Send Someone Else

Send Someone Else

Moses was clear about at least two things at the burning bush. The living God, in all His holiness, was speaking to him, and he felt wholly inadequate for the task. His past failure had him convinced that God could not use him. Jeremiah had a similar experience. For him, the call came when he was a young man, inexperienced and unprepared. Others, like Elijah and Jonah, were also reluctant leaders, but God used them to accomplish His purposes in their time and place. As we obediently, even reluctantly, yield to His call and depend on His power, God does more than we think possible.

But Moses said, “Pardon your servant, Lord. Please send someone else.” –Exodus 4:13

Prayer: Lord God, turn our eyes off ourselves and onto You. May any sense of inadequacy and awareness of past failure make us wholly dependent on You. Let us take confidence in who You are, not in who we are. Accomplish Your work through us, we pray in Jesus’ Name, amen.