• Blind Spot

    Blog | Sheryl Giesbrecht | May 22, 2018

    “Whew, that was close,” I thought, as I maneuvered my car back into the center lane, realizing I’d missed hitting the car I’d passed, by just a few inches. “That Mazda was in my blind spot.” Although the Mazda was there, it was not in view when I’d checked the lane out. I didn’t see it. However, if we had collided, the collision would have been my fault.

  • Margie Blanchard: Work Life Balance

    Relationships or Success?

    Podcast | May 21, 2018

    Dr. Margie Blanchard, cofounder of The Ken Blanchard ® Companies.

    Dr. Blanchard has earned a reputation worldwide as a compelling motivational speaker, an accomplished management consultant and trainer, a best-selling author, and an entrepreneur. She was the corecipient with her husband, Dr. Ken Blanchard, of the Entrepreneur of the Year award from Cornell University.

  • Freshly Empowered

    Devotionals | May 21, 2018

    Peter’s opening sermon in Acts 2 and the disciples’ ongoing ministry in Acts are amazing demonstrations of the Spirit’s power. They were recipients of the Spirit doing His work of witnessing to Jesus in and through their words and actions (John 16:7-11). We, too, are called to allow Him to witness to others by depending on the Spirit’s power as we lead. Let Him empower you to witness to Jesus in your spheres of influence today. 

  • Waiting Well—Pentecost

    Devotionals | May 18, 2018

    In Jesus’ final words before His ascension He told His disciples to wait on the promised coming of the Holy Spirit. At His word, the disciples returned to Jerusalem. Their gathering together this time is in stark contrast to their fear-based gatherings after Jesus’ crucifixion. This time, they invested time together in prayer, and Peter stepped into his role of taking care of Jesus’ disciples. Where are you waiting on God’s empowering Spirit to lead you forward? Who are you gathering with to pray? What internal strengthening and realignment will prepare you when God’s time comes?

  • I Got Caught!

    Blog | Kim Rider | May 17, 2018

    At the age of 49, I got my first ticket – a speeding ticket. I must be honest in saying that this was not the first time I sped, it was just the first time I got caught! I greeted the officer with my license and registration and he returned with a nice little piece of paper with my fine printed on it. I had an hour and a half left on my journey before I got home and had to tell my husband. Many thoughts went through my head.  I was mad at myself because this was completely avoidable.

  • Defining Moments

    Devotionals | May 16, 2018

    Each of us have defining moments that shape our leadership journey. Jesus’ miracle of turning water into wine was one of those defining moments for His disciples. This was just one of many instances in which Jesus used His power not to serve Himself, but to serve others. His disciples witnessed Him using His power to serve the needs of a family in danger of public humiliation. Prior to this, they had followed Him as a teacher; now their understanding of who He was expanded exponentially and caused them to believe in Him.

  • Shower the People with Love

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | May 15, 2018

    Music has always been an important part of my life.  Through it, as a child, I escaped many saddening experiences.  Music opened the doors of possibility to a brighter world, and it helped me create bonds of friendship.  Today, I find comfort and inspiration; especially with contemporary Christian music. 

    When the opportunity to see James Taylor in concert recently presented itself, Annie and I bought our tickets.  We made our way to the Amway Center, and spent the night at a hotel in Orlando so that we could enjoy the experience and not feel rushed to get back home.

  • Aspire

    Devotionals | May 14, 2018

    To what do you aspire in your leadership? More to the point, who do you aspire to be like? Too many leaders get caught in the trap of trying to make a name for themselves. Jesus, who had nothing to prove, was only concerned with enhancing the reputation of the Father. He consistently called His disciples to be like Him in living life as He did. Nothing has changed over the generations. The goal of leading like Jesus is to exalt God only by becoming more and more like your teacher and master, Jesus, the Son of God. Who or what are you aspiring to be like?

  • A Godly Role Model

    Devotionals | May 11, 2018

    In one of his psalms, David mention his mother as his role model in serving the Lord. While not all of us have a godly heritage, each of us has an opportunity to build a godly reputation in this generation. As we live into our identity as people who lead like Jesus, our interactions with other people will increasingly exalt God. We will experience the joy of seeing our words and actions bless others, and people around us will experience the goodness and grace of God.

  • How Would Jesus Celebrate Mother’s Day

    Blog | Robert and Lori Ferguson | May 10, 2018

    Mother's Day is celebrated in many parts of the world as a day to honor mothers and motherhood.  In the United States, Canada, and Australia it is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in May.

    One indicator of the importance of Mother’s Day is that it’s the busiest day of the year for phone calls, with an estimated 122 million phone calls made in the U.S. alone.  There’s a natural desire in most people to want to honor their mother, if it’s possible. That’s why billions of dollars are spent on buying flowers, cards, and taking Mom out to dinner.