Articles | July 2019

  • To Will and to Act

    Devotionals | July 31, 2019

    Paul reminds us that God’s power at work within us is meant to affect how we live. God’s transforming work in our hearts fuels the ongoing transformation of our heads and hands and habits. As you rise to greet this new day, take inventory of where you are in your journey. Remember how far God has brought you and the transformation the Spirit has brought about so far. Let Him breathe fresh life into you. Take time to work out the implications of His salvation for your life and leadership today.

  • I Believe in You!

    Blog | Kim Rider | July 30, 2019

    Facebook reminded me of a memory from four years ago the other day.  It was a drawing from my, then 8-year-old, grandson. The caption I put with it indicated that I had had many technical challenges that day that were apparently overheard by my grandson. He drew a great little person and then wrote, “I belive (believe) in you mimi you can do it !!!!!!”   

  • Closer

    Devotionals | July 29, 2019

    The disciples heard Jesus’ public teaching, just as the crowds did. The difference was that the disciples weren’t content with just hearing Him teach and seeing His miracles. As awe-inspiring as all that was, when the opportunity arose, they said yes to intimate personal relationships with Him, relationships that transformed the trajectory of their entire lives. What about you? Are you satisfied with knowing Jesus from a distance or do you want an intimate relationship with Him?

  • Restored

    Devotionals | July 26, 2019

    She had a chronic illness that the doctors couldn’t figure out, one that made her unclean in others’ eyes. To get close enough to Jesus to see if He could heal her required risking additional shame and scorn. Her desperation overrode her pride and in humility she grabbed at His robe. Jesus, concerned with her whole person, restored her and lifted her up as an example of faith and humility.

  • Belief Brings Relief

    Blog | Chelsea Arrington | July 25, 2019

    I believed a lie for two decades. It was something I had been told as an 8-year-old ballet student. The other students made negative and demeaning comments about my appearance. “You are fat” which my mind translated into “You are not good enough.” It felt like a poison dart and it affected my self-perception. You might struggle with the same lie; or perhaps the lies you believe are different.

  • The Difference

    Devotionals | July 24, 2019

    Some people talk about how much easier it would be to trust Jesus if He were physically present. But Scripture reminds us that wasn’t the case for many who met Him, including the people in Jesus’ hometown. The condition of our hearts is what matters. Do you have a heart that humbly accepts Jesus or one that takes offense at Him?

  • Why is That?

    Blog | Karen McGuire | July 23, 2019

    It’s January 1st and we’ve decided to go to the gym daily and to lose weight in the new year. We’re all geared up and ready to go! By February 15th at the latest, we are not going to the gym and losing weight will have to wait for another year.

    Why is that?

    We’re a high school senior and looking at college choices, degrees, lifetime decisions, etc. and we finally find the college/university of our dreams and then we put that life on hold and decide to go to work to save money.

    Why is that?

  • True to His Character

    Devotionals | July 22, 2019

    How often do you call out to God to show mercy, pour out His grace, bring justice, forgive, or show compassion? You can ask God to act in these ways because God is just and forgiving, compassionate, full of mercy and grace, and faithful in all His ways. In a world that cries out for justice and compassion, God calls us to be people who mirror His heart. He calls us to be peacemakers, not finger-pointers or name-callers. Our world desperately needs to see living examples of what it means to love, live, and lead like Jesus. Who will experience His love through you today?

  • Gripped

    Devotionals | July 19, 2019

    Jesus was gripped by the call of God on His life. His wholehearted devotion to the Father flowed throughout His life and ministry. Everything—from publicly clearing out the temple to private interactions with individuals and His final selfless sacrifice—flowed from His being gripped by the love of the Father and living to exalt Him. What grips your heart and motivates you to take action? How is the love of the Father transforming your life and leadership?

  • Megan Pacheco

    Consider your Ego

    Blog | Megan Pacheco | July 18, 2019

    “For if anyone thinks he is something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself” (Galatians 6:3, ESV).

    Our hubris and inflated (or deflated) ego tend to blind us.

    According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, inflated ego is the enemy of good leadership. And if you’ve ever interacted with someone who has an inflated ego—be it at work, home or in friendships—you know its destructive power.