Explore a Better Understanding of Your Spouse

Explore a Better Understanding of Your Spouse

Using the Biblical DISC Assessment to Enhance Your Marriage

As a couple married for over 30 years, we still have differing responses to new ideas. One of us needs extra time to digest a new idea; to ponder it and process it. The other grabs hold of new ideas with joy and just runs with them.

We’re guessing that another 10 or 20 years of marriage won’t change much in this area. Chances are, when we’re closing in on our 80’s one of us will still be analyzing an idea and the other will already be out the door, embracing a new opportunity.

Two people in a relationship are not the same.

The fact is it’s rare to find people with similar personalities in a relationship. We’re surrounded by married couples who are working through their differences every day. (You might even be intimately acquainted with a couple like that…)

Every couple can point out their differences. But they may not grasp why they’re struggling with the differences or fully understand where their differences impact their leadership.

Every couple can point out their differences

Indeed, we likely respond to our spouse’s “oddities”. But have we learned to respond positively?

Maybe we act a bit miffed or perplexed when our spouse acts in an unexpected way. Do our actions and responses impact our leadership? You bet!

How can we better understand the good parts of our differences?

An exciting new way to assess our differences

There are various assessments available to understand personality strengths and weaknesses.

As a couple, we (Robert and Lori) enjoy exploring personality assessment tools. We also encourage our adult children to take these assessments to better understand how we interact as a family. It helps us (Robert and Lori) lead our family more effectively.

However, to-date we’ve never discovered a correlation from these assessments to a Biblical perspective. Until now.

With the launch of the Biblical DISC Assessment, you can imagine how excited and intrigued we were to explore this new tool.  After Robert returned from Lead Like Jesus training in this new offering, we immediately took the assessment and compared our results.

Remember our responses to a new idea that we referenced at the beginning of this article? Well, after looking at our Biblical DISC Assessment, we immediately understood our differences.

One of us is a high “I” – which embraces spontaneity. The other is a high “S” – which embraces stability and routine.  In other words, it should be NO SURPRISE that we respond differently to new ideas!

But this assessment didn’t just leave us with an understanding of our differences. It also provided the tools to respond with grace to each other, and helped us rediscover why we found these differences exciting when we first met.

Going farther, we’ve been able to talk about our similarities to Biblical characters and how they responded when tested. We’ve had some interesting and fun conversations! Clearly, the work Ken Voges, Biblical DISC developer and adjunct faculty member at Dallas Theological Seminary, has done here, and reading more in his book, “Understanding How Others Misunderstand You”, has initiated an exciting new journey for us.

We see an opportunity for strengthening marriages using this tool.

Biblical DISC Assessment and Marriage

As husband and wife, you have influence in your family circle. You lead your family regardless of the age and stage of your children. In addition, many are looking to you to bring honor to your role as husband and wife.

So, how are you doing in your leadership role as a couple?

So, how are you doing in your leadership role as a couple?

Your relationship with your spouse impacts more people than you’d imagine.

If you could have a greater understanding of your spouse, and learn how to respond well when faced with your differences, wouldn’t that help you lead more effectively in your family, your work, your church, and in your community?

It all starts with a simple assessment. We encourage you to reach out to a Lead Like Jesus facilitator today – and begin the adventure! Visit www.LeadLikeJesus.com/disc for more information.

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Robert and Lori Ferguson

Robert & Lori Ferguson are best friends who have been married for 30-plus years. Their mission is to encourage husbands and wives to lead meaningful lives. Read more at EncourageYourSpouse.com.

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