Light of Life

Light of Life

“This is the place where the Lord Jesus was born.”

“This is the place where they crucified the Lord Jesus.”

“And this is the place where they laid the body of the Lord Jesus.”

Our guide, Ruthie, consistently referred to Jesus as “the Lord” all through our visit to Israel. Yet I knew she wasn’t a believer. She had her “degree in Christianity,” but she wasn’t a Christian. She was certainly knowledgeable about the life and times of Jesus, but there was no spark of faith in her.

While she believed Jesus lived and died, for her the account of the resurrection was just a “likely story”… implausible … unbelievable … inconceivable. For us, though, we wanted to truly see what we were looking at. We wanted the Light to illumine our visit. And He did!

The Easter story isn’t new. It’s over 2000 years old. Yet many people treat it with derision. Maybe we just need to shed some light on it to convince people, so there is no doubt!

I saw an advertisement for a local health care company that spoke of light. “Give light and the people will find their way!” I’m not sure what light they were referring to or if it was even a meaningful suggestion. What “way” were the people supposed to find?

Is this what happens when there is a general light … indiscriminate, casual, scattered? I’m thinking of the “enlightenment” that some strive for. It seems that kind of light can send people in all directions.

But then compare it to the light the Scriptures speak of: “In Your light we see light” (Psalm 36:9). “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path” (Psalm 119: 105). The Lord is very specific about how He wants us to use light, His light.

The Lord is very specific about how He wants us to use light, His light.

When people look to us for guidance, for leadership, we need to be careful how we use light. We need to watch where that light is pointing. Is it a light that shines on us and our ambitions? One that shines on our path forward that we expect others to follow without question?

Or are we pointing to the True Light that will never lead us astray, the One that genuinely, truthfully, faithfully helps us to see what we are looking at? The lamp that “illumines my darkness” (2 Samuel 22:29). The true enlightenment. The Light of the World that shines on everything we do and say.

When we look to the Lord Jesus and His light, we know that what we believe isn’t just a likely story. The apostle Peter, an eyewitness to that resurrection and that Light, clearly states that the message is completely reliable, and that we need to pay attention to it, “as a light shining in a dark place” (2 Peter 1:19).

It was dark on that day Jesus died. I’m sure no matter how much sunlight might have shown down on that Saturday, there was no light in the hearts of His followers.

But then came the dawn of that third day, not just the sunrise, but the Dawn of Life that rose to proclaim His victory. The victory that puts that Light into our hearts today.

As leaders we have the privilege and joy of carrying that Light of the World into our world. A candle doesn’t lose its flame when it lights other candles. And as we pass on that message of hope, the joy of our resurrected Lord Jesus, the darkness flees.

We can’t keep that Easter Light to ourselves! Just as when we were children and knew we had the message of hope, “This little light of mine,” we just have to let it shine!

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Christine Vogelsang

Christine Vogelsang is a teacher, musician, pastor’s wife, and mother of three adult children. For almost forty years her family enjoyed the love of congregations in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Southern California. She has earned her master’s degree in education, taught at various schools (from kindergarten to college) and served as music director for twenty-five years at their last church.

While writing and speaking about the joy of being God’s child has always been a part of her life, it wasn’t until her weekly inspirational blogs ( gained an international following that Christine decided to publish her first book. She has also written and produced three plays about people and events in the Gospels that bring these ancient stories to life.

Christine and her husband have retired from full time church work; however, her blog ministry continues to grow. She recently completed her Restoring the Joy: Leaving My Guilt at the Cross book series (available through Amazon) and is scheduling more speaking engagements that highlight her spiritual passion: joy without guilt!

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