Articles | January 2020

  • An Endless Supply

    Devotionals | January 31, 2020

    What do you need today in order to lead like Jesus? Wisdom, grace, understanding, compassion, courage, confidence, humility, strength, patience, encouragement? Jesus found all that He needed in His Father. In relationship with the Father, Jesus could freely pour out His need in prayer, knowing that He was being heard and that His Father would answer out of His unending goodness and love. We can have that same confidence. The Father is a trustworthy confidante, and He is more than willing to lead us as we look to Him.

  • The Truth Will Set You Free

    Blog | Kim Rider | January 30, 2020

    How many times has someone lied to you? Your kids? Family? Friends? When my kids were smaller, it was fun to ask a question (to which I already knew the answer) and see how they would answer it. If there was any thought they might get into trouble they would give an untruthful answer. Then I would ask another question and they would build on their untruthful answer from the prior question. On and on, one lie after another, to cover their mistake. 

  • A Needed Transfusion

    Devotionals | January 29, 2020

    The temptation to live our lives in our own strength is always before us, just as it was for Jesus. Yet Jesus consciously chose to live life in dependence on the Holy Spirit and according to what He saw the Father doing. He offers us the opportunity to exchange our lives for His, to be made new, to let Him live within us. What difference would it make to your interactions with others to accept His offer today?

  • Approved by God

    Devotionals | January 27, 2020

    One of the ways we edge God out is by seeking human approval rather than God's approval. The choice isn't always readily apparent. In seeking to do a good job and represent God well, we can start to equate other people's approval with God's approval. Or we can disregard other's input to the extent that we do not discern the guidance God wants to give us through them. God urges us to spend time in Scripture, prayer, and reflection to seek His wisdom.

  • Running Ahead or Lagging Behind

    Devotionals | January 24, 2020

    In our rush to see results, we can find ourselves outpacing God. Conversely, when the time is right for action, we might lag behind. Through the trusting relationships Jesus built with His disciples, He was able to shape them, correct them, or urge them on as needed. He does the same for us today. As leaders following Jesus, we need to keep pace both with Him and with those in our leadership spheres. Where might you be running ahead of or lagging behind Jesus and others?

  • Remember!

    Blog | Karen McGuire | January 23, 2020

    Well, we’ve made it past the first of January with all the New Year’s resolutions mostly in the trash by now, I suppose. According to Hallmark and most retailers, it’s now time to gear up for Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it amazing how our years come and go based on the events of the calendar?

  • Affirmation and Appreciation

    Devotionals | January 22, 2020

    Who looks to you for affirmation and appreciation? People have an innate need to know that what they do matters, that their attempts to do well are noticed. Affirming words impart honor, dignity, and value, and they call out what is best in others. Expressing appreciation for a job well done and voicing affirmation of personal growth can change the trajectory of children and adults alike. Who can you positively impact today—at home or church, in the community or marketplace—by affirming and appreciating others?

  • Leaders Are Learners

    Devotionals | January 20, 2020

    "Leaders are learners," we hear constantly. Learning is a matter of acquiring new insight and expertise by seeking out knowledge and putting it into practice appropriately. We can learn through consulting experts and through reflecting on life experience. Where do you need to grow? Do you need to increase your knowledge base or hone your job-related skills? Do you need to improve your relational or leadership ability? We are learning to lead like Jesus, not for our own sake, but for the benefit of those we serve and the kingdom of God.

  • Faith to Begin

    Devotionals | January 17, 2020

    Sometimes we face a leadership challenge that looms so large we can't think of where or how to begin. Whether the work is an exciting opportunity or a threatening problem, the Spirit nudges us to turn to God. God longs to be part of our beginnings, part of our solutions, part of our planning. As we turn to Him, He will give us His perspective and empower us to begin in faith, trusting that He will lead the way. Leading like Jesus always begins with asking Him to lead us.