Articles | December 2019

  • A Turning Point

    Devotionals | December 30, 2019

    Depending on how our year has gone, December 31 can be either a celebration or a relief. God, who sustained Jesus every day of His life, holds us in His hand. How does knowing Him transform your evaluation of the past and your perspective on the future?

  • Changed

    Devotionals | December 27, 2019

    Jesus' coming transformed the lives of His mother Mary, of Joseph, and of the shepherds who came to the manger. No one who came to the manger stayed the same. Life with its responsibilities continued, but they were different people. They were changed, transformed. They had a bigger vision of God, one that overflowed from them into the lives of others. How are you different because you have met Jesus?

  • A Heartfelt Celebration

    Devotionals | December 25, 2019

    As Mary cradled her newborn son, her heart was full, overwhelmed with the realization that she held the Son of God. Will you—like Mary, like Joseph, like the shepherds—take time today, tonight, tomorrow, to marvel at what God has done? Jesus has been born. He is here. Come to the manger and worship.

  • He Shows The Way

    Devotionals | December 23, 2019

    Jesus made His home with us so that we can find our home in Him and lead others to do the same. What an incredible truth – that God would make His home with us. He has inhabited our world, experiencing its stress, our struggles, our temptations, our challenges. Family challenges? Jesus had them. Trusting God for daily provision? Yes, that, too. Ministering to hurting people? Facing opposition? Jesus empathizes and shows us the way forward.

  • Take Time to Kneel

    Devotionals | December 20, 2019

    During life's daily pressures and responsibilities, we can be tempted to let time with God sink to the bottom of our priorities. Pressure-filled times are when we most need to make sure that we are hearing and responding to God's prompting instead of simply reacting to pressures around us. Committing the day to God as we start helps us gain the perspective we will need as the day unfolds. Take time now to kneel before God and ask Him to lead you throughout the day.

    Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker. Psalm 95:6

  • Incarnation

    Devotionals | December 18, 2019

    Stop for a moment and consider the wonder of the incarnation: Immanuel, God with us. Why would God leave His exalted position and share in our humanity?  Love. Jesus made His home with us so that we can find our home in Him and lead others to do the same. He calls us to follow His example as leaders. As you live humbly among people, they can come to know Him through your life.

    The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel (which means “God with us”). Matthew 1:23

  • How Do They Know?

    Devotionals | December 16, 2019

    How do other people know that you have been with Jesus? How will they know the difference Jesus wants to make in their lives if they can't see the difference He is making in your life? The work Jesus is doing in your life needs to become visible, so that others can catch the vision of leading like Jesus. The world is waiting to see the message of Jesus brought to life. Who will see and hear His message through you today?

    As you go, proclaim this message: "The kingdom of heaven has come near."—Matthew 10:7

  • Heart Check: Comparison

    Devotionals | December 13, 2019

    Who are you tempted to compare yourself to? Comparison sneaks into our perspective subtly, quietly. One minute we're compassionate and understanding, and the next minute we're glad that we're not the ones needing help. Pride slips in, and we find ourselves judging others instead of supporting and encouraging them. To lead like Jesus is to gratefully and freely be justified by grace alone, and to offer that grace to others. Who will experience grace through you today?