• Loved

    Devotionals | October 08, 2018

    Jesus was at home in the Father’s love. He knew without a doubt that His relationship with the Father was secure. The Father’s love fueled His ministry and teaching. As Jesus approached the cross, He invited His disciples to share the joy He shared with the Father. His desire was that they (and we) would experience that same joy. Remain in God’s unconditional love and delight in the joy of doing the Father’s will.

  • Good News

    Devotionals | October 05, 2018

    Mark begins his account of Jesus by announcing that he is proclaiming good news! These words would have grabbed the attention of people of his day, just as the promise of good news grabs our attention today. Everyone wants to hear good news. Our broken world fills the headlines with bad news, but Scripture records Jesus’ and the disciples’ proclaiming the good news of hope and redemption. Believe this good news today! Let Mark’s good news shape your worldview and vision, mission, and values. Let it permeate your words, actions, and attitudes today.

  • When You Need to Say No

    Devotionals | October 03, 2018

    Leaders sometimes have to say no. It’s easiest to see when we think about training a novice or apprentice for a new task: they need clear direction, so they can learn the task, how their task and role relate to the larger picture, and what is within their area of responsibility. Sometimes the most loving thing you can do for a person is to say no. Jesus was able to give direction, set clear boundaries, and even say a resounding no when needed. Let Him teach you when and how to do the same.

  • Responding to Hostility

    Devotionals | October 01, 2018

    The writer of Hebrews wrote to believers who were living in a hostile culture. They were being attacked from every side. This wise Christian leader reminded them that accusations and retorts are not the way to respond; these only foster weeds of bitterness, hopelessness and anger. They derail us and others from the work of living at peace with those around us, cultivating a life set apart to God, and looking after the spiritual well-being of others. Where do you need to heed his words today?

  • Blessings Await

    Devotionals | September 28, 2018

    Consider the benefits of meditating on Scripture found in Psalm 19:7-8. Do you ever feel weary? Do you need supernatural wisdom? Do you long for joy? Do you need light and understanding to dawn on you and show you the way forward? David finds all of this and more in God’s law. God reveals the way to abundant life and shalom in His statutes, precepts, and commands. Let God’s Word refresh you and lead you to live in light of who He is.

  • Leaning In

    Devotionals | September 26, 2018

    Some days are harder than others. Pressures mount, deadlines loom, and people press in. How many times did Jesus experience problems and confrontations? Even His family was against Him! In the midst of your pressure, take time to lean into your relationship with Jesus. Turn your attention to the One who loves you and is for you. Rest in His presence. Listen for His voice. Let Him guide you as you turn once again to lead in His name.

  • Carry the Message

    Devotionals | September 24, 2018

    God is in the business of remaking, restoring, and rebuilding people. The Spirit moves within us, revealing our brokenness, offering to restore our souls and reshape us to love, live, and lead like Jesus. Let God transform your heart, reshape your perspective, and restore your relationship with Him and others. Then let Him use you to help others experience the difference that a relationship with Him makes.

  • Living Out God’s Servant Mandates

    Devotionals | September 21, 2018

    In Genesis 1, God gives man and woman the responsibility to oversee His creation. This is God’s very first mandate. It involves the whole of creation and every sphere of life. Jesus’ mandate in the New Testament is equally sweeping. He places no limits on who or where we are to serve. Quite the contrary, He calls us to humbly serve God’s purpose everywhere God places us. Where has God placed you? Whose lives do you impact? Let God’s Word realign your leadership so that others can experience His goodness and care through you today.

  • Shine

    Devotionals | September 19, 2018

    Some people like to complain about the darkness around them. Jesus wasn’t one of them. He took action. He stepped into the world’s brokenness and brought light into the darkness. He calls us to do the same. Our lives are to illuminate the darkness. As Jesus transforms you to be more like Him, your life increasingly radiates the presence of God. Jesus calls you to follow His example and shine His light and life everywhere God sends you.

  • You Matter

    Devotionals | September 17, 2018

    You matter to God. He knows who you long to be and how you want to honor Him. He is at work in you. He knows what it costs you to follow Him. He is committed to helping you do what He has called you to do. He is pleased with your efforts to serve others in Jesus’ name. He wants to have even more access to your heart and head. He wants to use your hands to minister to others. He wants His love to overflow through you to others. He wants you to let His Spirit lead through you. Will you?