• Would You Be Free

    Devotionals | July 01, 2016

    Men and women long for freedom. That longing can lead us astray. Blinded by the world in which we live, we may think that the freedom we seek is found in the things and people that surround us. “If only,” we begin to think. If only my life were like that person’s life, in only my family were like theirs, if only I had what they have, if only my circumstances were different. God offers us a different perspective. If only, He says, people would turn to me, if only they would trust me, if only they would receive my love, if only they would follow me.

  • With just two questions on Facebook, her genuine compassion and desperation were equally apparent. Just days after the Orlando shooting, she wanted to know…

    “How can I as an individual affect change on a macro level? How can I be a vehicle of change to help prevent these horrific atrocities from happening again?”

  • A God-Shaped Perspective

    Devotionals | June 29, 2016

    As men and women who choose to lead like Jesus, we need to be careful to keep our eyes on our Master. He is unfolding His purposes and plans, and has invited us to join Him in what He is doing. The world system, other people’s demands, and our own longings can derail us if we do not consciously seek His perspective on life. This is where spending time in God’s Word makes such a difference, shaping and renewing our leadership perspective. Meditating on God’s Word brings an eternal perspective as we join God in what He is doing in the world.

  • Anchored Leadership: What Keeps You from Drifting?

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | June 28, 2016

    “Mommy! Help me with this worm. Please, Mommy!”

    “Just a minute. Mommy needs to row out a little farther and let down the anchor again.”

    I had taken my three little ones out fishing one bright, sunny afternoon. The rock pile that was always a good hideout for bass and perch was just a hundred yards or so offshore… an easy row and shallow enough for the anchor rope.

  • So That Others May Know

    Devotionals | June 27, 2016

    How do our words and actions align? Scripture warns us against empty words, unfulfilled promises, prideful boasting, and critical speech. Our words flow from our hearts, as do our actions. Both reveal what drives us, either pride and fear, or humility and God-confidence. Who do others know God to be based on your words and actions?  

  • The LORD Watches Over You

    Devotionals | June 24, 2016

    As leaders, we know what it is to watch over people. As those who have been given responsibility to lead the way, we watch over organizational vision, values, and mission. At home, we watch over family members; at work, we watch over employees; at church, we watch over the family of God. Sometimes the load of responsibility feels overwhelming. Who watches over us? Repeatedly, Scripture assures us that it is the LORD Himself who watches over and cares for us. He knows everything about the load we carry, and He is always with us to guide and protect.

  • On March 2nd of this year, Sports Authority, once the largest sports chain of its kind in the U.S., filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    Some may look at this news, shrug their shoulders, and simply accept the fact that another corporate giant bit the dust.

    Others, especially those very close to the organization and those directly impacted by these events, will wonder what went wrong. How could an industry leader with over 460 stores fail?

  • Standing in the LORD’s Presence

    Devotionals | June 22, 2016

    A prerequisite for servants is for them to be aligned with their master’s vision of the future, mission, and values. Only in this way, will they be able to carry out their master’s wishes appropriately. As those whose allegiance is ultimately to the LORD, therefore, time spent in His presence is not optional. No, it is only as we spend time standing in His presence, kneeling humbly before Him, listening to His voice, and allowing His perspective to transform us that we can rise to serve others with God-given confidence.