Articles | June 2020

  • God’s Love for People

    Devotionals | June 29, 2020

    God’s heart for the world includes all people. The vision He gave John reveals people of every nationality and language group, encompassing people groups throughout the world. In God’s eyes, all people are made in His image with God-given value and worth. Jesus came to reconcile the whole world to the Father. Look at the people around you. How do your motivations and beliefs reflect God’s love for people? Where does God want to transform your perspective to align with His?

  • Deep Concern

    Devotionals | June 26, 2020

    Nehemiah’s concern about the vulnerable state of Jerusalem and the people of Israel led him to call out to God. He identified with God’s people, confessing their sin as well as his own family’s sin. His prayer reflects his sorrow and deep concern for God’s people and his deep trust in God. What concerns cause you to call out to God?

  • The 6 Biggest Leadership Gaps Pastors Face

    Blog | Charles Stone | June 25, 2020

    In research for my third book, I discovered six fundamental weaknesses or gaps that leaders in general and pastors face particularly in some degree. These are based on insight from a perspective on how we deal with our emotions called family systems. To which leadership gap do you tend to default?

    GAP 1: EMOTIONAL REACTIVITY (low emotional restraint)

    Description: The phrase emotional reactivity self-defines itself. It’s seen in pastors who either outwardly or inwardly emotionally react to others when under stress.

  • The Importance of Humility

    Devotionals | June 24, 2020

    Humility is crucial to learning to lead like Jesus. It first requires us to admit that there might be more to leadership than we think. It involves letting Jesus expose and evaluate our leadership motivations. The beliefs that inform our leadership perspectives. How we think of the people we work with and for. Our willingness—or lack of willingness—to consider their well-being, not simply focusing on how they can benefit us. Of meeting them at their point of need rather than our own. Of treating people like Jesus treats people.

  • Shaken But Not Moved

    Blog | Sheryl Giesbrecht | June 23, 2020

    We haven’t had a break. We’ve gone from pandemic to protests. Most of us haven’t been able to gather in person for church services for several months. Children are out of school. Adults are out of jobs. Life as we knew it half a year ago is totally different now. We may be certain – we are shaken but not moved. God is moving with grace, love, and power. You and I can make a daily choice – to keep a laser focus on God’s constant presence, power, and purpose, not on what is going on around us. We can rest in the stability of an almighty God who holds the future.

  • Words to Live By

    Devotionals | June 22, 2020

    New Testament “epistles” were written to believers scattered across the ancient world. They address challenges being experienced in local churches. Explain theology. Remind believers of the value of knowing Jesus. Encourage perseverance and faith amid challenges. Exhort disciples to live today with an eye on the future God has in store for them. Their lessons and encouragement remain available to you today. Which of these do you need so you can love, live, and lead like Jesus?

  • Blessings that Empower

    Devotionals | June 19, 2020

    Consider the following blessings that are ours in Christ Jesus. The Spirit baptizes us into one body, the body of Christ, and nourishes us with God’s lifegiving power (1 Cor. 12:12-27). We have become children of God, having been adopted into the family of God (John 1:12-13, Romans 8:14-16). Jesus has prayed for us to enter the unity that He and the Father share (John 17:20-23). How do these blessings empower and influence your leadership?

  • Guard Against Cynicism

    Devotionals | June 17, 2020

    The events of this world can cause us to despair. To question what God is doing. To feel helpless. To worry about our safety. About how we will survive. Even to feel abandoned. Amid addressing these concerns, we can be tempted to question God’s goodness ... Word ... dependability. Even to question His existence or His power to make a difference in our circumstances. Cynicism creeps into our thinking. Cynicism based in brokenness, confusion, hurt, and pride. Psalm 119 reminds us to guard our minds as well as our hearts. How can you feed and nourish yourself spiritually?

  • Striving or Stressing

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | June 16, 2020

    “Why are you crawling up the stairs?” I was watching my youngest son, who had just started his high school track career, struggling in agony to reach the second floor to his bedroom.

    “My legs hurt so much! I took some Tylenol, but it doesn’t seem to help,” he moaned.

    “Well maybe you should cut back on your running. Just tell the coach you can’t compete this week.”

    “No, Mom! I have to be there! I can’t give up now!”

  • God’s Servants

    Devotionals | June 12, 2020

    God’s kingdom has many citizens. We are scattered throughout the earth, placed as His chosen representatives and stewards. Your life matters to God. Your leadership matters to God. Your servant attitude matters to God. And it matters to those around you. This doesn’t mean that all will go smoothly or turn out well. In the context of brokenness, God ministers deeply to and through us, causing us to reflect His presence and purpose. And so, Paul writes: