• Life-Giving Correction

    Devotionals | September 23, 2020

    Proverbs 15:31-32 reminds us of the self-destructive nature of those who disregard discipline. The ancient words sound as if they could have been written today. Pride still plagues us, does it not? We, like people throughout the ages, tend to think we have to act as if we have it all together. But when things go wrong, it is humility—not pride—that enables us to acknowledge our need for life-giving correction. Will you receive the correction God longs to give you? What is He saying to you as you wait before Him?

  • Missed Blessings

    Blog | Kim Rider | September 22, 2020

    Do you ever wonder how many blessings a day you miss because you make a decision without checking with God first? How many boxes are going to be stacked in Heaven’s warehouse marked, “Kim’s missed blessings?” I recall when I was in 4th grade, our teacher was making a bulletin board and put the following question on it: What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? I did not have to think twice. I had always wanted to be a teacher. But, as she went around the room, all the girls were saying they wanted to be teachers.

  • Helping God Out

    Devotionals | September 21, 2020

    Abram and Sarai repeatedly tried to help God fulfill His promise of a son. Each time—whether it was Abram saying his wife was his sister or Sarai deciding to help God out using culturally-accepted methods—it backfired. Things we attempt to do in our human strength result in personal frustration, damage to others, and far-reaching unforeseen consequences. God’s promises are within His power to fulfill. Increasing dependence on God honors and exalts Him.  What fuels your leadership—human power or God’s power?

  • God Rules

    Devotionals | September 18, 2020

    Scripture repeatedly declares God’s sovereignty. This is His universe. He alone holds ultimate power and control over all that He has created. He is at work to weave together all the strands of history to achieve His purpose. As leaders who have been called to partner with Him, we are called to align ourselves with His goals and His method. Jesus clearly proclaimed that we are to follow His example of selflessly loving and serving others, orienting our lives and leadership according to the values of God’s kingdom rather than the values of this world.

  • Making the Invisible Visible

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | September 17, 2020

    Have you ever entered a room and failed to see someone? Driven a route and not noticed the billboards? Failed to hear a spouse, child, or friend speaking to you?  Maybe you were waiting on the traffic light to turn green, only to realize that you missed it.  I think most of us can relate to experiences like these.  Sometimes, we get so caught up in our lives, or in the moment that we miss what is going on around us.  It isn’t that we don’t care; it’s just that we weren’t paying attention. 

  • How Big Is Your Heart

    Devotionals | September 16, 2020

    It can be easy for a person’s focus to shrink inward, to become so consumed with our own concerns that we forget how big God’s heart is. His heart encompasses the whole world. He desires to bring life-giving light and salvation to all, and He is at work to that end. As men and women who follow Jesus, God’s heart increasingly transforms the focus of our concerns and leadership. Ask God to enlarge your heart to see people as He sees them, and to show His love for others so that they might see Jesus.

  • Energized Contentment

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | September 15, 2020

    “So you take one of these trays of metal plates and tip them into the feeding channel. Start the machine and you’re ready to go!”

    I was learning the ins and outs of my new position as secretary to the company president. One of my random duties was to print the addresses on the customer bills and send them to the accounting department. The woman I was replacing had just started this monthly task, and the huge Addressograph machine was chugging and clanging along.


    “What was that?”

  • When in Doubt

    Devotionals | September 14, 2020

    Leading like Jesus doesn’t mean we always know what to do. Discerning the path forward frequently requires multiple considerations, some of which are not readily clear. Jesus modeled for His disciples a constant turning to the Father as He navigated the ups and downs of life. When He needed to select key leaders, He spent the night in prayer. After a long day of ministry, He stayed up late or woke up early to spend time with the Father. When in doubt, when pressure mounts, when you need to find a way forward, follow Jesus’ example, and turn to the Father.

  • Carried

    Devotionals | September 11, 2020

    We remember days behind us. Days of unbelievable pain and sorrow. Days of joy, of growth and accomplishment, of fear and courage and faith, of pride and forgiveness and humility. Monumental days that changed the course of our lives and the world itself. Days still ahead will bring joy, transformation, grief, sorrow, love, courage, forgiveness, struggles, new horizons and opportunities. Let the God of our days carry you each day.

  • Into the Unknown

    Devotionals | September 09, 2020

    No one knows exactly what the future holds. Humanity is neither all-knowing nor all-seeing. Yet each of us has times when we want to control our life circumstances and determine the outcomes according to our desires. If we’re honest, we realize that putting ourselves in control is to choose pride over trust, self-confidence over God-confidence. Because God is who He is—all-knowing and all-seeing, faithful and good, loving and kind, the great Shepherd of His flock—we can walk into an unknown future (with all its unpredictability) in trusting God-confidence.