• A Gift of Love

    Devotionals | April 16, 2019

    Mary’s anointing of Jesus’ feet was a precious gift that ministered to Jesus in the final days as He approached the cross. Though others did not understand what she was doing, Jesus knew. He knew that her sacrifice reflected her love for Him, just as His coming sacrifice would flow from His love for us. He received her anointing as the gift of love that it was. How do you express your love for Jesus?

  • Just Yesterday

    Devotionals | April 15, 2019

    What a welcome the crowds had given Jesus as He entered Jerusalem! Their voices hardly seemed to reflect the dire warnings Jesus had recently given the disciples. The crowds greeted Him with praise and adulation, gave Him a welcome fit for a king, and hailed Him as the long-awaited, prophesy-fulfilling, God-sent king of Israel. But Jesus knew not to trust in human praise. All that mattered to Jesus was fulfilling the Father’s will and hearing God’s “Well done, my good and faithful servant!” What matters to you? Where do you seek approval?

  • Holy Week Approaches

    Devotionals | April 12, 2019

    As Holy Week approaches, we have the sense of peering into the Holy of Holies where high priests long ago came into the presence of God on behalf of their people. In this week we remember the passion, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Anointed One of God. It is a week set apart, a time to remember, to watch, and a time to worship. Remember who your high priest, leader, and Lord is. Remember what He has done to open the way into God’s presence. Remember His great love for you. Then rise to serve in His name.

  • A Matter of Life and Death

    Devotionals | April 10, 2019

    Proverbs emphasizes the importance of seeking godly wisdom, stating flatly that this is a matter of life and death. Embracing His wisdom leads to life, not only for us but also for those around us. God is the source of life and all that is good. Only His wisdom leads to life. Yet we often find ourselves tempted to ignore God’s wisdom and trust in our own human understanding. Listen to the pleading voice of wisdom calling out for you to listen to her and walk in her ways. Where are you listening, watching, and waiting for God’s wisdom in your life and leadership?

  • His Breath in Our Lungs

    Devotionals | April 08, 2019

    We, along with the whole universe, were created through Jesus and for Jesus. The very air we breathe is His, a reminder that life itself—the sheer fact of my daily existence—is a gift from God. The only reasonable response to knowing that our lives are not our own is to give ourselves to serve His purposes. How does belonging to Jesus affect the way in which you approach leadership? What will you do with the life and breath He gives you today?

  • The Servant Heart of God

    Devotionals | April 05, 2019

    Jesus’ life and ministry reveals the servant heart of God, Father, Son, and Spirit united in purpose, one in heart, and at work in the world. God is intimately involved in the world He created. He does not leave it to run on its own power. As Jesus-like leaders, we depend on Him to transform our hearts to reflect His servant heart for the world. Our call to lead like Jesus extends to every sphere of influence into which He sends us.

    In his defense Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.”—John 5:17

  • Help Wanted

    Devotionals | April 03, 2019

    As Jesus walked the earth, person after person reached out to Him for help. News that He was nearby caused hurting people to call His name in hope that He might turn their way. He brought God’s perspective, power, and healing to those who called out to Him. What keeps you from loving, living, and leading like Jesus? Are you calling out His name daily? Do you believe that Jesus will respond to your call? Ask Him to restore you to living a God-centered life and transform you into a Jesus-like leader.

  • Soul-searching

    Devotionals | April 01, 2019

    The Spirit nudges us to examine our hearts, confess our sins, and receive the forgiveness found in Jesus. Pride-based resentment and bitterness too easily worm their way into our thoughts and emotions unless we spend time with God in solitude, letting His Word and His Spirit search our hearts. There need be no fear in inviting Him to look into our lives. We can trust Him to deal with us in love. When was the last time you invited God to search your heart? Is there anything else He might want to say to you if you opened yourself to Him right now?

  • Sent Ones

    Devotionals | March 29, 2019

    Jesus has sent us into the world to live on mission with Him and the Spirit everywhere we go and in everything we do. Just as His life reflected His intimate relationship with the Father, our lives—at home, at work, within the family of God and in the world at large—are to bring God’s presence into this world. Where is He sending you to serve as He served and love as He loved?

    As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world. —John 17:18

  • Soul Longings

    Devotionals | March 27, 2019

    What do you want in the core of your being? Do you long for glory and honor or for love and compassion? When we see ourselves rightly, we give glory and honor to God and gratefully receive His love and compassion. When we grasp after God’s glory and honor, we isolate ourselves from Him and build barriers that separate us from the One whose love satisfies the deepest need of our souls.