In Times Like These

In Times Like These

There seems to be only one subject on everyone’s mind. People are worried for themselves, their loved ones, acquaintances and we seem to be hunkering down for the long haul.

Restaurants are closing their dining rooms and doing carryout or delivery only. Movies, concerts, etc. seem to be out of season. Small businesses are losing business and in danger of closing completely or at least for the foreseeable future. Even larger businesses are feeling losses at unprecedented recent levels. The stock market is in a deep dive and the US government is talking bailout like it was the only thing going.

Do you wonder what God must be thinking about all of this? We may wonder if He’s even there or even listening. Do you think God is surprised? If you find yourself in any of these or other places, take heart. The God of the universe is not surprised!

I heard a recent talk by one of my favorite authors, Max Lucado, who said that God may be using this to bring people to Himself. During a crisis, people often turn to God for there is nowhere else to go. This is a great opportunity for the Church to be the Church. Not to hunker down but to speak truth, light and life to our world. 

Today’s world provides so many ways to reach others. Live streaming of services, believers who love their neighbor like they love their family, words of hope and encouragement to those who stock grocery shelves and do other labor-intensive tasks. They are not able to be at home with their loved ones because they provide the supplies we need. Believers who are willing to assist local area ministries to continue their work in their communities. Let the Church be the Church!

Today’s world provides many ways to reach others. Let the Church be the Church!

Max also stated in his talk that God may be using this to wake up the complacent, sleeping Church in North America. Now is the time for all of us to wake up, speak up and end the differences that divide us. Our goal is to bring the name of Jesus to the world so that He might save people for eternity. We are here to love God and love people!

Don’t run, don’t hide, don’t be afraid. The Bible reminds us 366 times to not be afraid. That does not mean that we should not be prudent, careful and thoughtful in what and how we live our lives here. It does mean that fear should not overtake us. If I die today it will not be because of the coronavirus, it will be because the days of my life that were written in God’s Book before I was born have come to an end. God will not be surprised. He will welcome me home.

Years ago, there was a song called In Times Like These and I’ve been reminded of them lately. If you’ve forgotten it or don’t know it all, click here to listen.

Take heart, dear one. The One who loves you best, loves you most. He has plans for you created before the foundation of the world and He has gifted you to complete them. When that time is over, and only then, He will welcome you home! Are you ready? Are you taking others with you? Redeem the time!!

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Karen McGuire

Karen McGuire came to Lead Like Jesus in February 2004 following the first Lead Like Jesus Celebration in Birmingham, Alabama, in November 2003, where she served as the volunteer coordinator. She comes with vast experience in local church ministry and denominational work and has been instrumental in the formation of several successful nonprofit ventures, including two churches, a seminary, a medical missions organization, and a welfare-to-work program. Karen served on several church staffs, held many volunteer positions in her local church, and is a Bible study teacher and seminar and retreat leader. She has one son and two young adult granddaughters.

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