Articles | August 2017

  • Finding Strength in God

    Devotionals | September 01, 2017

    Do you ever feel at a loss as a leader? When calamity strikes, when you simply don’t see the results you have hoped and worked for, when your challenges seem beyond your ability to overcome, is a constant prayer for strength your daily plea? Person after person in the Bible found their strength in God. Acknowledging their desperate need and personal inadequacy, they exalted God, and chose to rely on Him. As a result, God worked in and through them, empowering them to serve—to lead—in His name.

  • Zur – God My Rock

    Blog | Sheryl Giesbrecht | August 31, 2017

    I live in California. Earthquakes are common talk. We wonder when ‘the big one’ will hit.  Earthquake preparedness is a must: schools participate in earthquake drills, companies host earthquake preparedness seminars and individuals prepare earthquake survival kits. We try to be as prepared as we can be for the inevitable. But when a 3.5 quake rattled our peaceful community, I was caught off guard. It happened early in the morning, I was in my bedroom making my bed and suddenly the floor underneath my feet shifted down, like an elevator’s sudden descent.

  • The Gift of Truth Tellers

    Devotionals | August 30, 2017

    What a gift it is to have trusted, spiritual friends to encourage, support, and guide us. Friends who speak the truth—God’s truth—are valuable friends indeed. Their concern for us, and their discernment and wisdom, may at times prompt them to speak truths that are difficult for us to hear. These words are gifts from God, also. Think of the restoration God worked in David’s life by sending Nathan to speak truth to him. Who can you trust to tell you the truth? How do you treat the truth tellers in your life? Do you welcome their honesty? Do you seek out their perspective?

  • Distractions

    Devotionals | August 28, 2017

    The world is full of distractions, some clearly counter-productive, others intriguing with their potential for good. They may cause us to overlook people, and to miss early signs that all is not as it should be. Indulging in meaningless pursuits absorbs minutes and hours, resulting in wasted days and lack of productivity. Is it your aim to know Jesus and to lead like Him? What do you need to put aside to accomplish the assignment God has given you?

    The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever. —1 John 2:17

  • Grace Rules

    Devotionals | August 25, 2017

    God’s grace has overwritten our sin. Let this wonderful news sink in. Grace restores our relationship with God, and frees us to live the life Jesus offers. His grace allows us to face our past, to confess our sins, and to repent and lead in a new way today. It frees us to apologize to those we have hurt, and guides us as we make amends. How is God’s grace transforming you as a leader?

  • Be Determined

    Blog | Karen McGuire | August 24, 2017

    I recently lead a teaching time for a monthly call that Lead Like Jesus hosts for our leadership development facilitators. I spoke with them about Nehemiah. Years before, I had read a book by Warren Wiersbe – one of my favorite theologians – on Nehemiah and learned much about leadership.

    Here’s some background on Nehemiah. The Children of Israel were divided into two Kingdoms when Solomon’s son, Rehoboam was king in 930 BC. The two kingdoms were Israel (consisting of 10 tribes) and Judah (consisting of Judah and Benjamin).

  • Jim Montgomery: The Global Impact of Lead Like Jesus Part 2

    Breaking down denominational boundaries

    Podcast | August 23, 2017

    Jim Montgomery is the Chief International Office for Lead Like Jesus, and for the last 4 years he has been working around the globe to implement the leadership message and model of Jesus.

    Jim was raised in a Muslim home and lived in Turkey for many years. At the age of 24, through reading the Bible, Jim came to the saving knowledge of Jesus, and began a journey as His follower.

  • Stay the Course

    Devotionals | August 23, 2017

    What leadership responsibilities has God given you? Has He placed you in workplace or ministry settings? Has He given you marriage, parenting, or community roles? What assignment or task has He given you to complete? Jesus lived all of life—throughout the whole course of His life—for the glory of the Father. Where would we be if He had stopped short? Don’t stop short of living, leading, and loving like Jesus. Stay the course. By the power of the Spirit, stay the course!

  • If I Only

    Devotionals | August 21, 2017

    Never underestimate the power of a single moment, conversation, or encounter with Jesus. The gospels tell story after story of people’s lives being transformed by encountering Him. Sometimes it was a look or a word; other times it involved a simple touch. Sometimes Jesus initiated the encounter; other times people reached out to Him. Today, you will encounter people who are desperate to touch Jesus. Will they encounter Him through you?