Articles | September 2017

  • Speak Life

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | September 19, 2017

    Early in my career, I arrived at the office and was told that the Colonel wanted to see me.  I reported to his office and was offered a seat.  He came from behind his desk and sat down next to me. He looked at me and asked, “Sergeant Camacho, is everything okay?  Are you having any problems that I can help you with?”

  • Lead Like Jesus Anyway

    Devotionals | September 18, 2017

    Peter is famous for making declarations, offering God suggestions, even rebuking Jesus. His question in John 13:6 reveals his consternation. As Jesus rises and begins to wash His disciples’ feet, Peter finally breaks the silence, expressing the whole group’s confusion. What Jesus is doing is so counter-cultural, they cannot imagine it, let alone understand it or offer to do it themselves. Leading like Jesus will often put us at odds with those around us, who cannot begin to imagine voluntarily taking the position of a servant. Lead like Jesus, anyway.

  • When We Don’t Know

    Devotionals | September 15, 2017

    Who looks to you for guidance? It is a big responsibility to know that others are depending on us to show them the way. Children or other family members may count on you to know what to say. Others may depend on your knowing just what to do in a crisis. Co-workers may depend on you to get the job done, regardless of the pressures or uncertainties involved. When we are at a loss as to how to respond, it’s good to know that we can depend on God to bring order out of chaos. As we lean into Him, He will lead the way for us, and for others.

  • The Power of Change

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | September 14, 2017

    “I don’t believe it! They’re moving me to another room next year. I’ll have to change everything around to fit. This isn’t fair!”

    I’d really had enough of this teacher’s complaining. Every time I came into the faculty lounge, there she was, ranting on and on about the unfairness and whining about how put upon she was having to move to a different classroom. I usually didn’t say much, but that day I let her have it… in a very calm and measured way, of course.

  • In the Midst of Ongoing Pressure

    Devotionals | September 13, 2017

    Jesus experienced ongoing pressure throughout His ministry. It came at Him from many sides and multiple sources, even at times from those closest to Him. This pressure drove Him closer to the Father, not further away. He placed a high value on His times of solitude and prayer. He wanted to hear the Father’s voice above the voices clamoring for His attention. If we want to lead like Jesus, we also must prioritize our relationship with God.

  • Surprising Strength

    Devotionals | September 11, 2017

    Guests, unanticipated developments, storms—surprising news comes in many forms. Some we welcome as gifts from God; others call us to deeper dependence on Him. How we respond in these times calls us to consider where our security and strength is found. Unexpected (and unwelcome) circumstances challenge us to revisit the questions “whose am I?” and “who am I?” When we know that we belong to God and find our identity in Him, we discover surprising strength and resilience.

  • Listen Well, Lead Well

    Devotionals | September 08, 2017

    In our leadership roles, we may have the ability to call on people to do as we request, to give them tasks to accomplish, or entrust them with a message to deliver on our behalf. Their ability to do what we ask them to do—and to do so successfully—depends upon how carefully they listen to our words. It requires them to pay attention and seek to understand our will. How much more do we as God’s servants need to listen well to what He is saying to us! When He calls our name, when He comes to us and asks for our attention, how do we respond?

  • 5 Ways to Deepen Your Integrity

    Blog | September 07, 2017

    Daniel and his three friends are some of my favorite Bible characters. They modeled what it means to live a life of integrity. Several years ago, James Patterson and Peter Kim authored the book, The Day America told the Truth. They conducted a survey asking Americans what they would be willing to do for 10 million dollars and were shocked at their discovery. In this post, with a backdrop of their findings, I suggest 5 ways to deepen your integrity from the book of Daniel.

    Here’s what the authors learned about integrity from their research.

  • leadership

    Leadership & Authority

    How can a leader be nice and friendly, yet remain in authority?

    Q&A | September 06, 2017

    This question reflects the struggle of virtually every leader, be it a parent, pastor, government leader, or a traditional organizational leader. The desire to be liked and accepted often clashes with the demands of the role, which requires us to make tough, often unpopular decisions.

    Here are three foundational, guiding principles for those in leadership who struggle with the sentiments expressed in our question for this week:

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    Doug Erickson: Your Business is Your Mission field

    From a transformed businessman to a transformed business

    Podcast | September 06, 2017

    Doug Erickson is a successful business owner with three major car dealerships in Hastings, MN, employing over 100 full time staff.

    In today’s podcast Doug shares his journey of becoming financially successful while at the same time facing a failing marriage. He explains how the Lord used his wife, Angela, to transform their marriage as well as their business.