• Prepared

    Devotionals | November 23, 2020

    It’s common to invest time and energy preparing for special occasions and visitors, just as we do for important presentations and critical decisions. Jesus did the same, preparing His disciples for His eventual departure long before the time was at hand. Prayer and time with the Father were an essential part of His preparation throughout His ministry, not just for big events, but for daily life. What part do prayer and time with the Father have in your preparation for daily life and special events?

  • No Ordinary Leader

    Devotionals | November 20, 2020

    Jesus’ leadership was so out of the ordinary that the religious rulers of His day didn’t recognize Him as Messiah. How could God’s Anointed One consort with ordinary people? How could He spend time with the undesirables of society? How could He touch the untouchable and unclean? Make no mistake, Jesus was no ordinary leader. He didn’t cocoon Himself from the ills of the world. He wasn’t immune from experiencing deprivation. He loved the unlovable and made His daily life among ordinary people. He invested in the lives of the common person.

  • Take Off Those Blinders

    Blog | Kim Rider | November 19, 2020

    When I was 7 years old, I asked for a new bicycle for Christmas. This was in addition to the many other items I had circled in the annual Sears and Roebuck Christmas Wish Book. I did not expect to receive a new bike for Christmas, as it was more than my parent’s budget allowed. But a girl can wish, can’t she? Christmas morning came and my brother and I opened all our gifts and we got most everything we wanted, but there was no bike under the tree for me. As we started enjoying our new toys, my dad asked if I would get him a glass of water from the kitchen.

  • Jesus' Approach

    Devotionals | November 18, 2020

    Jesus’ approach to developing His disciples is one for us to emulate today. He was confident that the time He spent pouring into them would be worth it. He trusted that experiencing the love of God and fellowship with Him would open their hearts and minds. It seems almost unbelievable that He was able to take the raw material of their lives—their diverse occupations, socially divided backgrounds, politically divided perspectives, and self-serving motives—and transform their lives so radically. But He did. What would it look like for you to do the same?

  • Thoughts on New Beginnings

    Devotionals | November 16, 2020

    Beginnings are significant. A new day. A new job. The start of a new class or the start of a personal relationship. A business collaboration. A new ministry or leadership role. Meeting someone for the first time. A new child. You may be enthused and optimistic about your new beginnings, aware of God’s hand orchestrating this fresh start. Or you may feel overwhelmed, unsure about how to move forward. Jeremiah’s words point us to God’s goodness, even when our new beginnings are unexpected or seem far away.

  • Overwhelmed

    Devotionals | November 13, 2020

    Feeling overwhelmed is typical for apprentices who have begun to encounter the challenges of learning a new skill. Honestly, that sense of feeling overwhelmed isn’t limited to apprentices. We have all experienced it at one time or another: a rush of challenging circumstances, the pain of life in this less than perfect world, a steep learning curve as we step into a new role. Like overwhelmed apprentices, we need someone to come alongside us, encourage us, help us walk through the obstacles we face, and show us the way forward. The writer of Hebrews knew that. Do you?

  • Choosing to Serve

    Devotionals | November 11, 2020

    Scripture speaks of the importance of the choices we make. Each of us chooses to give our lives for something. Some give their lives to serve the world we live in and some to serve the purposes of God, while others choose to serve themselves. Each person’s choice shapes their life and the lives of others. For many, their service remains hidden from the world at large, known only to a few. While they remain unknown to us, their choices continue to make a difference in our world today. Through the ages, many have said no to self and yes to serving others. What about you?

  • Unexpected Responses

    Devotionals | November 09, 2020

    Responses to unexpected events provide glimpses into the heart. These unexpected responses may reflect God’s transformation, love, grace, encouragement, and forgiveness. They can also reveal areas where we need God’s touch. Areas where pride and fear still need to be washed away by God’s love. Where worldly perspectives and personal biases need to be confronted by God’s truth and confessed with a humble heart. Where we need to turn from ingrained behaviors and focus on building up others. What do your responses reveal about the condition of your heart and leadership?

  • All that You Need

    Devotionals | November 06, 2020

    God is writing His story through the lives of men and women, children and teenagers, around the world. He gives us everything we need for our part of His story in and through Christ Jesus. What do you need to live your part of His story today? Do you need strength? Humility to accept the story He wants to write through you? Peace? Wisdom, insight, discernment? Confidence, boldness, courage? Turn to Jesus. He has opened the door into God’s presence and makes every spiritual blessing God has to offer available to you.