• To Honor God

    Devotionals | March 01, 2021

    What does it look like for you to honor God today? Does it mean showing up and giving your best when you don't feel like it, moving forward in faith regardless of circumstances?

  • Living Examples

    Devotionals | February 26, 2021

    To love, live, and lead like Jesus is more than a catchphrase, more than a lesson to be taught. Loving, living, and leading like Jesus is an ongoing way of life. When we open our hearts to God’s life-transforming work, the Spirit begins the process of reshaping us into the likeness of Jesus. The life poured into us gives us a new nature and overflows into our relationships with others. The Spirit’s transforming presence flows into every sphere of life: personal and professional, public and private. Concern for others, humility, and God-confidence reshape our leadership.

  • In Light of Who Jesus Is

    Devotionals | February 24, 2021

    One of the saddest verses in Scripture is John 12:37: “Even after Jesus had performed so many signs in their presence, they still would not believe in him.” The crowd’s lack of belief in Jesus stands in contrast to those mentioned a few verses later. This second group was made up of leaders who believed in Jesus, but they were held back by fear and desire for human approval. What tempts you to edge God out of your life and leadership? Whose approval do you seek?

  • A Secure Identity

    Devotionals | February 22, 2021

    When we are secure in our identity in Christ, we have no need to promote, protect, or prove ourselves. We freely and humbly point to Jesus instead of ourselves. We rest in our relationship with God, humbly serving as Jesus did, wherever He leads us. His Spirit assures us that we belong to Him. Our deepest longing is to stay connected to Him and bring Him joy. Is this increasingly true of you? What keeps you from resting in your identity in Christ? What can you do to become more confident of who you are in Christ?

  • Confidence in Prayer

    Devotionals | February 19, 2021

    God knows the desire of our hearts. He understands the meaning behind the words we pray, whether we blurt them out or struggle to find the right words. Our confidence in prayer is in who God is, not in the words we pray. We can trust that God’s response to our prayers will reveal His loyal kindness, infinite wisdom, compassion, righteousness, and so much more. When you struggle to find words to pray, trust that He knows your heart and entrust yourself to Him. Who or what are you praying for today?

  • Forty Days

    Devotionals | February 17, 2021

    Jesus began and ended His ministry with two forty-day periods. He spent forty days seeking God in the wilderness as He began His public ministry. He spent forty days after His resurrection completing the training of His disciples as leaders. Today marks forty days until the start of Holy Week, forty days to focus anew on Jesus and the difference His love, life, and leadership make in our lives. Forty days to pour ourselves into seeking God and developing others. What difference will the next forty days make in you as a leader and in those you lead?

  • Abandoning the Journey

    Devotionals | February 15, 2021

    The temptation to abandon the transformational journey of leading like Jesus comes in different forms. We begin to rest on past accomplishments or what we’ve already attained. We start thinking that we know best and don’t need God’s input or work in our lives. We find ourselves being resigned to doing what we’ve always done instead of looking for what God is doing now.

  • Love Made Complete

    Devotionals | February 12, 2021

    God shares His life with us because He loves us. When we love God, we share our lives with Him in return. God’s love transforms us, making us more like Him. As God’s heart begins to form within us, we find ourselves loving others as He does. We want to do what is best for them, not just what works for us. We treat people with respect and consider the impact of our words and actions in their lives. Our deep joy in being connected with God and others transforms the way we love, live, and lead. Is this true for you?

  • Traveling Light

    Devotionals | February 10, 2021

    Concerns of this world threaten to disturb our peace of mind, undermine our God-confidence, and weigh us down. As a result, we can find ourselves nursing perceived grievances, judging others, and exalting ourselves instead of God. Fear and pride creep in, leading to a sense of isolation, even alienation, from God and others. God specializes in healing broken hearts, mending shattered dreams, and restoring broken relationships. He delights in relieving us of what weighs us down. He offers you the freedom and renewed energy that comes from giving your burdens to Him. Will you?