• Open

    Devotionals | December 10, 2018

    We lead like Jesus when we interact with people in God-honoring and people-honoring ways. But our outward behavior flows from a heart and mind that are being transformed by God’s Spirit at work within us. Nothing is off limits to His touch. He cares about your whole life—how you are doing personally, your public interactions, internal motivation and external behaviors, and your family and professional life—every part of every day. Will you open yourself to His love and leading? Will you receive the light and life He brings?

  • Woven In

    Devotionals | December 07, 2018

    Each gospel writer begins in a different way. Luke starts with the story of a priest named Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth. After a lifetime of faithfulness, they remained childless, a tragedy in the ancient world. If we didn’t know better, we would be tempted to think that Luke’s story is all about Zechariah and Elizabeth. Instead, Luke reveals how God weaves their story into His overarching plan for the universe. Will you let Him do the same for you?

  • Wait, Watch, Act

    Devotionals | December 05, 2018

    Few of us like waiting on someone else to make decisions that affect us. In our human understanding, we may be tempted to pridefully rush ahead of God or lag behind Him out of fear. We see something different in Jesus. He consistently trusted the Father’s timing and direction, humbly and watchfully waiting on Him. Then when He sensed the Father’s prompting, He was ready to act. God calls us to wait, watch, and act like Jesus: humbly watching for Him, confident that everything will come together according to God’s will. Where is God calling you to wait, watch, and act like Jesus?

  • Dedicated to God’s Service

    Devotionals | December 03, 2018

    In Scripture, the ways of the world are set in opposition to the ways of God. The world’s customs, philosophies, and ways of life distract us from God’s presence and purpose. Jesus calls His own out of the world into the light of His presence. Infused with God’s Spirit, our transformed lives testify to His love and goodness. Where is God calling you to rededicate yourself to reflecting God’s presence through your life?

  • A Marvel

    Devotionals | November 30, 2018

    Paul never stopped marveling at the fact that Jesus considered him trustworthy. He knew who he had been before Jesus. He knew now whose he was and who he was in Jesus. No longer bound by his past, he was transformed by God’s mercy and grace and entrusted with a new calling. What about you?

  • Let Trust Have Its Way

    Devotionals | November 28, 2018

    Trust is essential to the leader-follower relationship. What difference does trust make? Trust sees us through hard times: it counteracts fear and keeps us confident while we wait for God to make His way known. Trust opens us up to someone else’s influence: it fosters humility that allows us to learn from God and His Word. Jesus lived His life in obedience to God’s Word. He was wholly committed to fulfilling His mission because He trusted the Father completely. Wholehearted trust in Jesus motivated the first disciples to fulfill the mission Jesus gave them. Do you trust God?

  • Endless Opportunities

    Devotionals | November 26, 2018

    What is your driving motivation? This is a question that we face repeatedly throughout our lives. Each day, each new circumstance, each new encounter with people confronts us with the same question. Will you and I choose to exalt God, or will we edge Him out and pursue our own satisfaction? Will we trust Him to be faithful, good, and trustworthy? Or do we doubt His goodness, power, and love? What will your answer be today?

  • Dispensers of Grace

    Devotionals | November 23, 2018

    God’s grace finds its fullest expression as we live into who God created us to be. Your strengths and gifts will be different from those around you. Don’t let that distract you. Focus on serving well. Let Him use you to pour His grace into the world.

  • A Thankful Heart

    Devotionals | November 21, 2018

    The heart is the source of all our leadership motivations. If we want to discover the condition of our heart, all we have to do is look at our lives. As you look at your life today, what do you see? Does your life reflect a sense of gratitude? Or entitlement? Grateful praise or lingering unforgiveness? Are you fearful of the future or edging God out as you think about the days ahead? Take time to bask in the awareness of God’s goodness and faithfulness through the years. Where your affection and focus have slipped, seek His forgiveness.

  • Don’t Just Pretend

    Devotionals | November 19, 2018

    Leading like Jesus comes down to one word: love. Jesus calls us to love one another. Paul and John call us to love others, so do Peter and James. Selfless love for others is the identifying mark of those who follow Jesus. It is the motivation for all that Jesus did. Do you desire to lead like Him? Then let His love fill you and flow through you. Jesus doesn’t just pretend to love you. He doesn’t make His love conditional. He devotes Himself to your well-being and works tirelessly on your behalf. He is gracious and compassionate with you. Who are you loving like Jesus?