• The Hands of Jesus

    Devotionals | May 20, 2019

    Take a moment to consider the importance of your hands. What do you do with your hands on a regular basis? Through them, we interact with the people and world around us. But our hands don’t move on their own; they move at the impulse of our hearts and heads. Look at Jesus’ hands. They bear the marks of His sacrificial and selfless service for you and me. He sends us to serve in His name. What marks do your hands bear? Who will experience Jesus’ touch through you today?

  • Create a Spiritual Wellness Program to Avoid Plateauing

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | May 16, 2019

    Summer typically signals the end of the school year. We plan time to vacation, visit families, travel to amusement or national parks, barbeques or maybe head to the beach.  It may also be the time when our spiritual lives plateau.  Like any fitness or exercise program, we need a spiritual wellness plan to remain active and avoid plateauing. 

  • Push and Pull

    Devotionals | May 15, 2019

    The world pushes and pulls at us trying to distract us from God’s presence in our lives. Our thinking becomes muddled, our focus drifts away from exalting Him only, and we slip into leading in our own strength. Yet Scripture reminds us that we serve a living God who desires a relationship with us above all else. He longs to be invited into your life and involved in all you do. What helps you become aware of the presence of the living God? What can you do to maintain your focus on leading like Jesus in the face of real-world pressure?

  • Defining Moments

    Blog | Karen McGuire | May 14, 2019

    I’ve been thinking about events in my life recently and the impact they’ve had on who I’ve become as an adult.

    Dictionary.com describes a defining moment as an event which typifies or determines all subsequent related occurrences; a point at which the essential nature or character of a person, group, etc., is revealed or identified.

  • Eyes to See

    Devotionals | May 13, 2019

    God’s choice for Israel’s king was an obscure shepherd boy, overlooked and labeled unimportant by his family. But God sees past external appearances; He looks at the characteristics of the heart. David’s heart, filled with humility and God-confidence, made him God’s choice. David’s heart for God meant that God would be able to guide him to shepherd His people. A transformed heart is essential to leading like Jesus. When God looks at your heart, what does He see?

  • The Faith of a Mother

    Devotionals | May 10, 2019

    Moses’ mother gave birth to him in difficult, even dangerous, circumstances. Pharaoh’s decree meant that his life was in danger from the moment of his birth. His mother did all she could to protect her son and preserve his life. When God provided for Moses’ adoption through Pharaoh’s daughter, Moses’ mother willingly assumed the role of a servant to care for him.

  • God Really Does Love Us, Warts and All

    Blog | Owen Phelps | May 09, 2019

    A couple of years ago I was leading a Ministry Formation class on leadership when someone asked me: “What is the most difficult thing about helping people to become Jesus-like leaders?”

    My brain told me I needed a moment to think about that. But my mouth blurted out an answer.

    “Getting people to realize and appreciate that God really does love them unconditionally.”

    And there it was. Out in front of God and everybody – or at least in front of the 25 or so people in the room.

  • Light-bearers

    Devotionals | May 08, 2019

    We live in a broken world, a world characterized by disconnection from the Person and purpose of God. Scripture refers to this condition as living in darkness and speaks about people being blind and deaf to God’s presence and voice. Into this broken world came John, testifying to the light that was to come: Jesus, who came as a light shining into the darkness. Now, Jesus sends us out to carry His light into the world. Who will catch a glimpse of the light of Jesus through you today?

  • 4 Questions to Help you Discover your Leadership Bias

    Blog | Charles Stone | May 07, 2019

    A couple of years ago 65 leaders from Southern Ontario attended our first annual Nfluence conference at West Park Church, London. It was a great time to learn from three seasoned pastors, Dr. Dom RusoSteve Adams, and myself. In one session Dom explained how to empower the next generation. One insight he shared that particularly struck me was this.