• Advice or Wisdom

    Devotionals | November 23, 2015

    Many people give advice, while others are sources of wisdom. How can you tell one from the other? Advice typically comes in the form of opinion and reflects the viewpoint of the person offering it. Wisdom, the kind of wisdom that Jesus exhibited in His life, has the ring of God’s truth about it, an overarching truth that transcends human understanding. Even His enemies marveled at Jesus’ selfless, God-centered wisdom. Do you give advice or offer godly wisdom?

  • A Leader Who Strengthens Others

    Devotionals | November 20, 2015

    Deborah gave her life in service to God and His people. Her wisdom and discernment brought stability during a time of oppression. When the time came for God to move on behalf of His people, God’s chosen leader would not move forward without Deborah at his side. Are you a leader who serves with God-given wisdom and discernment? Are others able to depend on you, knowing that You have God’s purposes in mind and will stand beside them to see God’s plan accomplished?

  • Michael Cardone Jr. is the Owner and Chief Strategy Officer of Cardone Industries, Inc., a leading producer of new and remanufactured auto parts. In this podcast, Michael shares with us his insights about how he's been able to live out Jesus' model of leadership in his workplace, and why it's important for every leader to understand whom or what they follow. Michael also dives into issues like success, and why defining what success means first is a critical part of leadership.

  • A Job Well Done

    Devotionals | November 18, 2015

    What criteria do you use to evaluate yourself as a leader? John 17 records Jesus’ prayer as He assessed His season of leadership. He evaluated His personal focus on His God-given mission, His responsibility to teach His disciples what they needed to know to be successful, having protected them while they were under His leadership, and having prepared them for the future. How would you assess your leadership using these same criteria?

    I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.—John 17:4

  • When Strengths Go Bad

    Devotionals | November 16, 2015

    Responsibility, loyalty, a desire to make a positive difference, deep compassion and commitment, all of these are admirable leadership qualities. But when these desires and qualities are divorced from trust in God, they eventually become self-serving. Edging God out, we become controlling, frustrated, disengaged, impatient, and self-protective. Where do you need to guard your strengths by exalting God as the object of your worship, the source of your security, self-worth and wisdom, and your audience and judge?

  • Enough

    Devotionals | November 13, 2015

    How much is enough when it comes to our relationship with God? How much do we want to know Him, to be transformed by Him? God offers Himself fully and freely to us through the Son and the Spirit. But what about us? Are we satisfied with knowing Him from afar, instead of experiencing relationship with the living God?

  • When is it Enough?

    Blog | Robert and Lori Ferguson | November 12, 2015

    How many times do you need to say “thank you” before it’s enough? Your spouse is wonderful, and you tell him/her that all the time. This is the 1,637th time he’s vacuumed the living room – surely he won’t need to be thanked again. Will he?

    Is there a set amount of Scripture that’s enough to know? You’ve memorized more Scripture verses than your church leaders. You have your arsenal to quote. Often. Your phone has a Bible app. Every room in your house has a different verse displayed. You read the Bible daily. Yes. You’re Biblically well-versed.

  • Kemmons Wilson Jr. (whose family founded the Holiday Inn chain) serves as the Chairman of the Board of Wilson Hotel Management. In today's podcast Mr. Wilson shares lessons he learned from his parents on character, integrity and the importance of living out strong biblical values in both personal and corporate life. As a successful businessman, Mr. Wilson shares ways seasoned leaders can pass on a strong work ethic and strong values to younger generations.

    He shares with us this sobering statement: "Reputation is built by many acts, but it's lost by one."