• In Control

    Devotionals | July 08, 2019

    We live in the midst of God’s activity. Whether we can sense it or not, He is always at work around us. Jesus knew this. He reminds the Pharisees of this truth when they criticize His ministry. This is the key to Jesus’ peace and focus. He consistently spends time talking with the Father so that He can work in alignment with Him. God wants to strengthen and sustain you and give you the peace, confidence, and ability to follow Jesus’ example.

  • Free

    Devotionals | July 05, 2019

    The Bible tells of God’s redeeming acts in the lives of His people: He creates people in His image to live in partnership and on mission with Him. He sets them aside to be a blessing to the world. In the Exodus, He sets them free from slavery to live in covenant relationship with Him. He gives the Law and judges and prophets to teach them to live in freedom. Eventually, God Himself comes to live with them so that all people can find freedom in and through Jesus Christ. God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—makes His home in you, so that you, too, can live in freedom.

  • Set

    Devotionals | July 03, 2019

    What pressures are you facing in your life and leadership? Pressures come at us from all sides, just as they did for Jesus and the early disciples. As His followers, our perseverance and hope are not based on human strength. Instead, we set our hope on God’s power to deliver us—attested to in Scripture, seen in past experience, empowered by His Spirit, and supported by the prayers of other Christians. Where do you set your hope under pressure?

  • Your People

    Devotionals | July 01, 2019

    Solomon was aware that he was responsible to watch over God’s people. What about you? Who has God given you to watch over? Take a moment to consider your various spheres of influence. Reflect on the faces and names of the people your life touches in a given day. As each one comes to mind, pause and let God speak to you about them. Remember that God knows each of their names and the challenges they face. Ask Him to guide your words and actions as you interact with them today.

  • Rest

    Devotionals | June 28, 2019

    David’s words in Psalm 62 point us to God as the source of hope and rest. Are the pressures of life coming at you from all sides? Do you wonder if you can bear up under life’s circumstances? Have you been looking for assurance, direction, or stability? David knew these challenges in every area of his life—within his family and in all his leadership roles and responsibilities. So he writes from experience as he declares “truly my soul finds rest in God” (vs. 1). Where do you need rest?

  • Forward

    Devotionals | June 26, 2019

    The journey of learning to lead like Jesus includes ups and downs, success and failure. How could it be otherwise, human as we are? We are learning, but none of us have arrived yet. When we fail, Jesus provides a haven for all who acknowledge their need for forgiveness and transformation. In Him, we are freed from guilt and shame and find confidence to keep going. As we follow Jesus, He will increasingly transform our hearts and understanding and teach us how to lead as He did. Where do you need to accept God’s forgiveness, lift your head, and move forward with Jesus?

  • Safe Places, Safe People

    Devotionals | June 24, 2019

    As we learn to lead like Jesus, the value of trusted traveling companions cannot be overestimated. We need safe places where we can share our struggles and find godly perspectives. We need to cultivate relationships with safe people and develop relationships marked by confidentiality, grace, spiritual accountability, encouragement, and prayer. Who are the safe people who walk with you? If you can’t think of anyone who knows your story and journeys with you, ask the Lord to bring trustworthy companions into your life. Look for who He will send. Don’t journey alone. Jesus didn’t.

  • Loved

    Devotionals | June 21, 2019

    Are you ever tempted to think that you have to present a flawless public persona for God and others to respect you? Maybe it isn’t respect you long for, but acceptance, love, or feeling valued. The common human tendency is to believe that our value is based on performance. But God—who knows us better than we know ourselves—loves us unconditionally. We are His and He is for us. Our humanity (with all its imperfections) does not prevent God from loving us. Neither does it keep Him from coming to our aid and redeeming our mistakes when we humbly call out for help.

  • Leading Like Pharisees

    Devotionals | June 19, 2019

    Leading like Jesus begins within your heart. If it doesn’t start within our own hearts, we will lead like the Pharisees, whose focus on externals only proved to burden people. In contrast, God desires us to experience life—abundant life, life as He designed it to be lived—through relationship with Jesus. As we learn to lead like Jesus, we join Him in the work of creating a world that nurtures life and reveals God’s good intentions for every part of creation. How can you breathe life into people’s lives today?

  • Sufficient

    Devotionals | June 17, 2019

    Where do you struggle to trust that God is sufficient for the challenges you face? Jesus’ frequent “I am” statements in John are meant to strengthen His disciples’ trust in Him. He repeatedly assures them that He is sufficient to meet their deepest needs. Do you have needs? Do you hunger? Do you grieve in the face of death? Are you concerned about the future? Do you want to experience the peace and joy that Jesus experienced in relationship with the Father? Look to Jesus. He is present with you in your circumstances. He is sufficient for your every need.