Articles | June 2019

  • When the Heat is On, Leaders Lead

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | June 13, 2019

    It was late in the evening as the military Casualty Affairs Officer and the Chaplain approached the door.  After knocking, the door opened, and they were greeted by “the look.”  It is no ordinary look but one that communicated the knowledge that something was wrong.  They were ushered into the living room.  The family members sat down and heard the dreaded words, “It is with deep sorry and regret that we must inform you of the death of your (husband, wife, son or daughter).” There is no way to convey the feelings and there are no words to express the pain, so they cry.

  • In Step

    Devotionals | June 12, 2019

    Scripture reminds us that our life with God is lived by the power of—and in step with—the Spirit. Any and all transformation in your life and leadership flows from the Spirit’s work. Listen for His voice as you read Scripture. Follow His prompting in prayer. Keep in step with what He is doing in the world. Living and leading by the Spirit transforms you and exalts God only. It leaves no place for pridefully taking credit for your transformation or comparing yourself to others. Where is God calling you to keep in step with the Spirit?

  • A Father's Impact

    Blog | Karen McGuire | June 11, 2019

    I was blessed with a great father. My parents were both older when I was born, I was a surprise and an only child. Neither one of my parents had a college education; my mother had a high school diploma and my father had an eighth-grade education. He was a construction worker during my growing up years but had been a long-haul truck driver, covering the north/south route from Maine to Florida for a national food distributor.

  • Spirit-Empowered

    Devotionals | June 10, 2019

    Pride tempts us to take an idea and run with it in our own strength, while fear taunts us with feelings of inadequacy, abandonment, and impending failure. As Jesus turned His mission over to the first disciples, they could have been tempted by both pride and fear. But Jesus called them to move forward with humility and confidence in the power of the Holy Spirit. Any power they had and any success they experienced would come from God and reveal Jesus to the world. Where do you need to rely on the Holy Spirit as you lead in Jesus’ name?

  • Forever Grateful

    Devotionals | June 07, 2019

    As Paul closes his letter to the church in Rome, he mentions dozens of women and men who are dear to him. These brothers and sisters in Christ have been his benefactors, partners, friends, and fellow sufferers for the cause of the gospel. The book of Acts and the remainder of Paul’s letters reveal that Paul, that strong and independent church planter and theologian, had a rich network of trusted companions and partners. Who is on your list of people with whom you share a deep connection of mutual encouragement?

  • Confessions of an Aspiring Jesus-like leader

    I’m Not There Yet

    Blog | Owen Phelps | June 06, 2019

    I’m not often tempted to pat myself on the back. At my age, I know know better. It would make my shoulder hurt. (Don’t ask me how I know that.)

    Nonetheless, if I’m ever tempted to try – again – another simple but painful experience, God should deliver me from the temptation.

    Despite more than a decade devoted to teaching people how to Lead Like Jesus, when it comes to me being a Jesus-like leader myself, I’m not there … yet.

    How do I know? Here’s the backstory.

  • The Greatest Good

    Devotionals | June 05, 2019

    Jesus was concerned for people, fearless in confronting evil, and passionate about exalting the Father. He wanted people to know the living God and enter into a relationship with Him. Love for God and people was His heartbeat. Love fueled His words and actions. When challenged, He pointed to the priority of loving God and loving others. He knew that this was the greatest good He could do while on earth. What is most important to you? What drives you as a leader?

  • Courage Under Pressure

    Devotionals | June 03, 2019

    Daniel and his friends found themselves about to suffer the consequences for other peoples’ failure. Instead of lashing out, blaming others, or complaining about the injustice, Daniel sought to understand what was going on and asked to be allowed to do something about it. In doing so, he saved his own life and that of others. How do you respond to injustice? What does this response reveal about you as a leader?