• Serving or Being Served:

    Which is Your Style?

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | October 25, 2018

    Within the past month, we have lost two iconic Americans that should cause us to pause and question our motivation as leaders, citizens, employees, church or family members.  Senator John S. McCain and Aretha Franklin are far from similar.  The differences between them are more than just racial, gender, or even geographical; however, despite their differences there are some common threads throughout their lives. 

  • A Life-Changing Relationship

    Devotionals | October 24, 2018

    Commitment, imitation, and relationship are life-changing words. Who are you committed to? Who do you imitate? What relationship are you most invested in? Jesus is committed to living in relationship with you, to teach, empower, and protect you. Are you committed to living in relationship with Him? Is it your goal to become like Him? What three words describe your relationship with Jesus?

  • Where Is Your Here?

    Blog | Karen McGuire | October 23, 2018

    You may be familiar with the phrase, “Bloom where you are planted,” which was popular several years ago. It simply meant to do the best you can wherever you happen to find yourself regardless of the circumstances. Of course, if you’ve lived any time at all, you know that is more difficult to do than to say.

  • According to Their Need

    Devotionals | October 22, 2018

    Throughout the gospels, we see Jesus engaging with people according to their need. When direct communication is required, He speaks clearly. When needed, He acts forcefully. When people need compassion, Jesus freely gives it. When a story will help, He tells one. He fields endless questions, challenges people’s thinking, provides ongoing encouragement, and meets people where they are in various ways. Perhaps this is seen most powerfully when Jesus meets Thomas’s need for proof of His resurrection.

  • Different

    Devotionals | October 19, 2018

    In our hyper-connected world, media and newsfeeds flood our hearts and minds with the world’s perspectives and priorities. Few of these reflect Jesus’ perspective, priorities, or methods. Jesus doesn’t offer self-help programs or quick-fixes. He reveals God and God’s way in contrast to that of the world. He offers Himself; He offers the transforming power of living in relationship with Him. He calls you to a lifelong journey that transforms your perspective, priorities, and approach to leadership. Will you join Him? Will you let Him replace your perspective and priorities with His?

  • Encouraging Other Couples

    Blog | Robert and Lori Ferguson | October 18, 2018

    We’ve been interested in encouraging husbands and wives for quite a while. From what we see in North America, our environment isn’t an easy place for couples to thrive. Marriage is hard. It takes perseverance, effort and huge helpings of grace. A little encouragement from others can go a long way, especially from a person in leadership.

    Have you ever tried to encourage couples you lead?

  • Reflect

    Devotionals | October 17, 2018

    What has God done in your life? What are you grateful for? What stirs your heart to praise? God’s forgiveness, healing, restoration, patience and grace are life-giving and life-changing. His touch reshapes the contours of our lives, redefines our purpose, and re-envisions our future. Take time today to reflect on Whose you are. What difference has God made in your life?

  • Will the Real Me Please Stand?

    Blog | Sheryl Giesbrecht | October 16, 2018

    “I am doing just fine.” I blurted. I lied to myself; I thought if I wanted the words to be true and then spoke them aloud to my concerned friend, I might convince my frozen emotions to respond appropriately. I knew the drill. I was an actress. Not on the big screen or Broadway, of course, but I expertly manipulated people and situations, putting a cheerful smile on my face to assure everyone all was well, while inside I wished I could die. I hid my real self. I was good at impersonating. On the outside, I appeared professional and appropriate to my roles.

  • To Lead like Jesus

    Devotionals | October 15, 2018

    Leading like Jesus isn’t meant to be a catchy slogan or an abstract philosophy. The focus of leading like Jesus is Jesus—the Servant of the Lord, the Son of God, our teacher and master. Just like the first disciples, we have a living teacher, role model, and mentor. As we live in relationship with Him, He transforms us to be more like Him. Where do you need to focus on Jesus so that you can be more like Him in all you do?