Articles | July 2019

  • Set

    Devotionals | July 03, 2019

    What pressures are you facing in your life and leadership? Pressures come at us from all sides, just as they did for Jesus and the early disciples. As His followers, our perseverance and hope are not based on human strength. Instead, we set our hope on God’s power to deliver us—attested to in Scripture, seen in past experience, empowered by His Spirit, and supported by the prayers of other Christians. Where do you set your hope under pressure?

  • Your People

    Devotionals | July 01, 2019

    Solomon was aware that he was responsible to watch over God’s people. What about you? Who has God given you to watch over? Take a moment to consider your various spheres of influence. Reflect on the faces and names of the people your life touches in a given day. As each one comes to mind, pause and let God speak to you about them. Remember that God knows each of their names and the challenges they face. Ask Him to guide your words and actions as you interact with them today.