Articles | December 2016

  • Through His Eyes

    Devotionals | December 06, 2016

    What do you see when you look at your life? Are you able to see your life through God’s eyes? The Father sees us as we are, and He loves us, deeply, passionately, and expansively. He cares about our struggles. He is at work to shape us for His purposes. He forgives our sin, and blesses our every effort to serve others in Jesus’ name. Trust Him.

  • Say Yes

    Devotionals | December 05, 2016

    How frequently do we ask God to say yes to our hearts’ longings and desires? In contrast, how often do we say yes to His heart’s desires? You know, things like His desire for us to be set apart for His purposes, His desire for us to listen to what He has to say, to trust and obey Him (even when it doesn’t make sense humanly speaking). Mary said yes to God, what about you? God’s desires for us are guaranteed to be in our best interest and that of others. Where is God waiting for You to say yes to Him today?

  • True Power

    Devotionals | December 02, 2016

    Distractions whirl around us. Voices clamor. Problems demand solutions, people need us, deadlines loom. From the midst of the whirlwind, the Spirit calls us to listen…to become aware of God’s presence. He invites us to tune our ears to what the Father is saying, to sense what He is doing, to give up our striving and straining. He proclaims that in surrender, we will find a way forward; in trust, we discover confidence and courage; in humility, we receive strength sufficient to our need.