• Preventing Being Disconnected

    Blog | Robert and Lori Ferguson | July 19, 2018

    Last week we were traveling in places where our cell phones didn’t work. These small devices we rely on for communication and connection, for information, education and even amusement, were useless.

    We would reach for our cell phones constantly, almost compulsively, and each time we were startled to discover how disconnected we felt when they didn’t work. It was disconcerting. (And not in a good way, either!) To add to this experience, the telephone land line was dead and there was no Wi-Fi.

  • Trusting God Even More

    Devotionals | July 18, 2018

    God longs for us to trust Him more than we already do. As we walk into the future one moment at a time, He reminds us that the future is unfolding according to His plan. When circumstances spin out of control, He calls us to trust that He is in control of the universe. He wants us to trust His goodness, love, and kindness. He wants us to trust His forgiveness and cleansing. He wants us to trust His ability to empower us to witness to Him in our families, our communities, and work settings. What does God want you to trust Him with as you step into today?

  • God's Leadership Lesson

    The Freedom to Serve

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | July 17, 2018

    In July, the citizens of the United States celebrate our freedom and independence; concepts which are taken for granted often.  We celebrate a nation founded on the principles of freedom and independence.  In the Declaration of Independence, we not only proclaim our nation free from the rule of the British Empire; we acknowledge these as profound gifts from God: 

  • Gratitude

    Devotionals | July 16, 2018

    Take a moment to reflect on what Jesus has done for you. Let gratitude wash over your heart and mind as you consider His sacrificial love and life. Consider the most recent challenge He has brought you through. Reflect on His faithfulness during your current challenges. Thank Him for inviting you to rely upon Him and for the assurance that He hears and answers prayer. Let gratitude transform your attitude and guard your heart and mind as you begin this day.

  • Turn Around

    Devotionals | July 13, 2018

    How do you respond when you feel overwhelmed by life and leadership? Jeremiah recorded his discouragement in the midst of ongoing leadership pressures. He spiraled into thinking that it was him against the world. His perspective became narrow, self-centered, and filled with complaint. In Lead Like Jesus terms, Jeremiah had edged God out of his thinking. God called Jeremiah to turn around and look to him instead of focusing on his circumstances or emotions.

  • You're Doing It Wrong!

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | July 12, 2018

    “Mom, what do we DO with all of this?”

    My young children whispered their overwhelmed anxiety as they took in the array of china, silver, and crystal in front of each of them. Our family had been invited to a fancy wedding reception, children included. I knew they would behave well and appropriately since we had carefully guided their table manners over the years. However, these elaborate place settings intimidated us all.

  • God Loves You

    Devotionals | July 11, 2018

    God loves you. Do you know this? Do you believe this? This is why He sent Jesus: because He loves the world. This is why Jesus needed time with His disciples before the cross: not just to train them, but because He loved them. This is why the Father, Son, and Spirit come to make their home with us: because they love us. Abide in God’s love for you today. Make your home with Him. Let His love flow into you. Let it wash away your need to prove yourself. Rest in His love as you rise to serve in Jesus’ name.

  • Megan Pacheco

    Producing or Pretending?

    Blog | Megan Pacheco | July 10, 2018

    I recently heard a thought-provoking message from one of my pastors, Miles Welch. He unpacked an important relational principle from Galatians 6, one that deals with burdens and loads.

    Miles illustrated how getting this principle wrong can negatively impact us, our family relationships, our friendships and our workplace. Today I want to look at the way this principle of burdens and loads applies to teams.

    In the first few verses of Galatians 6 we read: “Carry each other’s burdens” and “Each one should carry their own load.”

  • Love Language

    Devotionals | July 09, 2018

    Do you know any people who are quick to take (and cause) offense? They freely speak their mind but discount others’ opinions. Do these words ever describe you? There is a difference between speaking your mind and knowing when and how to speak. The heart behind our words matters. We are called to express God’s truth with love, forgiveness, and kindness, even to those with whom we disagree. Do your words accurately reflect God’s character and heart?