• Drawn In

    Devotionals | May 11, 2020

    What draws, even demands, your attention? It could depend on your season of life. Every life has both joy and challenges. External circumstances beyond your control impact you. Financial matters or health issues can dictate days, even months or years, of your life. You may find yourself wrestling through spiritual issues or dealing with trauma and emotional distress. Saul once had an unexpected day, blinded by Jesus’ light and stunned by the sound of Jesus’ voice (Acts 9:1-9). Wherever you find yourself today, Jesus knows your circumstances. He knows where you are.

  • Obedience

    Devotionals | May 08, 2020

    The central habit of leading like Jesus is to obey God and express His love. This is the guiding principle and practice for each of us. The obedience God looks for consistently reveals His unconditional love to each person. Obeying this command flows from the central habit of accepting and abiding in God’s unconditional love. As you experience God’s grace, love, forgiveness, and encouragement, you will begin to pass it on to others.

  • Sustaining Habits

    Devotionals | May 06, 2020

    Jesus and His disciples traveled throughout Israel together. Some days were filled with public teaching, healing, and interaction. Other days involved time with family or private teaching times. Our schedules and responsibilities differ from day to day, also, and so can the habits that sustain our relationship with God. You can read far and wide in Scripture. Other times, you might focus on a particular section or story. Sometimes conversational prayer flows throughout a busy day of serving others. Another day might hold solitude and silence or a conversation with trusted companions.

  • Plus One

    Devotionals | May 03, 2020

    The pressures of everyday life and leadership rise and fall. At times, we celebrate God’s faithfulness. At other times, we may be tempted to feel all alone. The truth is: we are never alone!  Jesus assured His disciples that God — Father, Son, and Spirit—makes His home within us (John 14:16-17, 23). God is our “plus one,” our constant companion, present in every situation, empowering us to lead like Jesus.

  • All the Way to the End

    Devotionals | May 01, 2020

    Many of Israel’s and Judah’s kings started well but ended poorly. They forgot—or chose to forget—God’s command to revere Him, to write out His law, and to read His Word daily (Deuteronomy 17:18-20). Their decisions were increasingly made from fear or pride, or both. God’s Word contains timeless stories and wisdom that speak to life and leadership today. The Spirit will use it to guide, encourage, train, correct—and even rebuke—you. Let Scripture equip you for every good work God has planned for you.

  • In God’s Hands

    Devotionals | April 29, 2020

    Uncertain times can leave us anxiety ridden. We look for someone that we can trust, someone who will speak truth. We look for someone who will tell us how to go forward. These are the times to refocus on God. He is our security. He is our source of wisdom. He asks you and me to commit ourselves and our future into His hands. God does not fail the one who looks to Him. Will you trust Him to lead you forward?

    Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you. – Psalm 9:10

  • A Prayer for Today

    Devotionals | April 27, 2020

    Each day brings its own circumstances, conversations, and choices. Regardless of the type of circumstance—new, overwhelming, ongoing, challenging, harmonious, exciting, changing, or dictated by others—we get to choose how to respond. Our most basic choice is whether we will face today alone or with God. You can choose to meet each new day in your own strength or in God’s strength. Which will you choose today? Let David’s prayer be your prayer.

  • Peace Be With You

    Devotionals | April 24, 2020

    Can you imagine how startled the disciples were when Jesus showed up behind locked doors? They didn’t know if this person was a stranger, enemy, friend, or ghost. Hearing His greeting— “Peace be with you!”—must have calmed their initial fears. His voice, too, was familiar, as was His concern for them. When your heart is troubled, let Jesus’ presence reassure you. Listen for His voice and receive His message of peace.

  • By Faith

    Devotionals | April 23, 2020

    Living "by faith" is mentioned 22 times in Hebrews 11; the word "faith" is used almost 30 times. This chapter is about faith in God and how that faith is revealed in the lives of His people. Faith calls us to recognize that this world belongs to God. Faith calls us to align ourselves with God's purposes in the world, to obey Him despite what others think. Faith in God's promises gives us courage to walk into the future. Where is God calling you to live and lead by faith, faith in who He is and what He says?


  • Believe It

    Devotionals | April 22, 2020

    Jesus spent 40 days training and developing His disciples after His resurrection. He showed up at their gatherings. He revealed Himself to His followers along roads and beside the Sea of Galilee. He appeared to them behind closed doors. He sought them out one-by-one and in group settings. They learned that they could trust Him to find them wherever they went. Nothing keeps Jesus from coming to you. Do you believe this?