Articles | September 2017

  • Help the Weak

    Devotionals | September 06, 2017

    Scripture repeatedly calls us to be an example to others: Jesus says that love for one another is to mark us as His disciples, James says that our actions reveal our faith, and Paul frequently calls believers to follow his example. The early church was known for its compassion and ministry to those who were weak and hurting. Are we? Serving others, especially those who are weak and outcast, requires commitment and perseverance. What are you doing to help those who are weak?

  • Work as Worship

    Devotionals | September 04, 2017

    Work, the God-given ability to use our strength and energy to sustain and enhance life for ourselves and others, is a gift of God. God Himself is a God who works. He worked to create the universe, He worked to create a people for Himself, and He is at work to establish His kingdom among us. He is at work in you and me, gifting, equipping, empowering, and shaping us to work alongside Him in accomplishing the work He is doing. Let this perspective turn your work into worship, today and every day.

  • Finding Strength in God

    Devotionals | September 01, 2017

    Do you ever feel at a loss as a leader? When calamity strikes, when you simply don’t see the results you have hoped and worked for, when your challenges seem beyond your ability to overcome, is a constant prayer for strength your daily plea? Person after person in the Bible found their strength in God. Acknowledging their desperate need and personal inadequacy, they exalted God, and chose to rely on Him. As a result, God worked in and through them, empowering them to serve—to lead—in His name.