Articles | May 2017

  • Real-Time Leadership

    Devotionals | May 31, 2017

    Jesus didn’t wait until the end of His time with the disciples to assess how they were growing and maturing. He observed them as they interacted with one another. He sent them out on missions, and spent time debriefing them on their return. He asked questions, and listened for their responses. This allowed Him to serve them at their point of need, and guide their growing understanding. Isn’t this what Jesus does for us as He trains us, also, in the way of leading by serving? Is this your practice with those you serve?

  • Waiting for the Light to Turn Green

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | May 30, 2017

    Over the 38 years that Annie and I have been married, one of my favorite stories is about a time when she and her friends had gotten the car from her parents and went for a drive.  She had stopped at a “Stop” sign and remained there until a friend sarcastically asked, “Are you waiting for the light to turn green?” After realizing they had been distracted, they laughed about it and drove on.

  • Gone Before

    Devotionals | May 29, 2017

    Scripture tells us about the lives of men and women who have gone before us. Names like Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Ruth, David, Mary, Joseph, and Paul represent countless men and women whose lives were characterized by trust in God. They live on as role models for us today. Like the church throughout the ages, they found God’s call to be worth giving their lives for. Whose example inspires you to live for God’s glory and the good of others?

  • Forward in Faith

    Devotionals | May 26, 2017

    The early disciples and apostles proclaimed the name of Jesus in the midst of a hostile culture. Jewish religious leaders, Roman rulers, adherents of emperor worship and other religions, business owners, and fellow citizens opposed them. Despite this, Peter, John, James, Paul, and others stayed the course as slaves of Jesus, commissioned by Him, compelled by the Spirit to live and teach His message of truth and love. Leading like Jesus—loving one’s enemies, rejecting leading by force, choosing to humbly serve God and others—is still counter-cultural.

  • Are you a Bogey or a Birdie Leader?

    Blog | Charles Stone | May 25, 2017

    I must confess that I don’t play golf. I’ve only played it once, unless you count dinosaur carpet golf our family often played while on vacation. However, several years ago my father-in-law tried to interest me in the sport. He gave me a set of nice used clubs. But, I never used them. Three years later he asked me how my game was going. Chagrined, I had to admit that I never played with them. He asked me to give them back to him (he really did). Although I don’t play the game, I know a few key terms such as birdie, bogey, and par.

  • In Light of That Day

    Devotionals | May 24, 2017

    Jesus speaks of the worthlessness of temporary earthly gain when it comes at the cost of failing to love God and others. To lead like Jesus means that God alone is our audience, the one whom we live to please above all others. In Jesus, we have eternal gain. He looks for those who will give up all to follow Him, and faithfully entrust themselves to God. One day we will stand in His presence and see Him face to face. Live today with an undivided heart in light of that day.

  • Unexpected Means to Resolution: The Ken Voges Story

    Blog | Chelsea Arrington | May 23, 2017

    Ken Voges was attempting to build a good life for his family in the mid-1970’s.  He and his wife, Linda, were the parents of two young children, and Ken was travelling 60% of the week as a sales representative for General Electric.  Although the pay was good, the travel time away from home was taking its toll on his marriage.  Not long after, Ken and Linda found themselves in their Pastor’s office for marriage counseling, wondering if their marriage could be saved.

    Finding Hope

  • Walk in Wisdom

    Devotionals | May 22, 2017

    The writer of Proverbs repeatedly emphasizes that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. It is his central thesis for writing. He extols the excellence of the wisdom that God offers, and reflects upon the benefits of seeking God’s wisdom. He warns of the folly of dismissing or ignoring God’s wisdom in our lives. To whole-heartedly embrace God’s wisdom brings life; we ignore it to our detriment. Walk in wisdom today and find life.

    Those who trust in themselves are fools, but those who walk in wisdom are kept safe. —Proverbs 28:26

  • Persistent and Audacious Prayer

    Devotionals | May 19, 2017

    God invites us to cast all our anxiety on Him. Are you anxious about anything? Give it to Him. Persistently seek His face. Ask Him to do what only He can do—in you, in others, in situations that are impossible aside from His intervention. Look for Him to act. Trust that He listens, cares, and will respond. God’s Word offers story after story of people who looked to Him and found Him faithful. Follow their lead. What are you praying for today? Who do you need God to be in your life and in the lives of those around you?