• Ordinary Men and Women

    Devotionals | March 15, 2019

    Sometimes we forget who the apostles were when Jesus called them. They were not the elite of the Jewish synagogue, they were fishermen. They didn’t come from the holy city of Jerusalem, they came from Galilee. Their credentials came from spending time with Jesus and being transformed by Him. His Spirit empowered them to witness to Jesus in word and action. Like them, we are ordinary men and women who have heard Jesus call our names. It doesn’t matter where you start our journey with Jesus. What matters is letting Him transform and empower you as He did the early disciples.

  • Soul Care

    Devotionals | March 13, 2019

    The world around us entices us to ignore our souls and trade them for the allures of power, prestige, and wealth. In light of this, Jesus speaks of the danger of losing our souls (Mt. 16:26) and offers us rest for our souls (Mt. 11:29). Our souls, invisible to us but invaluable to God, require nurturing and care; our spiritual well-being affects every part of life and is reflected in our leadership. Jesus longs for you to experience the wholeness of soul that He experiences. Do you? How well are you caring for your soul?

  • Simple Yet Challenging

    Devotionals | March 11, 2019

    The message of leading like Jesus is at once simple and challenging. It is as simple as listening for His voice and following Him, placing your confidence in God and His Word. It is as challenging as repeatedly laying down the ingrained behaviors of self-protection and self-promotion and trusting Him to lead you rightly. As you open your heart and head to Him, He will transform your leadership motivation and perspective and you will develop the hands and habits of Jesus. Where are you tempted to overcomplicate leading like Jesus?

  • To Honor and Love

    Devotionals | March 08, 2019

    Scripture reveals God’s concern for the lost, lonely, and outcast. God comes to Adam and Eve after they have disobeyed Him, finds Abram and offers him a future—just a few of many examples in the Old Testament. Jesus paid attention to the marginalized and overlooked people of His day—women, children, the blind and sick, beggars, despised tax collectors, Gentiles, and Roman officials. Does your heart beat in time with God’s heart? Jesus calls us to honor the image of God within every person. Do you see people as He does?

  • Aligned with Jesus

    Devotionals | March 06, 2019

    As Jesus traveled toward Jerusalem with His disciples, He took them aside to talk about the fulfillment of His mission. He wanted them to understand how the unfolding events would accomplish God’s greater purpose. He wanted them to share His vision of the future. Will you take time aside with God today to align yourself with His vision and perspective?

  • More Hope for a Fool

    Devotionals | March 04, 2019

    Proverbs 26:1-11 recounts the foolishness of fools and warns of the folly of trusting those who reject the Lord’s wisdom and direction. Each proverb strengthens the case against those who trust in their own wisdom rather than God’s. The last two verses, however, call us up short. As hopeless as fools are, the proud and self-confident person has even less hope. Do you humbly seek God’s wisdom and ways, or do you consider yourself wise in your own eyes?

  • Do You Believe

    Devotionals | March 01, 2019

    What does your leadership reflect about your belief in Jesus and His teaching? Do you believe His servant mandate? Reflect on your leadership. How is His perspective reshaping your motivation and behavior? How does it affect your personal habits and practices and the way you interact with others? How are you influencing others to reflect Jesus in their thinking, behavior, and development? It all starts by believing in Jesus and humbly allowing Him to transform you.

  • Seeking Him

    Devotionals | February 27, 2019

    Do we see what Jesus sees as we look around us? Do we seek Him—His presence, His perspective, His guidance—as we walk into the challenges and opportunities of this day? What does your day look like? What does it hold? God is ever-present and ever at work to redeem and restore our world. You can rely on this as you walk into your very specific and personal circumstances today. Seek first His kingdom and allow Him to weave your life and circumstances into His greater story.

  • Fleeting Impressions

    Devotionals | February 25, 2019

    Are you a looker or a doer? Do you read Scripture so that you can check it off your To Do list? Or is your time in God’s Word an opportunity to spend time with God? Do you come expectantly, ready to enjoy being in His presence? Do you listen and learn so that you can embrace His perspective? Will you put His Word into practice so that you become more like Jesus? James warns us about the danger of merely looking at or listening to God’s Word (1:22-24). Are you listening?

  • Equip and Empower

    Devotionals | February 22, 2019

    Matthew records Jesus appointing and sending out twelve disciples as apostles (“messengers, sent ones”). He sent them out on a strategic mission to the people of Israel and gave them specific instructions for their mission. He knew who He was sending them to and the purpose He had for them to accomplish. Later, when He expanded their mission field to the whole world and they were further along in their development, He simply sent them with instructions to make disciples. Equip and empower your people with direction and instruction appropriate to their developmental level like Jesus did.