• Decisions

    Devotionals | December 11, 2018

    We all face numerous decisions each day. Some are small; some are large. Some we won’t remember tomorrow; others we will remember for the rest of our lives. Consider Joseph. Joseph tried to decide how to be compassionate and faithful to God’s law when he heard that Mary was pregnant. His choice to trust God and believe and obey the angel’s message was one that he remembered forever. Like Joseph, the choice to trust God is always in front of us as is the choice to seek Him each time we make a decision. What decisions are you facing today?

  • Begin with a Whisper

    Blog | Robert and Lori Ferguson | December 11, 2018

    We’ve been engaged in a season of change. This constant change, though it’s mostly good, has worn at us till our positivity has begun to fray. 

    You’ve been to that crumbling edge, haven’t you?

    Not enough good sleep. A tickle that blossoms into a hacking cough. Too much fast food, and fast talking with not enough deep conversation about what’s important. The challenge of teammates who’ve misplaced the mission, the hassle of technology gone awry, and endlessly shifting expectations and reactions. It’s not all bad. Not really. But it does stretch leadership engagement.

  • Kevin McGeorge: Young Leaders Value Mentoring and Coaching

    Bridging Trust

    Podcast | December 10, 2018

    Kevin McGeorge is a young leader and a member of privately owned equity group. In today’s podcast, Kevin shares touching personal stories about learning to trust Jesus through life's ups and downs. Passionate about the importance of mentoring, Kevin speaks out about the biggest leadership challenge he believes young leaders face today: trust and how mentoring and coaching can help bridge that gap.

    By receiving and extending mentoring, Kevin has learned a lot about the need to help others understand WHO they are in Jesus and help them see their God-given value.  

  • Open

    Devotionals | December 10, 2018

    We lead like Jesus when we interact with people in God-honoring and people-honoring ways. But our outward behavior flows from a heart and mind that are being transformed by God’s Spirit at work within us. Nothing is off limits to His touch. He cares about your whole life—how you are doing personally, your public interactions, internal motivation and external behaviors, and your family and professional life—every part of every day. Will you open yourself to His love and leading? Will you receive the light and life He brings?

  • Woven In

    Devotionals | December 07, 2018

    Each gospel writer begins in a different way. Luke starts with the story of a priest named Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth. After a lifetime of faithfulness, they remained childless, a tragedy in the ancient world. If we didn’t know better, we would be tempted to think that Luke’s story is all about Zechariah and Elizabeth. Instead, Luke reveals how God weaves their story into His overarching plan for the universe. Will you let Him do the same for you?

  • Gratitude is Great Medicine

    Blog | Owen Phelps | December 06, 2018

    “In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.”

    1 Thessalonians 5:18

    Thanksgiving has come and gone. For some, the time to be grateful will come again next year. For me every day is Thanksgiving. There is a lot of empirical research that shows being constantly grateful is a better way to live.

  • Wait, Watch, Act

    Devotionals | December 05, 2018

    Few of us like waiting on someone else to make decisions that affect us. In our human understanding, we may be tempted to pridefully rush ahead of God or lag behind Him out of fear. We see something different in Jesus. He consistently trusted the Father’s timing and direction, humbly and watchfully waiting on Him. Then when He sensed the Father’s prompting, He was ready to act. God calls us to wait, watch, and act like Jesus: humbly watching for Him, confident that everything will come together according to God’s will. Where is God calling you to wait, watch, and act like Jesus?

  • Dedicated to God’s Service

    Devotionals | December 03, 2018

    In Scripture, the ways of the world are set in opposition to the ways of God. The world’s customs, philosophies, and ways of life distract us from God’s presence and purpose. Jesus calls His own out of the world into the light of His presence. Infused with God’s Spirit, our transformed lives testify to His love and goodness. Where is God calling you to rededicate yourself to reflecting God’s presence through your life?

  • A Marvel

    Devotionals | November 30, 2018

    Paul never stopped marveling at the fact that Jesus considered him trustworthy. He knew who he had been before Jesus. He knew now whose he was and who he was in Jesus. No longer bound by his past, he was transformed by God’s mercy and grace and entrusted with a new calling. What about you?