Help! I Need an Adultier Adult Please!

Help! I Need an Adultier Adult Please!

As with most children, mine were all too anxious to reach that 18th birthday and become an official “adult”!  They had big dreams of how great it would be to not have rules, do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted, and be able to gain access to those privileges that required you to be 18 to enjoy.  They somehow ignored all the things their dad and I told them about the other side of becoming an adult – getting a job, paying bills, saving money, paying consequences for decisions and not having mom and dad clean up the mess! 

This younger generation has been a little bit slower on realizing what adulthood encompasses.  They even created a verb usage of the word – adulting!  I found a meme a few years ago that nailed my adult children perfectly.  It said, “That horrifying moment when you’re looking for an adult, but you realize that you are an adult.  So, you look around for an older adult.  An adultier adult.  Someone better at adulting than you.”  We have shared many laughs over that through the years.  More than once, they have needed an adultier adult!  I believe there is some truth in this quote that applies to most of us.  If we are honest with ourselves, haven’t we all needed an adultier adult at some point in our lives?

More than once, they have needed an adultier adult! 

What are we looking for when we look for an adultier adult?  We are looking for a leader.  We are looking for someone who can guide us through the struggle we are having.  We are looking for someone with wisdom and experience.  It could be an older relative, a pastor, a sibling, a trusted friend, or a divine meeting with a stranger. 

I was very blessed to gain a daughter when I married my husband in 1989.  She was 7 months old when we married.  My husband had not been around babies much in his life so he was a prime candidate for an adultier adult when things came up involving his daughter.  He caught on very quickly and was a pro in no time – except for one chore!  That chore was changing dirty diapers.  He had a very weak stomach.  So, the adultier adult (most of the time me) was happy to change the diaper and not have to clean up two messes!

There are examples in Scripture where an adultier adult played a vital role.  Sometimes it turned out well and sometimes it resulted in a teaching moment!

Paul was Timothy’s adultier adult.  Paul invited him along on a teaching trip to mentor him and teach him the Scriptures, let him meet the people, and involve him in the journey.  He turned out to be a great teacher himself and at a pretty young age.

The disciples had many years to seek wisdom from Jesus.  Jesus shared a great deal of information with them.  Some of it they understood and some of it they didn’t understand until later.  That happens sometimes when we find our adultier adults.  They may give us counsel that we can use immediately but they may also give us counsel that we don’t understand until we are further into resolving the issue.  We receive all the wisdom bestowed on us and use it as the situation presents itself.

When Abraham and Sarah were struggling with conception, they sought wisdom from God.  God gave them the plan which was to wait, and they would have a child.  God gave them a great and truthful answer.  As humans, we sometimes get impatient, lose faith in the plan, and make a new plan.  That is what Abraham and Sarah did.  They took on the roles as adultier adults and came up with a new plan which resulted in Abraham fathering a child with Hagar.  Despite Abraham’s humanness, God still delivered on the original promise and gave Abraham and Sarah a child of their own.

Despite Abraham’s humanness, God still delivered.

Think back over your life and the times you consulted or desired an adultier adult.  Did you heed their counsel?  Did the plan work or did you decide to go your own way?  How did it work out for you?

Now, think about the times you were that adultier adult.  Did you give wise counsel? Did the person take your counsel?  How did it work out for them?

As we go through life, opportunities will continue to come up.  I challenge you to watch for those opportunities and make sure you are setting the best example of a Godly leader as you give and receive counsel.  



Kim Rider

Kim is the Director of Operations at Lead Like Jesus. She comes to the Lead Like Jesus team with nearly two decades of management and IT experience, including network support, project management, and department director roles. She also enjoys communications, and writes as a hobby.  She received her dual Bachelor’s of Arts degrees in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration from Piedmont College in Demorest, GA.

Kim and her husband live in Northeast Georgia with their two children and grandson.  She enjoys playing golf, running, and hiking in the North Georgia mountains.