• Committed to Prayer

    Devotionals | May 01, 2019

    When challenges come our way, the temptation is to worry, as if we alone are responsible for overcoming the obstacles we face. Yet nowhere in the New Testament do we see Jesus worrying about the challenges facing Him. Nor do we see Him urging us to worry about the challenges facing us. On the contrary, He repeatedly and clearly teaches us to rely on God’s love and provision for even our most basic needs. Where does He want you to take Him at His word today?

  • Without a Doubt

    Devotionals | April 29, 2019

    The early believers depended on God to move on their behalf. Living in an unsympathetic culture, persecuted by fellow Jews who disputed Jesus’ identity and claim to be Messiah, their fledgling movement faced enormous pressure. Frequently, the first disciples found themselves at odds with political and religious leaders as when Peter found himself imprisoned with a likely death sentence hanging over his head. But God had other plans for Peter’s life. Fellow believers met to pray, confident that God would hear their prayers and move on Peter’s behalf.

  • Overflow

    Devotionals | April 26, 2019

    God’s grace offers us forgiveness and hope and gives us courage and confidence to lead like Jesus. As we experience the grace of God, we are increasingly able to extend His grace to those around us. Consider the difference God’s grace makes in your life and leadership. Where do you need to know afresh the life-changing nature of His grace? Let God’s grace overflow through you into the lives of others today.

  • Lingering Doubts

    Devotionals | April 24, 2019

    Thomas is often known as “doubting” Thomas, as if no other disciple has ever had doubts about Jesus’ resurrection. Remember that none of the disciples believed the women’s testimony initially; Peter and John even ran to the tomb to check out their story (Luke 24:9-11). When the disciples met Jesus in Galilee, some still doubted (Mt. 28:16-17). Jesus came to His doubting disciples and gave them the assurance they needed. What doubts keep you from fully trusting Jesus’ as your leader? What assurance do you need?

  • Morning Dawns

    Devotionals | April 22, 2019

    The day, the world, and even life itself, felt new. The disciples felt liberated, newly born! Yesterday had brought news that revitalized their hearts, transformed their perspective, and brought new confidence and hope. What would today hold? They didn’t know. What they did know was that Jesus was alive and well. He had clearly shown Himself to be who He had claimed to be all along. Joy, hope, and expectation pulled them into the day ahead of them. Let the joy and hope of Jesus’ resurrection shape your expectations and draw you into the day ahead.

  • Above and Beyond

    Devotionals | April 21, 2019

    Awakening to the first day of the week, the women hurried to the tomb to honor their fallen Master. But all was not as they expected. Where they expected to encounter obstacles, they found the way opened before them. Where they expected death, they found life. Where they expected to minister to Jesus, they found Jesus ministering to them. Jesus—risen, now alive forevermore—shattered and exceeded their expectations beyond anything they could have imagined. Suddenly, the world was different!

  • Despair

    Devotionals | April 20, 2019

    The Sabbath following Jesus’ death and burial was a day of despair, fear, and darkness for Jesus’ friends and followers. The events of the day before left them drained, devastated, and fearful for their lives. Hearts in turmoil, heads spinning, they wondered if they were next. This Sabbath was anything but peaceful. They struggled to sense the Lord’s presence and to trust God in what looked like utter calamity and ruin. Have you experienced similar times? Where are you waiting for God to break through the fear and sense of dread and bring light and hope?

  • Alone

    Devotionals | April 19, 2019

    Alone. Deserted by His closest friends as He hung on the cross, bearing the burden of the world’s sin, Jesus was utterly alone. Neither His mother nor the women who stood watch nor John, grieving His agony, could intervene, nor would Jesus have them do so. He was committed to giving His all to complete the course set for Him by the Father. How does love for God and commitment to following Jesus sustain you during the dark hours of leadership?

  • Don’t You Know Me

    Devotionals | April 18, 2019

    Just hours before Jesus’ crucifixion, Jesus knelt to serve His disciples by washing their feet. In the conversation that followed, He called them to place all their trust in Him and to follow Him in loving and serving others. Questions swirled in their minds as they struggled to understand Jesus’ call. They needed assurance that they were hearing Him correctly and that they were right to trust Him. Do you hear Jesus calling you to selfless, sacrificial, servanthood? Where do you need assurance that His way can be trusted?

  • Watching for an Opportunity

    Devotionals | April 17, 2019

    Judas’ disappointment in Jesus had been growing. Finally, he could take it no longer. Tired of waiting for Jesus to fulfill his dreams and expectations, Judas went to the religious leaders and struck a bargain. It turned out that Judas’ motivation all along was one of self-interest; asking “what’s in it for me?” led him to betray his master. In contrast, Jesus asked, “what’s in it for others?” and selflessly served people with a heart that exalted God only. Which perspective drives you as a leader?