• Accepting the Cost

    Devotionals | March 01, 2017

    Jesus always knew that the cross lay before Him. He had no illusions that His life would be easy. He accepted the cost to ushering in God’s kingdom and providing salvation. At the beginning of His ministry, He prepared Himself for the task ahead, all the while being tempted to take the easy way out. What has God given you to do? How does God want to strengthen you to accomplish His purposes?

  • Farewell For Now

    Blog | Sheryl Giesbrecht | February 28, 2017

    October 17, 2009, I said goodbye. Pastor Paul Giesbrecht’s motorcycle accident was horrific, unexpected, tragic. It was my worst nightmare; I was the one to find him, a crumpled heap by the side of the road, less than five minutes after the crash. The worst part was the feeling of helplessness as his life slipped away from me. In the past, we’d faced many other difficulties, and I was able to fix most anything. But the fatal injuries he sustained that day won out.

  • The Way of Life

    Devotionals | February 27, 2017

    Paul describes Scripture as being God-breathed. Think of that, God’s thoughts being breathed into existence and written in human language! Because of this, the Old and New Testaments are called God’s Written Word. John, meanwhile, calls Jesus the Word made human, and we speak of Him as the Living Word. God’s desire to communicate with us is so intense that He Himself came to embody the message of Scripture. Both the Written Word and the Living Word proclaim the way of life for all who have ears to hear. Are you listening?

  • Send Someone Else

    Devotionals | February 24, 2017

    Moses was clear about at least two things at the burning bush. The living God, in all His holiness, was speaking to him, and he felt wholly inadequate for the task. His past failure had him convinced that God could not use him. Jeremiah had a similar experience. For him, the call came when he was a young man, inexperienced and unprepared. Others, like Elijah and Jonah, were also reluctant leaders, but God used them to accomplish His purposes in their time and place. As we obediently, even reluctantly, yield to His call and depend on His power, God does more than we think possible.

  • What is Quiet about Time?

    Blog | Karen McGuire | February 23, 2017

    We live in a very busy, fast-paced time! Everything is instant gratification. I need this, and I need it now – not five minutes from now, but NOW!

    What’s more, everything that has been promoted as saving us time has actually gobbled up more time that it has saved. Take email, for example. It was said to save us time in communicating with others. Initially, a reply was expected within 24 hours. Now, if you reply in 24 minutes, everyone wants to know why you didn’t reply sooner.

  • Blinded by Darkness or Living in the Light

    Devotionals | February 22, 2017

    Love for brothers and sisters in Christ reveals the authenticity of our life in Christ. How can we not become more loving as we experience the transforming power of His love? Clinging to hate, refusing to forgive, and harboring resentment are not the marks of disciples. As God’s deep love washes over and through us, we learn to forgive, to work for reconciliation, to pray for and serve one another. Live in the light today. Love one another.

  • 8 Benefits of Integrity in Life and Leadership

    Blog | Charles Stone | February 21, 2017

    8 Benefits of Integrity in Life and Leadership

    Charles Stone

    Integrity is taking a beating today.

    ·  20 baseball players potentially being suspended for doping

    ·  Lance Armstrong being stripped of all his awards for lying

    ·  The IRS apparently misusing its power

    ·  The Justice Department being accused of lying

    ·  Identity theft occurring to 1 out of 10 people

  • The Hero of Your Story

    Devotionals | February 20, 2017

    Moses is a Jewish national and religious hero. Called by God to lead His enslaved people out of Egypt, His story is told still today. The exodus from slavery in Egypt is celebrated as the turning point of Israel’s history. Yet Moses would say that God is the hero of his story. It is God who redeemed Moses’ humble birth, saved him from death time and again, forgave his sins and redeemed his mistakes, working through His reluctant servant. God is the hero of Moses’ life and story. Who is the hero of your story?

  • Dropping the Baton

    Devotionals | February 17, 2017

    Jesus has gone before us, showing the way, offering Himself as a sacrifice and servant to bring us life. His Spirit empowers us to live a Jesus-like life of selfless service. As we draw on His living presence, we take up the baton to pass along the call and privilege of following Him. Make no mistake, the lives we live matter. It is our privilege and responsibility to pass on Jesus’ mandate to serve one another, in His name and for His cause. Run well today, don’t drop the baton!

  • When To Begin A Family Vision

    Blog | Robert and Lori Ferguson | February 16, 2017

    Parenting is hard. As our children were growing up, we knew that our two were not the same - they were unique. One loved structure and having all the details listed before taking action. The other child embraced detours, and felt empowered with a loose framework filled with options. Raising these two different children called for different parenting techniques.