Articles | November 2017

  • Got Questions?

    God has answers! Ask Him!!

    Blog | Karen McGuire | November 30, 2017

    I tend to be curious and want to know about lots of things. I often get distracted by a topic or thought and then pursue it. Several years ago, I read a fiction book that made a reference to Charlemagne. I realized during reading that the only thing I knew about Charlemagne was that he was considered the father of modern Europe. So, my curiosity got the best of me and I bought four books on Charlemagne. One of them was written by someone who had worked for/with him. After four books, I learned all I needed and that was the end of my Charlemagne search.

  • Mid-week Refresh

    Devotionals | November 29, 2017

    By this point in the week, we may need to step back, breathe deeply, and refocus on why we do what we do. The Psalms are always a good place to go to realign our heart, head, hands, and habits. Let Him rejuvenate your heart and reframe your perspective. This is His world, and He is working out His story. He has invited you to live in relationship with Him and join Him in what He is doing. Let time in His presence refresh you to lead like Jesus.

  • In the Moment

    Devotionals | November 27, 2017

    Jesus constantly encountered people who needed His touch as He traveled throughout the land, even on the Sabbath. What about you? Do you look and listen for God’s prompting as you walk through your day? Are you willing to lay aside your agenda to be present for those around you if this is what God needs you to do? How will you respond to unexpected opportunities to exalt God and lead like Jesus?

    “This dear woman, a daughter of Abraham, has been held in bondage by Satan for eighteen years. Isn’t it right that she be released, even on the Sabbath?”—Luke 13:16 NLT

  • Preparing Your Heart

    Devotionals | November 24, 2017

    Each day offers new opportunities to follow in the footsteps of Jesus our leader. To continue to humbly serve others in love day after day requires a heart tenderized by, and overflowing with, God’s love. That requires spending time anew in worship and prayer, and allowing His love and forgiveness to wash over us and sensitize us so that we can hear His voice and sense His Spirit’s leading. Take time right now to ask the Lord to prepare you to love and serve others in Jesus’ name.

  • Gratitude is Good Medicine - Today and Every Day

    Blog | Owen Phelps | November 23, 2017

    This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24


    When each of my parents died, I had a choice to make. But when the news came, what happened next didn’t seem like a choice.

    Neither passing was a total surprise. Both were ill. Still, when death came it was like a punch to my heart.

    People can hover on the brink of death for months, even years. We think we are ready for the ultimate transition. Then we learn – painfully -- that we’re not. The event is so final, the loss seemingly so complete.

  • Giving Thanks

    Devotionals | November 22, 2017

    What if thanksgiving was a lifestyle, a daily habit, instead of being reserved for special occasions? Maybe this is already your practice; your prayers regularly overflow with thanksgiving for who God is and how He is at work, and your conversations with family, friends, and co-workers are liberally sprinkled with “thank you” and “what a blessing you are!” Maybe you have already learned how to thank God in the hard times, when giving thanks is a sacrifice and an expression of trust in God. Let thankfulness characterize your life today and every day.

  • Thankful or Grateful?

    Blog | Robert and Lori Ferguson | November 21, 2017

    When would you use the word “thankful” vs. “grateful”?

    What do these two words mean to you?

    We discussed the idea of being thankful or grateful after reading one man’s realization that he’d been misspelling the word “grateful” as “greatful” his entire life. He said that he’d been grateful so seldom in his life that he never knew how to spell the word.

    “I had been spelling it as though a greatful person was a person full of greatness, rather than a person full of gratitude.”

  • When Leaders Disappoint Us

    How to have difficult conversations with a leader

    Q&A | November 20, 2017

    Question from Joshua:

    I have a lot of trouble dealing with decisions made by my management team that don’t necessarily go with what I’ve been taught and trained to do. It is causing me to deal with some anger and anxiety toward these decisions and I feel like I’m not having a positive influence on my coworkers. I’ve had this problem for as long as I can remember and it’s really become a burden to me. Why do I feel this way? Has God created me this way or am I overlooking the big picture? Please help.

  • Practice Required

    Devotionals | November 20, 2017

    Jesus pointed out of the folly of those who call Him Lord but do not follow His commands. It isn’t that putting Jesus’ words into practice is necessarily easy. He says we need to dig deep and take time to build a solid foundation. It takes time and intentionality to learn to lead like Jesus. But the results are worth it!