To what do you aspire in your leadership? More to the point, who do you aspire to be like? Too many leaders get caught in the trap of trying to make a name for themselves. Jesus, who had nothing to prove, was only concerned with enhancing the reputation of the Father. He consistently called His disciples to be like Him in living life as He did. Nothing has changed over the generations. The goal of leading like Jesus is to exalt God only by becoming more and more like your teacher and master, Jesus, the Son of God. Who or what are you aspiring to be like?

The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher. —Luke 6:40

Prayer: Jesus, recalibrate my aspirations as a leader. Set my heart on following You, becoming like You in Your humility, God-confidence, and Your focus on exalting God by loving and serving others. Make me like You, I pray in Your name, amen.

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