Articles | June 2018

  • He Knows

    Devotionals | June 29, 2018

    Jesus knows the challenges we face. He faced ongoing pressure from opponents and disciples and family members. People around Him pressured Him to be the person, teacher, and messiah that they wanted Him to be. Crowds pulled at Him; people who needed His touch shouted His name; religious leaders confronted Him. His disciples pulled Him aside to ask questions and didn’t understand what He was doing. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Know that Jesus understands the struggles you face as a leader. He empathizes with you and intercedes on your behalf. Depend on Him today.

  • Step off the Sidewalk

    Blog | Karen McGuire | June 28, 2018

    Desmond Tutu is a South African Anglican pastor and theologian known for his work as an anti-apartheid and human rights activist. He was the Bishop of Johannesburg from 1985 to 1986 and then the Archbishop of Cape Town from 1986 to 1996. In both cases he was the first black man to hold the position.

  • Let Jesus Lead the Way

    Devotionals | June 27, 2018

    Jesus’ invitation to His original disciples was simple and direct: “Follow me,” He said. His message hasn’t changed. No matter who we are—hated tax collectors like Zacchaeus, people who work with their hands, religious or corporate leaders, parents and teachers—Jesus calls us to follow Him. Who are you? Where do you find yourself today? What are you facing? Jesus’ call remains the same: “Follow me.” Jesus invites you to follow Him today. Will you?

    The next day Jesus decided to leave for Galilee. Finding Philip, he said to him, “Follow me.”—John 1:43

  • Jesus’ 6-Step Strategy for Resolving Conflict

    Blog | Charles Stone | June 26, 2018

    Conflict is unavoidable in relationships. Conflict isn’t necessarily sinful or destructive, but it can be depending on how we handle it. Jesus outlines a clear, specific and workable process in Matthew 18. And we simply can’t improve on what Jesus says. I’ve summarized, into a 6-step process, the essence of what I believe Matthew 18 teaches us.

    We simply can’t improve on what Jesus says.

  • The Big Picture

    Devotionals | June 25, 2018

    Jesus worked to enlarge people’s understanding of God’s character and what it looked like to live a life totally devoted to the Father. Seeing the big picture is crucial to understanding how to lead in our daily lives. This is as true in our families as it is in our workplaces. Our worldview needs to be shaped by God so that we can be part of what He is doing in the world. We need to understand whose we are, who we are in Jesus, the value God places on people, what God is doing in history, and Jesus’ purpose in making disciples as well as His leadership mandate and model.

  • God’s Correction

    Devotionals | June 22, 2018

    Jesus’ rebuke of Peter holds a lesson for all of us. Even those of us who have been seeking to lead like Jesus for a long time can get caught up in self-centered ways of living and leading. We may find ourselves listening to see if our contributions have been recognized or start pushing our own agenda instead of God’s. We may compare the quality of our work to that of others instead of working for our audience of One. We may find ourselves reading Scripture in a perfunctory way or reciting prayers instead of communicating with God.

  • App Interruption

    Blog | Sheryl Giesbrecht | June 21, 2018

    As an avid runner, my favorite app on my iPhone 5 to help monitor my progress and chart my running goals is Map My Run. This cool device helps track my running mileage, gauges my pace and even audibly tells me how many calories I’ve burned. Last week, I was enjoying my run, breathing the fresh air deep into my lungs, just getting warmed up.

  • Relational Barriers

    Devotionals | June 20, 2018

    What barriers keep you from developing healthy relationships with your colleagues, family, and friends? While it is easy to point out other people’s behaviors, words, and attitudes that cause friction, Jesus calls us to first look within ourselves. What might you be doing that causes separation, breeds comparison, or distorts the truth?

  • Use What You've Been Given

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | June 19, 2018

    “You’re a second alto,” the choir director told me.

    “No. I’m a first soprano,” I assured him. I was now a freshman in college, and I told this new director that for the past six years I’d sung the highest voice in the choir all through junior and senior high school. How could I suddenly be an alto?

    “Well, you may be able to hit those high notes, but your strength is in your lower range. You’ll be a great second alto.”

  • Modeling a Different Way

    Devotionals | June 18, 2018

    The world is still full of people who, like Saul, are motivated by pride and fear. As those who have had to confront our own pride and fear, we know the struggle, and we know how God met us in our misguided attempts to lead. How does God want to use you today to model Jesus’ way of leading out of humility and God-confidence?