Articles | February 2020

  • Transforming

    Devotionals | February 28, 2020

    God’s work of transformation begins deep inside of us at the core of our being. His process works its way out, ultimately affecting every aspect of life, every sphere of influence, every day, and every thought and action. Be assured that—while you may struggle in the process—God is at work. His Spirit is stronger than a jolt of electricity or a bolt of lightning. He will complete the process He has begun in you. He continually seeks you and invites you into a closer, more trusting relationship. In what ways is He seeking you today?

  • What this Leader Learned about Life from 10 Kindergarteners

    Blog | Charles Stone | February 27, 2020

    Several years ago I visited the preschool that my church ran, which included a kindergarten class. The morning I peeked in I noticed that all 10 kids were sitting in a circle holding hands. Their teacher, Autumn, invited me in to join them in their morning prayer. Delighted to do so, I sat between two dainty girls, one with long curly blond hair, the other with glasses and a patch over one eye. As the children prayed, God reminded me about some important life lessons.

  • No Special Privilege

    Devotionals | February 26, 2020

    We do well to focus on the self-sacrificial nature of Jesus’ ministry on earth. He claimed no special privilege as the Son of God, the Second Person of the Trinity, the One who spoke the world into being. Rather, He served others for their benefit and God’s glory throughout His life. The cross is the ultimate expression of His self-sacrificial servanthood. In what ways does this reality transform you and your leadership?

  • The God Who Sees Me

    Part I

    Blog | Sheryl Giesbrecht | February 25, 2020

    Ever feel overlooked, unnoticed, or invisible? I know, I have, too. As a student in a large third grade class, I longed to make a difference. I wanted to be a high achiever, to earn rewards and get good grades. The bottom line: I wanted to be accepted, feel secure and make a significant difference. I believed the lie that I was “worthless, no-good and would never amount to anything.” I did what I was told, yet failed anyway. To try and escape the pain and humiliation, I ran from the wholesome values I’d been taught as a child and began dabbling in the worlds’ ways to help me fit in.

  • Good Advice

    Devotionals | February 24, 2020

    The practical advice found in James 1:19 seems simple enough: ‘Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.’ Practicing it is harder, especially when stress builds. Facing external and internal pressures, James’ original hearers needed to be reminded to trust Jesus, reject the world’s ways, and to reflect Jesus in word and action in very practical ways. We need the same reminder. In what ways do you reflect Jesus to others?

  • Receptive

    Devotionals | February 21, 2020

    A transformed perspective of life, work, and leadership comes from opening our minds to new ideas. In our case, we’re looking for God’s perspective on whose we are, who He has created us to be, and how He calls us to lead. We confess that we need Him to show us how to find eternal value in work and how to serve and empower people. We need a new perspective, a higher perspective. Finding it takes time, attention, humility and acceptance. Let God’s Word and Spirit continually transform you from the inside out.

  • If It Ain’t One Thing, It’s Another

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | February 21, 2020

    Have you ever had one of those days?  You woke up with good intentions, but trouble found you like a hitchhiker waiting on the side of the road.  You wanted to get to work early but the car wouldn’t start, the suspense date just got moved up on that project you’re behind on, your routine car service turned into a major restoration, and the dog ate your child’s homework and you have a parent-teacher conference.  Somehow you survived and made it home for dinner. 

  • Living Generously

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | February 20, 2020

    “Thank you for the invitation, but I’m sorry I can’t join the choir. I really enjoy singing, but I can’t always make rehearsals. My lupus sometimes flairs up, and I’m wiped out in the evenings.”

    Eloise was a wonderful singer. I knew that because I was sitting in front of her in church that morning and heard her lovely voice.

    “But Eloise, that doesn’t matter. You can still sing on Sunday when you’re able.”

    “I can? I thought I had to be at the rehearsal the week before we sang. That’s always been the rule in other choirs.”

  • Look Around

    Devotionals | February 19, 2020

    God’s greatness. glory and goodness are all around us. Gaze at a spectacular sunset or the starry night sky, marvel at the sun glinting off snow or dancing across ocean waves. Catch glimpses of God in the calmness of mountain lakes and the touch of wind on your face. Where and when can you pull apart from the world today and find rest and renewal in meditating on God’s creation and glory?

  • Trust in Him

    Devotionals | February 17, 2020

    Life offers constant opportunities to lead like Jesus. Each new day, week, and hour is filled with choices to trust—and submit to—Him. As we humbly choose to place ourselves in His hands, He will weave our lives into His overarching plan. He will be exalted, and we will find wisdom, strength, healing and God-based confidence. Which of these are you trusting Him for today?