• Seeking God’s Favor

    Devotionals | September 27, 2019

    All of us want our efforts to make a difference and to accomplish the goals we have in mind. It doesn’t matter what our work is—large or small, at home, in the marketplace, or at church. We invest our time and energy and we look for a return on our investment. We strategize and work and pray, asking God to bless our efforts. Whose goals are you seeking to accomplish—yours or God’s? Where might you need to lay down your goals to accomplish His?

    “These are the ones I look on with favor: those who are humble and contrite in spirit, and who tremble at my word.”—Isaiah 66:2

  • We Never Know

    Devotionals | September 25, 2019

    We never know what a day will hold. Think about the blind man whom Jesus healed. The blind man did not awaken that morning with any expectation that he would be seeing by day’s end. He did not expect that Jesus would turn his world upside down by restoring his sight. Nor did he expect that his newly given sight would cause him to be grilled by Jewish leaders and that his parents would be called into questioning. Most of all, He had no idea that the Messiah would reveal Himself to him that day. What might your day hold?

  • What a Privilege

    Devotionals | September 23, 2019

    Jesus calls His disciples to go “in His name” as living manifestations of Him in the world. He sends us into every kind of situation and circumstance. Some situations are easy, and the people are receptive, while other circumstances are complicated and the people are resistant. In every case, Jesus calls us to go in His name and the Holy Spirit’s presence empowers us. Think of it, Jesus trusts us to represent Him in the world. Where is He sending you as His representative today?

  • Being Led by Jesus

    Devotionals | September 20, 2019

    The first disciples experienced literally being led by Jesus. Together, they climbed mountain roads to Jerusalem, traveled across Samaria, and roamed the lakeside roads in Galilee. Even when Jesus sent them off to do His work, they always came back to being in His physical presence. Where He went, they went. Jesus’ words on the night of His betrayal remind us that we, too, are always with Him, for He tells us that He, the Father, and the Holy Spirit make their home in us. Do you make your home with Jesus? Let Him lead you where He wants to take you today.

  • Patience

    Devotionals | September 18, 2019

    Patience is one of the greatest gifts we can give others. Too often we want people to hurry up and get with it—the ‘it’ often being aligning with our perspective. We think we know what (and when and how) people should act and speak. ‘If they would just follow our advice,’ we think (and often say), ‘everything would work out.’ The truth is that God is the only one who knows their entire situation and story. He alone knows the best what and when and how for them. Our impatient demands only add more stress and get in the way of God’s work.

  • Look Up

    Devotionals | September 16, 2019

    What does this day hold for you—work, play, meetings, ministry, chores? Start by looking up and committing your day to God. Then attend those meetings with Him. Listen to His Spirit’s whispers and wisdom. Work with your hands like Jesus did. Minister to others in the same way that Jesus ministers to you. Love the people around you. And do it all with a grateful heart, thanking God for the blessings of life and His presence and guidance. Trust His love for you. Commit your day to leading like Jesus and commit yourself to His care as you lay down to rest.

  • Clasped Hands

    Devotionals | September 13, 2019

    Jesus’ hands bear the marks of His incarnation and sacrifice. His hands worked with construction tools, scooped up mud to heal a blind man, and were pierced by an executioner’s nails. Jesus experienced the worst that evil could imagine and enters into our everyday experiences and pain. Because He willingly stepped into human life and experience, you can trust Him to understand everything you face. Where are you trusting Him to reach out His hands to you and through you today?

  • Hope and Help in Hard Times

    Devotionals | September 11, 2019

    Jesus repeatedly warned His disciples that hard times awaited them. His coming did not magically right all the wrongs in this broken world. But He does provide a way for us to find hope and direction in navigating the world. He calls us to keep our eyes on Him, to remain in relationship with Father, Son, and Spirit, and to live by His priorities of love, service, and obedience. As we do this, our lives testify to Him, just as the lives of the first disciples did. Let God’s presence transform your perspective and lead you forward.

  • Battered

    Devotionals | September 09, 2019

    Steadfast hope in God’s presence in our lives sustains us during life’s challenges. This hope grounds us as His Spirit prompts us to turn to Him. As we cry out for mercy, He calms our hearts and minds and shows us the way forward. His Spirit reassures us that He is present. What challenges threaten to overwhelm you? Take courage. Turn to God. Place your hope in Him.

    Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for will yet praise him, my Savior and my God. —Psalm 42:5

  • Motivated by Love

    Devotionals | September 06, 2019

    John’s gospel and letters reflect his personal experience of knowing Jesus and being changed by His love. His experience motivated him to tell others about Jesus in hopes that they, too, would come to know Jesus and experience His love for themselves. Our world still needs to hear the message of God’s love, a love that meets the need of human hearts, transforms lives, and empowers Jesus-like leadership. How has God’s love changed you? How is it changing the way you interact with others?