We Do Not Travel Alone

We Do Not Travel Alone

Who is helpful to you in the work God has called you to? Who works alongside of you so that together you accomplish more than you could on your own? Jesus had disciples to whom He entrusted the next phase of His master plan. Paul had traveling companions along with personal representatives that stayed on to complete work that he had begun. Under duress, both Jesus and Paul called their closest friends to their side to keep them going. At home, at work, let those around you know how much you value them and their partnership.

Get Mark and bring him with you, because he is helpful to me in my ministry.—2 Timothy 4:11

Prayer: Jesus, thank You for the people on whom we can depend as we live out Your vision and mission in our lives. Bind us together in unity, and teach us how to support one another,  we pray in Your name, amen.