What’s Next?

So you have your DISC report.  What’s Next?  The report, though detailed, is only the tip of the iceberg.  You have multiple options for utilizing DISC for greater organizational impact.  Our DISC solutions are a great fit for:

  • Local church
  • Faith-based Nonprofits
  • Mission Boards / Denominations
  • Schools / Universities
  • Business owners
  • Faith-led Organizations

DISC Training in Organizations

The most common use for DISC in organizations is to strengthen teams by building stronger relationships, therefore leading to greater team and organizational results. In addition to teambuilding, DISC is also an excellent tool to build better communications, increase sales results, improve management and coaching effectiveness, resolve internal conflicts and develop leaders with a servant heart. 

Certified LLJ DISC Practitioners offer hands-on, team oriented workshops on these topics, ranging in length from ½ day up to two full days.  For more information on a quote for a customized DISC workshop, contact [email protected]

DISC Coaching in Organizations

LLJ DISC Practitioners also offer one-on-one coaching to leaders within organizations.  Our certified coaches are ready to help you and your team members apply insights and observations from the DISC reports to:

                  - Develop accurate self-awareness (key indicator of leaders’ success potential)

                  - Enhance relationships and drive results

                  - Improve communication effectiveness

                  - Resolve workplace conflicts and interpersonal challenges

                  - Increase team effectiveness

For more information on how to hire a Biblical DISC® coach, contact [email protected]

Become a Certified DISC Practitioner

Inspire and equip others to lead more effectively by becoming a Certified DISC Practitioner.  Through a comprehensive two-day certification process, you will learn how to apply DISC to organizational challenges and applications through training, coaching and consulting interventions.

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