the suffering his service would entail? Did it spring from pride in being commissioned by Jesus Himself? What about you? Where are you tempted to compare yourself with others? Where is Jesus calling you to follow Him?