Let Us Hear

Let Us Hear

How many voices clamor for our attention? Voices that matter, voices that clutter our thoughts, voices that tempt and deceive, voices that bring truth and wisdom. How do we sort out the voices that matter from those that are superfluous? Jesus called people to hear, to listen, to respond to truth. Why? So that they, so that we, might find life, and in finding life, learn to live it. And in living life from God’s perspective, lead others to do the same. Jesus is still speaking. Do you hear Him?

Then Jesus said, “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.”—Mark 4:9

Prayer: Lord, tune our ears to hear Your voice. May we hear You above the clamor of the world. May we recognize Your voice among the others that vie for our attention. In hearing You, may we find relief, confidence, courage, and strength to humbly follow You into the future. In the name of Jesus, Your Living Word, we pray. Amen.