Articles | November 2017

  • Liar or Lover

    Devotionals | November 06, 2017

    Love for one another is a serious matter to God. Jesus commanded His disciples to love one another with the same selfless, sacrificial love that He had shown for them. This was no easy command for believers in a society deeply divided along Jewish and Gentile lines. As brothers and sisters in Jesus, their love for one another reflected the transformation that God was working in them. Love is essential if you want to lead like Jesus. You cannot love God and continue to hate His children.

  • For or With

    Devotionals | November 03, 2017

    Do you ever find yourself working ‘for’ God’s approval instead of working ‘with’ God? A performance mindset flows from pride and fear, continually fostering pride and fear in our hearts. Accepting and abiding in God’s love is an essential practice if we are to break the pride and fear cycle. As His love abides in us and we abide in His love, we are increasingly able to trust His love and find joy in loving Him. Instead of working ‘for’ God we find that we are free to join Him in the work He is already doing in the world.

  • Conflict Part 1

    When Personalities Clash

    Q&A | November 01, 2017

    Suzanne sent in a question about conflict and personality differences in the workplace. Here is her question: How does one deal with personality conflicts between leaders and great difficulty gelling as a team as well as a lack of trust with one another? 

    This question really touches on two separate issues. Both issues can build or destroy trust, so learning to effectively resolve them is critical to every team and organization.

    The first issue concerns personality differences and the ensuing conflict among team members. We’ll deal with this one today.

  • A Leader’s Privilege

    Devotionals | November 01, 2017

    What privileges are yours as a leader? A worldly point of view counts leadership privilege in terms of personal benefit. A heavenly perspective understands our privilege to be partnering with God in His redemptive purpose in the world. We follow Jesus and choose to lead by serving so that others have an opportunity to experience the goodness and grace of God. As His ambassadors, He has sent us to be the hands and feet of Jesus in every sphere of life. Embrace your privilege and calling—lead like Jesus today!