Articles | August 2020

  • To Live or Simply Exist

    Devotionals | August 14, 2020

    The sun rises, a new day begins. Today is a gift. You didn’t create it. You can’t sustain it. Your circumstances may or may not be to your liking. Either way, how you use this day is up to you. The Lord is near. He decided that you should be alive today, and He wants you to humbly, confidently trust Him. It’s your choice. Will you live today or merely exist . . . exalt God or edge Him out . . . depend on His strength or your own? God longs to make a difference in your life today. Will you let Him?

  • Do You Wanna Be Happy?

    Blog | Karen McGuire | August 12, 2020

    All the news is draining the life out of us. Whether it’s COVID news or other news, it’s just depressing. I’ve heard from many that they are experiencing this sense of ennui, blah, etc. etc. etc. My question is “Do you wanna be happy?”

  • Caught Up

    Devotionals | August 12, 2020

    Paul warns Timothy not to allow other things to edge out God’s place in his life. Just as Paul said of himself, “to live is Christ” (Philippians 1:21), his letters urge Timothy to be faithful and focused on ministry. We, too, are called to make God our audience of One, wholeheartedly seeking Him and His purpose. What are you caught up in? Does your heart lead you to exalt God or to edge Him out of your life and leadership?

    No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer. – 2 Timothy 2:4

  • Shaped by Scripture

    Devotionals | August 10, 2020

    Jesus’ visit to the temple as a boy revealed His commitment to understanding Scripture and having it shape His values and priorities. He did not allow His mind to be carried to and fro by the world’s thinking. He filled His mind with Scripture and let it drive His choices and actions. Jesus prioritized God’s Word in His life and ministry. Do you? If not, what can you do to let Scripture shape your life and leadership?

  • Keep Going

    Devotionals | August 07, 2020

    God continues to transform us as we look to Him. We learn to practice habits that nourish and sustain us on this journey of transformation. Our goal is to increasingly become people of humility and God-confidence who exalt God and serve like Jesus. This is why we return to Scripture again and again, pray, and consciously abide in God’s unconditional love. This is why we seek times of solitude where we can hear the Master’s voice.

  • Sticking Points

    Devotionals | August 05, 2020

    Sticking points come in many forms. Relationships. Temptations. Conflict. Self-control. Trying to do things in our own strength. Edging God out—of life, leadership, and goals. The allure of this world and all that it holds. Stubbornness. Pride. Fear. Being wise in our own eyes. Not trusting others. All of us have sticking points, those places where we struggle to put into practice Jesus’ model of love, life, and leadership. What is yours? How is it holding you back?

    Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. – Psalm 51:10

  • Share the Message

    Devotionals | August 03, 2020

    What opportunities have you had lately to share about what God is doing in your life? Your work settings may or may not give you witnessing opportunities. Perhaps opportunities are more readily found in your other spheres of influence: sitting around the dinner table with family or having coffee with friends or colleagues. These unexpected, casual conversations can bring up opportunities to tell people about your journey of learning to lead like Jesus. Be on the lookout for ways you can exalt God in interactions with others.