Articles | October 2017

  • Larry Lloyd: How Do You Steward Your Leadership?

    Getting out of our comfort zone

    Podcast | October 05, 2017

    Dr. Larry Lloyd is the President of the Memphis Leadership Foundation, Vice-President of National Impact, and the author of Recovering from Racism: City Ministry in Post-Racial America.

    In today’s podcast Dr. Lloyd shares his personal journey of growing up in racially charged Southern USA city, and he recounts events that finally led him to discover Jesus as the most radical leader, who loved everyone, regardless of their skin color or socio-economic status.

  • What's Your Name?

    Blog | Sheryl Giesbrecht | October 05, 2017

    "Becky, Kathy, Casper, Ginger, oh whatever your name is..." mom's voice was shrill and exasperated by the time she went through the list of names in our household. She was adamant and forceful when I heard her say the final name, "SHERYL DEANN." Oops, now she used both my first and middle name. Even at seven years old, my ears burned when I heard the tone of her command and the title she used to summon me. I knew I was in big trouble. She had called me by name, and you'd better believe her tone, intent and even use of my titles had achieved the ultimate goal.

  • Not with Words or Speech

    Devotionals | October 04, 2017

    Sometimes people think that leading others involves telling them what to do. But leading involves more than speaking; it involves doing. God knew this. It’s why Jesus came. The Word of God took on flesh; the One who spoke the world into being, became one of us, and lived among us. He shared our struggles, He shared life with us, and He shared the love of God with us. He offered us forgiveness and grace as He taught us what it looks like to love broken people and serve them in God’s name.

  • How different is biblical leadership from worldly leadership?

    There are literally thousands of leadership educational resources available today, ranging from books, podcasts and articles to personal coaching, seminars and workshops. But is all leadership training and education equal? Do all the methods and teaching angles ultimately lead to the same place?

    The answer, I believe, is a resounding no, because they do not have the same end goal in mind.

  • Fueled by Love

    Devotionals | October 02, 2017

    The world uses anger, impatience, judgment, and fear to change people and situations. Such tactics may yield temporary, outward conformity, but they are worthless when it comes to transforming hearts, minds, and lives. Jesus demonstrates a different way to make a lasting difference in people’s lives: He chose to live a life of love. Jesus’ love fueled His resolve to do whatever it took to accomplish His mission. Love issued forth in patient instruction, strengthened resolve, courageous stances, compassionate acts, and selfless service.