Articles | May 2021

  • I learned a lesson about leadership composure from an unlikely source. Several years ago, I had scheduled a plumber to fix minor leaks in some toilets in our home as we prepared to sell our house. My wife was to meet the plumber in my absence and give him the instructions I had given her. At about ten minutes after the appointment time, she called and told me that he had come and said the fixes were so simple I could do them. I asked her what he charged us to give us that sage advice. Her response? “$125.” I was not a happy camper.

  • A Time to Speak

    Devotionals | May 12, 2021

    Peter, overwhelmed by his experience on the Mount of Transfiguration, blurted out the first thing that came to mind. His intentions were honorable, but he misunderstood the situation. How many times are we as leaders confronted with situations that we don't fully understand? We may want to acknowledge and honor those involved, or perhaps we even want to make a contribution to the conversation. Wisdom urges us to listen and observe, rather than speaking from pride or fear. Then when it is time to speak, we will know what questions to ask and how to add value to the conversation.

  • Followers First, Leaders Second

    Devotionals | May 10, 2021

    It can be easy to forget, especially if we hold formal leadership positions, that being a leader is not our identity or calling. We are first children of God, called to follow Jesus. Only as we live into our identity and calling in Jesus will we be able to lead like Him. We must never mistake ourselves as the leader of our own lives; Jesus is the leader who lives within us, the One whom we follow. Let Him lead you into your day.

  • Use or Misuse of Power

    Devotionals | May 07, 2021

    Human leaders who lead from a sense of power tend to issue orders, expecting those orders to be obeyed by subordinates without question. Isn't it interesting that Jesus, who had ultimate power and authority, chose to lead His followers not from a sense of power but from the basis of humility and love? His power was displayed against evil. But with His followers, He led from relationship, using His power to serve them with life-giving words and acts of service on their behalf. What motivates your words and actions, the world's power-driven model of leadership or Jesus' servant model?

  • Transformed by Suffering

    Devotionals | May 05, 2021

    St. Patrick followed in the footsteps of Joseph and Daniel, being shaped as a leader by a period of enslavement and confinement. Over and over again, we see God using suffering to refine people. He uses trials as a call to seek Him more deeply. As we open ourselves to learn the lessons He has for us in struggle and suffering, we are transformed into men and women who lead in humility and God-confidence.

  • Approved by God

    Devotionals | May 03, 2021

    One of the ways we edge God out is by seeking human approval rather than God's approval. The choice isn't always readily apparent. In seeking to do a good job and represent God well, we can start to equate other people's approval with God's approval. Or we can disregard other's input to the extent that we do not discern the guidance God wants to give us through them. God urges us to spend time in Scripture, prayer, and reflection to seek His wisdom.