Articles | October 2019

  • Pointing to Jesus

    Devotionals | October 30, 2019

    The book of Acts recounts the spread of the good news about Jesus. Sometimes it spread by persecution scattering believers. Sometimes it spread through mission trips. At times, people asked the apostles to tell them about God. Always, the news spread by local believers living transformed lives in front of their communities. Their lives impacted people everywhere, from the marketplace to prisons and royal courts. God continues to place opportunities before us to witness to Jesus. How will your life and leadership reveal His transformational power today?

  • Megan Pacheco

    Blinded by Groupthink

    Blog | Megan Pacheco | October 29, 2019

    In 2006 Turkish shepherds watched as hundreds of their sheep followed each other over a cliff. It started with just one sheep who thought it could cross the ravine, and the next thing the shepherds knew, 1,100 other sheep followed suit. In total, 400 of the “non-thinking followers” plunged to their deaths while the rest managed to survive.

    While reading the article in disbelief, I kept thinking: How could the sheep be so foolish? Didn’t they see the cliff? Didn’t they see the first few plunge to their deaths? And if they did, why did they keep following?

  • A Matter of Trust

    Devotionals | October 28, 2019

    God’s faithfulness is demonstrated throughout the pages of Scripture. He has been actively at work in this world from creation onward, weaving the lives of men and women into His story. Hebrews 11 offers just a sampling of men and women whose lives testify to God’s presence and faithfulness. Each of them lived by faith in the living God, trusting Him to be at work in their lives and circumstances. What about you? Where are you, also, living by faith?

  • All the Way

    Devotionals | October 25, 2019

    Each day holds challenges. No matter what they are, you can be sure of this: God is near. You can reach out to Him at any time and in any situation. Jesus cares for His own and leads us according to His good purposes. Praise God for being alive and well and at work in, around and through us. Praise God that Jesus leads the way. Praise God that His Spirit is sufficient to see us through to the end.

  • Find Strength in Surrender

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | October 24, 2019

    Sometimes, just like in the movies, you want to call a “cease fire.”  You need the hostilities directed your way to stop.  You haven’t seen a promotion, bonus or pay raise in a while.  You’re spending less time at home; relationships are beginning to crumble.  The kids are entering their teens, and they seem to be rebelling more.  You’ve missed Bible study, choir rehearsal, and even skipped services to pick up odd jobs.  You’re putting in more hours, maybe you’ve taken on a second job, but not seeing any progress.  There are more demands than you can handle.

  • Reconciled with God

    Devotionals | October 23, 2019

    Jesus reconciles us with God. He draws us near and opens the way to the Father. He is the mediator who makes the way clear for us to come into God’s presence without fear or shame or guilt. He invites us into the circle of fellowship and life and love that exists in the heart of God. He aligns us with God’s purpose. Then He sends us out—restored, reconciled, and renewed daily by the Spirit—to love, live, and lead in His name.

    For there is one God and one Mediator who can reconcile God and humanity—the man Christ Jesus. —1 Timothy 2:5 NLT

  • Fear or Anxiety?

    Blog | Karen McGuire | October 22, 2019

    Have you ever been plagued by either fear or anxiety? I’ve encountered a growing number of people who are fearful and anxious – often at the same time. With a behavioral science background, I’m fascinated with how people act, react, feel, adapt, change or fall apart.

    Recent conversations have caused me to wonder about these two subjects and so with a short search through, I found concise definitions of both that I offer here:

  • God Invites You

    Devotionals | October 21, 2019

    God longs for each and every one of us to learn to trust Him and His counsel. He longs to pour out His wisdom into receptive hearts and minds. He longs for us to trust His character and His ways. Jesus spoke of Himself as “the bread of life” who satisfies our hunger (John 6:35). Are you hungry for spiritual food and guidance? Does your heart long for the same things God longs for? He is invites you to trust Him and experience His unfailing love.

  • Look to God

    Devotionals | October 18, 2019

    Who do you turn to when present challenges overwhelm you and the future looks bleak? While fear would have us believe that all is lost, God reminds us that He holds our present and future in His hands. God has called us into the story of redemption that finds its center—and its ultimate conclusion—in Jesus, who gives us access to God. When honoring God is our central focus, we are able to step back, consider our circumstances in light of His presence, and trust Him to lead us in this present moment. Where does God want you to remember to look to Him today?

  • I Love to Wait!

    Said No One - EVER!

    Blog | Kim Rider | October 17, 2019

    Waiting! We do it in the line at the store, at the doctor’s office, in the carpool line at school, on the interstate in traffic, after we’ve had a test and want results. Even in this age of instant gratification technology, we still have to wait.

    Why does waiting bother us so much?