• Pursuing Your Passion

    Podcast | October 18, 2015

    Amy Howard, a successful entrepreneur and Founder of Amy Howard At Home Products, shares her inspiring journey of starting and building a successful business by discovering and tapping into her God-given passion and creativity. Amy shares lessons from a time when her business was almost drowned by the competition, and how through prayer and seeking God's best for her life, the Lord directed her to discover what she now calls the Blue Ocean for her business.

  • Phyllis Hennecy Hendry, President and CEO of Lead Like Jesus, talks to us about the importance of the Heart as we lead and influence others. Phyllis explains how pride and fear can be traced as the root cause of our leadership failures, and gives us a clear roadmap to overcoming pride and fear while letting Jesus and His truth lead through us. God-grounded confidence is, according to Phyllis,  the only way we can have a long-lasting impact that goes beyond personal gain or individual success. 

  • Amazed

    Devotionals | October 16, 2015

    How recently have you come to the cross? How recently have you fallen to your knees in wonder at God’s love and grace? How can this be, that God would give Himself to redeem us? The good news of Jesus Christ is not merely an intellectual concept or a leadership philosophy; the good news is life; the good news is a person; the good news is Jesus. Look to Him today, let His sacrifice find its way into your heart and invade your thoughts. Be changed in His presence. Then rise to live, love, and lead like Him.

  • Hesitating

    Devotionals | October 14, 2015

    There may be times when we as leaders find ourselves hesitating to move forward with what God has given us to do. Regardless of our commitment to follow His leading, we struggle to find a path forward. What blocks our way—fear, pride, internal pressures, or external circumstances? What concerns us—the cost required, how others will respond, the likelihood of success, or uncertainty about how to proceed? How does God factor into our thinking? Seeking Him is always a good start.

    I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me.—Proverbs 8:17

  • If Not Jesus, Who?

    Devotionals | October 12, 2015

    Everyone follows someone. Each of us has a leadership role model. Who is yours? Who is the person that you want to be like? Is it one of your parents, a teacher who believed in you, or perhaps a boss or mentor? How does that person’s leadership reflect Jesus? Above all, how is Jesus’ leadership example influencing your leadership? Don’t let your example mislead others. How will your words and actions reflect Him to those who look to you as their leadership role model?

  • Seeking Honor

    Devotionals | October 09, 2015

    What honors have come your way in life? For what would you like to be known as a leader? For your success, generosity, confidence, collaborative approach? Each new day is an opportunity to offer who we are and what God has given to Him, to seek His honor and to be a blessing to others. What better reward will there be than to hear the Father say “Well done, good and faithful servant”?

  • A Wise Investment

    Devotionals | October 07, 2015

    Values, like relationships and tasks, need to be prioritized. What is of highest value to you? Time, money, family, success, pleasure? Proverbs urges us to seek wisdom as our highest priority. God’s truth and wisdom is available to all, although it requires personal effort to attain it. Do you want God’s wisdom? He has much to say, if we are willing to ask and listen to what Him. Where do you need God’s wisdom today?

  • A Look Inside

    Devotionals | October 05, 2015

    What holds you back from being the person God designed you to be? We may be tempted to look outside of ourselves for the answer, but if we’re honest, we know the answer lies within us. How would your leadership be different if you overcame that obstacle? The world needs to see Jesus; it needs the influence of people who live and lead like Jesus. Will they see Him in you today?